Whether the a monthly donation, an annual membership, or a one-time gift, your contribution to Carolina Tiger Rescue goes directly to work-related helping to conserve wild cats in need.

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Tours in ~ Carolina Tiger Rescue room all pre-arranged. Each tourism is guided and also you will certainly be wade the gravel tour path.


Saving and also protecting wild cat in captivity and also in the wild v rescue and education. We work toward a day as soon as wild cats room living in their native habitat and are no exploited by humans.


Our rescues come from exclusive owners, mom and also pop zoos, traveling circuses, and also other framework as a result of being abandoned, relinquished, or confiscated through the authorities.


Saving and also protecting wild cat in captivity and also in the wild can only be achieved when members that the public come to be partners in ours mission and our work. We welcome the chance to educate everyone around the animals and also their rescue stories.


Advocacy is an essential part of our mission in ~ Carolina Tiger Rescue. As we continue to grow and expand the sanctuary, our advocacy efforts will continue to increase as well.

Signing up because that our Paw publish Newsletter is the best method to stay in the understand of what’s new at Carolina Tiger Rescue.

As you deserve to imagine, we need some very specific items to support our work! you can aid by purchasing native our wish List.
Our tours have minimal capacity and often offer out. Publication your visit at an early stage – tours space the only means you can see the animals.

Carolina Tiger Rescue is a 501(c)3 non-profit wildlife sanctuary who mission is saving and protecting wild cats in captivity and also in the wild.

Carolina Tiger Rescue is a 501(c)3 nonprofit wildlife sanctuary whose mission is saving and protecting wild cat in captivity and in the wild.

We believe the ideal house for wildlife is in the wild.We think it is an important to maintain their aboriginal habitats.We believe wild animals should not be preserved as pets.We think captive breeding should only be excellent in accordance with types Survival plans.We think all wild animals, both captive and also in their native habitats, deserve to be treated with respect and not exploited because that entertainment and also commercial purposes.

Coming out for a tourism is a an excellent way to learn more about the pets that speak to Carolina Tiger Recue home. We offer many different varieties of tours. Public tourism are great for adults and also families. Twilight tours room for adults only (18 year of age and also older). Tiger Tales space a perfect alternative if you want to lug out yes, really young children. Find the tourism that is appropriate for you and also enjoy a walk through the sanctuary. 

For every tours, tickets have to be purchase in advance.

Education is vital to our mission. We gain teaching “kids” of every ages! Our ar trips, both virtual and also onsite, are appropriate for groups of kids. Ours “Kid because that a Day” Adult Camp offers a distinct learning opportunity while permitting adults come channel their inner child. While every one of these methods are structured differently, in the finish we desire everyone come walk far knowing much more about the pets we care for and also what they deserve to do to help protect them.

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There room so countless ways to it is in a part of Carolina Tiger Rescue. Separation, personal, instance volunteers space able to aid in many aspects of ours work, including animal care, tourism guides, construction, and gift shop assistance. Work groups come from ar groups, colleges, work places, and more! the a good way to invest a day and also it helps treatment for the cats.

Whether the a monthly donation or a one-time gift, a symbolic animal adoption, a gift come the huge Cat Dinner Club, or any other sort of donation, your contribution to Carolina Tiger Rescue goes straight to occupational helping to save wild cat in need. Don’t view what you space looking for, our advancement staff can help you uncover a meaningful way to support the cats!