It"s Packers (10-3) vs. Panthers (4-9) at Lambeau field on Saturday night. Follow along all night because that updates.

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GREEN BAY, Wis. – The environment-friendly Bay Packers (10-3) are hosting the Carolina Panthers (4-9) in ~ Lambeau ar on Saturday night. Monitor along below all night because that updates.

Final Score: Packers 24, Panthers 16

The Packers won yet it wasn't pretty.

Fourth Quarter

Packers 24, Panthers 16 (2:04 remaining)

Carolina answered with Joey Slye’s 33-yard ar goal. A 40-yard catch and also run through D.J. Moore, who bounced off linebacker Christian Kirksey and also defenelafilador.netve ago Chandon Sullivan, offered Carolina a very first down in ~ the 15. Instead of go for a potential touchdown, coach Matt Rhule instantly sent on the field-goal unit to make it a one-score game with the 2-minute timeout in hand. The ball’s in the offense’s court to clinch the game.

Packers 24, Panthers 13 (3:39 remaining)

Mason crosby did the again. His 51-yard ar goal v the wet chill placed the Packers in former by 11 and also broke a five-drive streak that punts together the many opportune the times. On third-and-7, Aaron Rodgers fight Allen Lazard on a croselafilador.netng route for a obtain of 22 yards. The put green Bay in scoring poelafilador.nettion. Lucas Patrick gave up a bag on third-and-6 however Crosby had actually the leg on the field goal.

Packers 21, Panthers 13 (8:39 remaining)

Joey Slye made a 22-yard field goal to make it a one-score game. Carolina quarterback Teddy Bridgewater convert a third down v his arm and also with his legs. Then, top top third-and-goal indigenous the 7, Bridgewater scrambled come the 1 and was stripped through Chandon Sullivan. Carolina recovered in the end zone because that a touchdown yet guard man Miller was flagged for holding. The Packers obtained a third-down stop. That was eco-friendly Bay’s second red-zone protect against of the game; it to be No. 28 in the NFL in the red zone beginning the game. Now, it will be up to a eco-friendly Bay attack with five consecutive punts to make something happen.

Third Quarter

Packers 21, Panthers 10 (2:23 remaining)

For the fifth consecutive series, eco-friendly Bay punted. Top top its first three drives, it had 213 yards, 13 first downs and 21 points. Top top its last five posseselafilador.netons, it had 54 yards, four first downs and zero points.

Packers 21, Panthers 10 (5:15 remaining)

The Packers had four chances to rotate this video game into a rout. Instead, the Panthers have actually clawed their method back into the game. Taking advantage of a quick field, the Panthers journey 51 yards for a touchdown. The score came on Teddy Bridgewater’s 13-yard scramble. Top top third-and-9 native the 21, the Packers obtained a stop however Kevin King was flagged for holding.

INJURY UPDATE: Packers LB Krys Barnes suffered an eye injury and also is questionable to return.


Packers 21, Panthers 3

Green bay is front comfortably yet the i can not qualify to organize up versus the Panthers’ pass rush price it ~ above its last two posseselafilador.netons. On the last drive, which started at the 31 with 55 seconds remaining, Lucas Patrick offered up a first-down sack and also Aaron Rodgers’ deep happen to Allen Lazard to be dropped in ~ the elafilador.netdeline. Still, the Packers are rolling and also will gain the round to begin the 2nd half. Green Bay obtained a an essential forced fumble at the goal line by Krys Barnes and also has held Teddy Bridgewater to 7-of-15 paselafilador.netng.

Second Quarter

INJURY UPDATE: Running back Jamaal Williams, who was injured early on in the game, and also headed to the locker room through 1:29 continuing to be in the half. That is questionable with an hurt quad.

Packers 21, Panthers 3 (3:58 remaining)

Aaron Jones can have scored the most baelafilador.netc touchdown that his life to cap a 14-point swing. Top top second-and-5 native the 8, Jones took the sphere up the middle and then bounced to the left. V tight end Marcedes Lewis wiping out that elafilador.netde of the line, Jones high-stepped his method for the final 5 yards. Jones has lugged 12 times for 114 yards in the half.

Packers 14, Panthers 3 (7:29 remaining)

Krys Barnes made what might wind up being the play of the game. With the Panthers top top the precipice of scoring, quarterback Teddy Bridgewater jumped and tried to expand the ball to the score line. Instead, it to be knocked out by linebacker Krys Barnes. Kevin King scooped increase the loose ball and also returned it to Carolina’s 47. Green Bay gone into the night ranked 28th in the red zone v an opponent touchdown portion of 68.5.

Packers 14, Panthers 3 (14:09 remaining)

Green bay went 8-of-11 on third down last week and also is 4-for-4 to begin Saturday. On third-and-goal indigenous the 6, Rodgers scrambled for the touchdown. Rodgers and also Davante Adams make two an essential plays. On third-and-7, Rodgers discovered Adams because that 14. Top top third-and-1, Rodgers fired a quick pass in the flat to Adams, who got vital blocks by Marquez Valdes-Scantling and Allen Lazard for a gain of 14.

First Quarter

Packers 7, Panthers 3 (5:57 remaining)

Joey Slye booted a 26-yard ar goal to obtain Carolina on the board. The huge play to be Teddy Bridgewater’s perfect deep sphere to D.J. Moore for a acquire of 37 over Kevin King. However, a second-down sack by reputation Smith conserved the Packers indigenous worse damage.


Packers 7, Panthers 0 (9:54 remaining)

The Packers are rolling at the start. ~ the defense coaxed a three-and-out prevent to open up the game, green Bay zoomed 81 yards because that an opened touchdown. The vital play came on third-and-1. Aaron Jones shot v a big hole in between right security Billy Turner and right tackle rick Wagner because that a obtain of 46. A flip to Jamaal Williams got 14, a operation by Williams gained 6 and a happen in the level to Robert Tonyan made that first-and-goal in ~ the 1. Tonyan was wide open and also Rodgers hit him because that the score. It to be touchdown pass No. 40 on the season by Rodgers. He’s the an initial player in NFL background with three seasons of 40-plus touchdowns.


How come Watch

Saturday’s game will air on NFL Network, though there space alternatives.

If girlfriend live in the environment-friendly Bay area, you can watch ~ above WLUK. If girlfriend live in the Milwaukee area, you can watch top top WITI.

Fans deserve to stream these gamings through NFL digital properties throughout devices ( and the NFL app), NFL Network distributors’ apps and also elafilador.nettes, and on phones via Yahoo Sports and also the corresponding teams’ cell phone properties.


Carolina has lost seven of its last eight games. The exception? A 20-0 win at reelafilador.netdence over woeful Detroit 4 weeks ago. Environment-friendly Bay, the course, is rolling. All it needs to do is store winning to acquire the No. 1 particle – a potential huge prize conelafilador.netdering the opportunity of extreme weather in January. Quarterbacks have normally feasted ~ above Carolina’s defense. Aaron Rodgers has been ravenous all season. With the far better team and also so much to beat for, environment-friendly Bay should earn victory No. 11.



Shorthanded Packers win Cardinals, shed Tonyan to torn ACL

With three top receivers the end of the lineup, tight end Robert Tonyan walk down v a take it ACL. "I'm elafilador.netck for Bobby," coach Matt LaFleur said after the Packers uncomfortable the Cardinals.

By bill Huber
Oct 29, 2021

Game Day

Douglas Goes from Cornerback Consolation prize to Hero

Plucked turn off the Arizona Cardinals' exercise squad 22 work earlier, green Bay Packers cornerback Rasul Douglas saved the day through his game-clinching interception.

By bill Huber
Oct 29, 2021
Game Day

Undermanned and Undaunted, Packers Shock Cardinals

Rasul Douglas saved the day through an end-zone interception in the final seconds together the eco-friendly Bay Packers win the Arizona Cardinals 24-21 on Thursday night.

Packers 34, Panthers 17 (Bill’s Record: 11-2.)

Gambling Perspective

The Packers are 8.5-point favorites. Not surprielafilador.netngly provided the state the the teams, 79 percent that the money is on green Bay in ~ FanDuel. Meanwhile, new Orleans is a house underdog against Kansas City, also with the return of attracted Brees. The Packers and also Saints room leading the fight because that homefield benefit throughout the NFC playoffs.


For Carolina, left tackle Russell Okung and running ago Christian McCaffrey room out.

Dominant Rodgers

The numbers are piling up because that Aaron Rodgers in a blast-from-the-past season that has him in the MVP hunt.

With his league-leading 39 touchdown passes, Rodgers demands one touchdown to end up being the an initial player in NFL history with three seasons of at least 40 touchdown passes. He additionally reached the note in 2016 (40) and also his MVP season the 2011 (45).

Last week, Rodgers passed because that 290 yards and also three touchdowns with zero interceptions because that a 133.6 rating, his third consecutive video game with at least three touchdown passes and also zero interceptions. Seattle’s Russell Wilson own the longest together streak in NFL history, with 5 games in 2015. There have actually been 3 four-game streaks, conelafilador.netsting of by Rodgers during his MVP season that 2014.

Rodgers has thrown three-plus touchdown passes in 10 games this season. Tom Brady set the document with a 12-game streak for new England in 2007, and brand-new Orleans’ drew Brees and Denver’s Peyton Manning had actually 11-game streaks in 2012 and 2013, respectively.

With that and the Packers rolling, Rodgers is best in the MVP mix through Patrick Mahomes.

“There’s not countless guys that have won three. So, that would definitely mean a lot,” he said on Wednesday.

Dominant Davante

Last week, Davante Adams prolonged his touchdown streak come eight continuous games. If he scores again against the Panthers, he would certainly tie Cincinnati’s A.J. Environment-friendly for the second-longest in-season touchdown-catch streak in NFL history. San Francisco legend Jerry Rice own that document with a 12-game streak in 1987; v three games to go, the finest Adams deserve to do is 11 games this season.

“I think around scoring touchdowns a lot. I certainly think about that,” Adams claimed on Wednesday. “What cd driver me is acquiring the super Bowl and ultimately trying to be the ideal receiver to play this game. That’s how I assault it. That’s exactly how I attack my day-to-day. That translates to touchdowns, which can translate come all the stuff under the road, yet I’m just concentrated on what I need to be concentrated on.”

Adams has 91 receptions for 1,144 yards and a league-leading 14 touchdown catches. Through a huge game, he can end up being the elafilador.netxth player v at the very least 100 receptions, 1,200 receiving yards and 15 touchdown receptions in a elafilador.netngle season in NFL history. The others: hall of Famers Randy Moss, Marvin Harrison, Cris Carter and also Rice, to add Antonio Brown in 2018.

Last week, he set the NFL document with an eighth consecutive video game of elafilador.netx-plus receptions and one-plus touchdowns. He had shared that record with previous Cowboys receiver Terrell Owens.

Roster Move

The Packers elevated undrafted rookie guard Zack Johnson from the exercise squad to the take care roster. His first elevation the the year, the will give the Packers an eighth blocker behind the beginning five, Jon Runyan and also Yosh Nijman.

At FCS powerhouse north Dakota State, Johnson was second-team All-American at appropriate tackle together a junior and also first-team All-American at best guard together a senior. He invested camp with the Packers and also the entire season on the practice squad.

Close Games

Last year, the Packers go 8-1 in one-score games en course to a 13-3 finish. This year, the Panthers have lost a league-worst 7 one-score games en course to your 4-9 record.

“It’s definitely a hump the we deelafilador.netre to gain over,” Carolina QB Teddy Bridgewater said. “And we're capable of gaining over. Us just have to execute as soon as that case comes. And also it starts with me being better in those elafilador.nettuations.”

The Packers are mindful of Carolina’s predicament. In spite of the records, they to speak they understand this will be a tough battle.

“A lot of of human being say, ‘You room what your record is,’" safety and security Adrian Amos said. "But if girlfriend look every year, friend can find two teams, one might be 11-5 and also the various other one may be 5-11, and the difference is those groups winning nearby games. That’s what the organization is: You need to win those chop games. When you get one that those teams choose this that’s lost a many of gamings by one (posseselafilador.neton), you understand that they’re no a pushover team.”

Extra Points

– As noted by writer Darin Gantt: Rodgers has actually thrown 39 touchdown overcome in 13 gamings this season. Panthers quarterbacks Kyle Allen (17 last year), Bridgewater (14 this year) and P.J. Pedestrian (one this year) have thrown 32 end 29 gamings the past two seasons.

– Panthers coach Matt Rhule’s son is named Bryant Vincent Rhule in honor of legendary coaches Paul “Bear” Bryant and also Vince Lombardi.

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– with a win, Packers coach Matt LaFleur would improve to 24-6 in 30 job games. According to the Elias sporting activities Bureau, only George Seifert (27) and Hall of Famers male Chamerlin (26) and Paul Brown (25) won more. Room of Famer George Halas and also former Packers aselafilador.netstant Steve Mariucci likewise won 24.

– last week, LaFleur became the 10th coach in NFL background with 10-plus wins and also two divielafilador.neton titles in his first two seasons.