Ashes that Star wars actor lugged in urn shaped choose a Prozac pill at personal family company for mother and also daughter actors


The funeral procession transports the body of Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher to forest Lawn cemetery. Photograph: Frederick M Brown/Getty Images
The funeral procession transports the body of Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher to forest Lawn cemetery. Photograph: Frederick M Brown/Getty Images

Carrie Fisher and her mom Debbie Reynolds have been set to rest at a funeral in Los Angeles, wherein the ashes the the Star battles actor were carried in an urn shaped choose a Prozac pill.

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The gibbs were hidden together during a private family company at woodland Lawn Memorial Park in Hollywood Hills complying with their deaths just a day apart in December.

Following the service, Reynolds’ boy Todd Fisher said: “We had a beautiful service. Everyone is as settled as we have the right to be. We’ll have actually a bigger business down the road for the public and also all their various other friends but this was a private household service. It to be fitting.

“We have so much of them that was left behind; all of my sister’s words and all the movies and things lock created and also that’s what we have to remember.

“My mother was among the many giving people with charities and also my sister, the course, was an additional of the most giving. They to be both Molly Browns that sorts. They were very strong women appropriate to the end.”

Explaining the selection of urn for his sister’s ashes, the said: “Carrie’s favourite possession was a gigantic Prozac pill that she bought many years earlier and she love it and also it was in her house. Billy and also I felt it was wherein she would desire to be. We couldn’t uncover anything appropriate. Carrie would like that, that was she favourite thing.

“They’re together and they will certainly be together here and in heaven.”

Fisher had talked publicly about her battle with bipolar disorder and drug troubles during she life.

A funeral cortege through two hearses come shortly before 9am top top Friday at woodland Lawn, i beg your pardon is the resting location for celebrities including Bette Davis, Stan Laurel and also Liberace.

Fisher’s daughter billy Lourd was viewed at the grounds through actor Taylor Lautner.

Fisher, who shot to fame as Princess Leia in Star Wars, passed away on 27 December, age 60, after experiencing a heart assault on a flight from London to Los Angeles 4 days earlier.

Singin’ in the Rain star Reynolds passed away aged 84 complying with a doubt stroke, a work after Fisher’s death.

Meryl Streep, Gwyneth Paltrow and Star wars creator George Lucas were among the mourners who gathered on Thursday in ~ Fisher’s estate in Coldwater Canyon, Los Angeles, whereby she and her mommy Reynolds to be next-door neighbours.

British actors Stephen Fry and also Eric Idle, singer Courtney Love and also Hollywood stars Jamie Lee Curtis and also Meg Ryan were likewise seen at the compound.

Streep, that starred in the adaptation that Fisher’s semi-autobiographical novel Postcards native the Edge, to be pictured carrying a bunch the white roses together she gone into the estate.

A family members friend told civilization magazine that 125 guest attended the service and also the Oscar-winning actress carry out Fisher’s favourite song Happy work Are right here Again.

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Eulogies were yielded by Streep, Fry, Lourd and British comedy star Tracey Ullman, people reported.