Sarah Jessica Parker partnered v Airbnb on a re-creation that Carrie Bradshaw"s apartment for lucky "Sex and also the City" fans.Tara Rice/Airbnb
If girlfriend can’t aid but wonder what it would certainly be like to be Carrie Bradshaw because that a day, now’s her chance.

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For simply $23 a night, Airbnb is giving guests a possibility to remain at a re-creation that the iconic “Sex and also the City” character’s brownstone apartment — walk-in closet included.

While buy it Jessica Parker’s Bradshaw notoriously lived on a writer’s salary in a spacious Upper eastern Side one-bedroom — the would cost at the very least $3,000 a month today — this nostalgic sojourn will instead be in the tony Chelsea ar for the price of a Cosmopolitan.

The Airbnb remain — the first of its type for two lucky next — is in celebration event of the upcoming release of the HBO Max Original, “And similar to That.” Parker, 56, personally aided craft the reproduction the the famed residence, i beg your pardon will offer guests rare access to the style icon’s wardrobe — consisting of her lovely tutu indigenous the opened credits and also shoes from she SJP line.

In fact, the apartment is a treasure trove of replicas “Sex and the City” fans will certainly fondly recall, and also even consists of a circa-2000 cordless phone for chatting about sex with girlfriends and also a laptop to obtain your creative-writer juices flowing.

“We worked hand-in-hand v Warner Bros. And also Sarah Jessica Parker come re-create the space in the many authentic way possible, full of Easter egg to surprise and also delight fans,” Airbnb spokesperson Liz DeBold Fusco told The Post, noting that the facsimile will certainly “look and feel favor the cozy, homey room Carrie created.”

Fans will obtain a possibility to try on fashions similar to what Carrie Bradshaw wore ~ above “Sex and the City” — consisting of the tutu from the opening credits.Kate Glicksberg/Airbnb
The bedroom includes specific replica the Carrie’s bedspread.Kate Glicksberg/Airbnb
Carrie Bradshaw’s top apartment had the walls painted eco-friendly in the first film once she redecorated.Kate Glicksberg/Airbnb

“Her apartment was eclectic without being cluttered, and it said the story of she personality v the never-ending piles of Vogues, overflowing closet, and, of course, the Post-it notes,” she added.

While Fusco claimed there “aren’t any type of items indigenous the show on set,” the team payment close attention to detail to ensure that looks authentically Bradshaw with “an precise match” of Carrie’s bedspread, she tutu, she Carrie nameplate necklace, the chair ex-boyfriend Aiden gifted her and the lovely Eiffel Tower bag she carried around town on days with Mr. Big, which to be a “handmade designer item,” stated Samantha Brown, that went ~ above “the can be fried scavenger hunt” come curate the closet through dozens of piece that bring Carrie’s aesthetic to life.

“The Eiffel Tower bag was complicated to source,” the stylist called The short article of the Timmy Woods minaudiere, i beg your pardon has been in various fashion auctions and also retailed for about $3,000. “I scoured the internet to discover it, brand new!”

And as Parker motivates in a press release, renters can play dress up through the designer duds: “I’m excited for our audience to experience Carrie’s new York like never ever before and also walk in her shoes, rather literally, because that the very first time.”

Sarah Jessica Parker at the apartment re-creation in her favourite room, the closet. Come the left, the top Eiffel Tower purse she lugged on many occasions. Tara Rice/Airbnb
The living room contains a leather chair comparable to the one john Corbett’s character, Aidan, crafted because that his beau.Kate Glicksberg/Airbnb
Of course, the laptop includes a Post-it — however not the infamous, “I’m sorry i can’t, don’t dislike me” one native Jack Berger.Kate Glicksberg/Airbnb

Two stays in full are being readily available at the distinct $23 price (plus taxes and fees), and also up to 2 guests are permitted to enjoy the one-bedroom, one-bathroom apartment.

The home will be available on Nov. 12 and 13. Throughout their stay, those lucky guests will gain the complete treatment, i m sorry includes:

A online greeting in ~ check-in native Parker herself, and a narration storage of every episode’s thought-provoking intro.The chance to descend the measures of her brownstone and also stroll the roadways of Manhattan (but the splash native a city bus is not included).Brunch in the Chelsea neighborhood and also a round of Cosmopolitans for guest and friends come toast with.The possibility to pat dress-up in Carrie’s iconic closet, finish with her favorite looks (such as the Patricia ar tutu she put on in the opening credits), designers, and, of course, shoes!A styling session and photo shoot whereby guests can channel your inner fashionistas.
Sarah Jessica Parker typing on she laptop throughout Season 5 of “Sex and the City.”HBO
A tho from a “Sex and also the City” illustration in 1999 of she apartment prior to she redecorated it in the an initial movie.HBO
Replicas of the props native the show are seen in the Airbnb listing, including Carrie’s yellow nameplate necklace and also a cordless phone.Kate Glicksberg/Airbnb

Fans interested in walking in Carrie’s shoes deserve to reserve their stays start Monday, Nov. 8, in ~ noon ET in ~ Airbnb.com/SexAndTheCity.

“It’s been 23 years due to the fact that I first stepped into Carrie’s shoes, and also now, it’s her turn,” the listing states.

In reality, Bradshaw’s apartment — nor the affordable rental she payment — in reality doesn’t exist. Top top the show, Parker’s unlucky-in-love character just paid $700 every month because that the apartment she rented at 245 E. 73rd St. However, that attend to does no exist, because the critical door on the block, near second Avenue, is No. 243.

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A reproduction that Carrie Bradshaw’s brand-new York City brownstone apartment will certainly be listed on Airbnb in solemn event of the upcoming relax of the HBO Max Original, “And just like That.”Tara Rice/Airbnb
Sarah Jessica Parker in Carrie Bradshaw’s renowned closet in 2010.Warner Bros

Most the the shots seen on the hit display were in reality filmed in the West Village, in ~ the stoop the 66 Perry St. Countless fans have actually gathered to snap image of the iconic facade, i beg your pardon has drawn ire indigenous the structure owners end the years. SJP herself also once infuriated the owners and also neighbors of the townhouse after she staged a photograph shoot ~ above the storied stoop for her shoe line.

“The case with ‘SATC’ travellers is still very intense,” the Perry Street combination told web page Six. “People that live here acquire upset the the sidewalks space constantly jammed.”