Tweetsie Railroad

Explore this Wild West theme park and also enjoy cooler summer temps at Tweetsie rail located between Boone and also Blowing Rock, N.C. If you recognize a train enthusiast, they will certainly love the 3-mile ride pulled by among the railroad’s two historic steam engines.

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Distance from facility City Charlotte: 95.9 mile (1 hour, 52 minutes)Opening Day: April 2. The park will be open up weekends throughout April and May and open daily beginning in June.New Events/Amusements: Kick-off spring and get a picture with the Easter bunny April 2-5. Tickets room on sale now for the renowned Day Out v Thomas event happening June 11-20. Come spend the day through Thomas, the No. 1 blue engine, get a picture taken v Sir Topham Hatt and also enjoy other Thomas-themed activities.COVID safety and security Precautions: all visitors, consisting of Season pass holders, are forced to obtain development tickets and schedule a train journey time.The park will operate at 50% capacity pending further guidance from local, state or federal wellness officials. Confront coverings should be worn at all times, indoors and also outdoors, as well as on rides because that anyone age 5 or older. Capacity for at home dining and live entertainment reflects is limited. Click here for an ext information.Pro Tip: Be certain to prevent by and say hello to the adorable animals at the Deer Park Zoo located inside the park.


Wet n’ Wild Emerald Pointe

If you favor your thrills top top the wetter side, head to Wet n’Wild at Emerald allude that offers 3 million gallons of fun and over 36 rides and also attractions.Distance from center City Charlotte: 88.1 miles (1 hour, 18 minutes)Opening Day: May 29New Events/Amusements: The youngest family members members will certainly love Happy Harbor, the Lazee flow and leisure Lagoon.COIVD safety Precautions: Guests will must schedule their visit in development – this uses to regular tickets and season happen holders. Guests and also team members will have their temperatures scanned prior to entering the park and any person with a temperature that 100.4 levels Fahrenheit or higher, or displaying other symptoms that COVID-19, will certainly not be enabled to enter the park. Face coverings are required for all entrants, except children under 3. Face coverings are NOT allowed on any type of attraction or pool and are not important while wait in line or walking in between attractions. Click here for much more information.Pro Tip: Planning to spend the day? rent a cabana for as much as 10 people and also enjoy poolside food and drinks (cost not included with cabana rental), a comfortable ar to sit and sun, and plenty that shade.



Owned by famed country singer and actress Dolly Parton, Dollywood offers rides, slides, music, food and also fun in the love of the Smoky hills in beautiful Tennessee.Distance from center City Charlotte: 209 miles (3 hours, 42 minutes)Opening Day: Now open.

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New Events/Amusements: new entertainment and also shows have been included to the heat up as well as a groundbreaking, multi-sensory experience that paints the night sky above Dollywood through animations to develop a symphony that light. Prepare to be wowed!COVID safety and security Precautions: confront masks or face coverings are compelled for every employees and visitors ages 2 and also older, v some exceptions. Masks room not required while eating, if on water park attractions or pick coasters, or within mask-free rest zones. Touchless temperature screenings will be conducted prior to admittance and also anyone displaying a temperature the 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or above will be directed to an additional location because that rescreening and also assistance. Guests through a heat exceeding 100.4 Fahrenheit will not be permitted entry and also anyone who traveled in the same car with the guest will certainly not be allowed entry. Refunds or rain checks may be offered. Click right here for more information.

Pro Tip: throughout Dollywood’s Summer celebration event (June 25-July 31), households can ride Dollywood’s world-class roller coasters all day and well into the night.