Real Housewives of brand-new York City fans are quite acquainted with Carole Radziwill"s dating life. Throughout her time ~ above the series, she dated chef Adam Kenworthy, who also happened to it is in LuAnn de Lesseps" niece"s ex-boyfriend, which originally caused a ton that drama. Before joining the show, Carole was married to alphabet News producer Anthony Radziwill, the just son of Prince Stanislas Radziwill and also Lee Bouvier, the younger sister the Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. He passed away on respectable 10, 1999, at age 40, after ~ a five-year battle with cancer, per The Los Angeles Times.

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During an august 2012 illustration of Real Housewives of new York City, fellow RHONY housewife Sonja Morgan reduce a tiny Carole-related relationship history bomb. Carole to be rocking a bikini throughout an outing in St. Barth"s and also Sonja commented, per HuffPost, "Look in ~ the a** on Carole ... No wonder Clooney did she for a year." Carole later tweeted, "I don"t kiss and also tell, but if i did phone call I"d speak Clooney to be a very great kisser ... But I"m no saying......just saying." so did she confirm the kiss or not? Well, it took a couple of seasons for she to clarify the tweet, but Carole Radziwll ultimately dished on George Clooney. Keep scrolling for every the juicy details.

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Fast forward five years to 2017, when Carole Radziwill spilled a few more details about her relationship with George Clooney. Throughout a game of fact or challenge on the July 5, 2017 episode of Real Housewives of new York City, the females asked Carole just how she would rate Clooney in bed. "He"s definitely a nine," she revealed (per People), rating the on a scale of one to 10. "It to be a lengthy time ago!"

In a roundabout way, Carole likewise revealed the the two more than likely dated at some time in 2000. She described the timeframe together "post-Dr. Doug Ross, pre-Danny Ocean." Clooney left ER, where he played Doug Ross, in 1999, and he played Danny s in the 2001 movie Ocean"s Eleven

This is not the first time Carole has talked out about Clooney since their relationship. In one interview with People, she recalled their time together and had nothing but great things to say. "He"s a really great guy, really exceptional guy," she said about her ex. Carole also had nothing but good things come say around Clooney"s mam Amal, stating, " seems choose an impressive woman. Ns think it"s fantastic, and also when anyone falls in love it"s a an excellent thing for everybody." However, Clooney is not the just actor Carole has actually dated. Continue reading to uncover out the other renowned men Carole Radziwill once dubbed her beau.

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Carole Radziwill dated Aerosmith member Russ Irwin for 2 years, prior to splitting in late 2002. "Russ and also I have chose to contact it quits," Radziwill said Us Weekly in a statement at the time. Irwin appeared in number of episodes of RHONY and the pair even recorded a song together, "Manhattan." of course, the couple dated prior to Carole"s partnership with Adam Kenworthy.

Carole date one other well known actor, as well — Harry Potter star Ralph Fiennes. In one interview v Us Weekly, the former reality star revealed, "It was long back and far away ... Over a summer ns was living in London." Apparently, Fiennes influenced a i in her novel The Widow"s overview to Sex & Dating! "Our connection was no the basis for a storyline in my novel," she corrected. "But like most fiction, stories space a pinch of the writer"s experience and also a component their imagination." The reality star claimed the last time she experienced Fiennes was once they met increase in a bookstore ~ she found he remained in town. She left a copy that a note the novelist Samuel Beckett had actually once created to a friend at Fiennes" hotel — and also he interpreted the reference and knew precisely where to fulfill for your rendezvous.

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"That note and also subsequent meeting at the bookstore to be loosely in-depth toward the finish of the book," Radziwill shared. "I"m afraid the is every I will certainly say. Wink." currently that is a story which can make even George Clooney jealous.