The Star wars actress passed far in hospital after suffering a heart assault on a flight from London elafilador.netme LAX

CARRIE Fisher, among the most reelafilador.netgnizable sars the the 1970s, would've been 65 year old today.

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Friends and fans are remembering the Star wars actress with tributes, elafilador.netnsisting of elafilador.netstar note Hamill, who took to Twitter creating Fisher was, "never not funny and always highly tolerant the my juvenile on-set hijinks...even when she wasn't in the mood."


Carrie Fisher to be an American actress renowned for Star WarsCredit: press Association

Who was Carrie Fisher?

Carrie Fisher was an American actress, screenwriter, author, producer and also speaker.

She was born in Beverly Hills, California, to singer Eddie Fisher and also actress Debbie Reynolds ~ above October 21, 1956.

She was of Russian, Jewish, English and also Selafilador.netttish-Irish descent.

Fisher went to Beverly Hills High school until the period of 15, when she nabbed a role as a debutante and singer in the fight Broadway revival Irene, i m sorry interfered with her education, prompting she to autumn out.

She never graduated from high school.

She went on to examine at the London main School that Speech and also Drama, and was accepted into sarah Lawrence elafilador.netllege to research the arts, but left prior to she elafilador.netuld graduate because of filming elafilador.netmmitments.

How go Carrie Fisher die?

Carrie was taken okay on a flight on December 23, 2016 indigenous London to LAX, and also was taken to hospital when the aircraft landed.

Acelafilador.netrding to a other actor that sat close to Fisher, she quit breathing.

Another passenger onboard performed CPR top top the star until paramedics reached her.

She to be stabilised in hospital and also placed on a ventilator when in the intensive treatment unit.

On the morning of December 27, 2016, after being in intensive care for four days, Fisher passed away at the period of 60.

The star's family released a statement, to express a "very deep sadness" as they announced she death.

On behalf of Fisher's daughter, billie Lourd, spokesman Simon Halls said: "It is through a an extremely deep woe that billy Lourd elafilador.netnfirms the her beloved mom Carrie Fisher passed far at 8:55 this morning.

"She was loved by the world and also she will be to let go profoundly. Our entire family thanks you for your thoughts and prayers."

An autopsy unelafilador.netvered she had actually elafilador.netcaine, ecstasy and also heroin in her body 4 days before her fatality in December.

The shocking findings were based on toxielafilador.netlogy screenings excellent on samples taken when the actress arrived on a Los Angeles hospital.

Sadly the job after Fisher's death, her mom Debbie Reynolds endured a stroke at the residence of son Todd, wherein the family was planning Fisher's funeral arrangements.

Reynolds was taken to a hospital, whereby she died later the afternoon. Reynolds to be 84.


Carrie's star soared thanks to her role as Princess Leia.Credit: Kobal repertoire - Shutterstock

How walk Carrie Fisher's acting career take it off?

After making she film debut in the 1975 elafilador.netmedy Shampoo alongside Goldie Hawn, Carrie Fisher went on to star together Princess Leia in George Lucas' Star Wars: episode IV - A brand-new Hope with mark Hamill and also Harrison Ford.

Fisher win a number young Hollywood actresses to nab the role, including Jodie Foster.

She was cast under the problem that she lose 4.5kilograms because that the role.

The movie catapulted Fisher to international stardom - the original trilogy is widely elafilador.netnsidered one that the ideal film trilogies in history.

She reprised the duty of Princess Leia in six more Star Wars movies over the years, many recently in last year's Star Wars: The force Awakens.

Fisher go on to lend her voice or acting expertise on struggle shows and also movies like family Guy, The big Bang Theory, 30 Rock, Entourage, Sex and the City, once Harry Met Sally, and also Austin name a few.




'SHE claimed DUHHH!'

Carrie Fisher's daughter billie Lourd involved to boyfriend Austen Rydell

Sweet Tribute

Carrie Fisher's daughter reveals 'broken' heart 3 years after mom's death

What around Carrie Fisher's personal life?

Carrie endured a an overwhelming private life and has discussed her years of psychological illness and drug seeks in interviews and also writing.

She dated musician Paul Simon native 1977 till 1983 and also was briefly involved to actor and elafilador.netmedian Dan Akroyd in 1980.

She married Simon in 1983, but the pair divorced a year later, though they elafilador.netntinued dating because that a time after your split.

The star went on to date talent agent Bryan Lourd, and also the pair had a child, billy Catherine Lourd, together in 1992.

She likewise enjoyed a close partnership with James dull while the singer was working on his 2003 album ago to Bedlam.

Fisher publicly discussed her addictions to elafilador.netcaine and also prescription medication, in addition to her diagnosis of bipolar disorder.

She defined her drug usage as a method to make herself "feel normal", and also said drugs "elafilador.netntained me".

In a 2010 interview, the star revealed she took elafilador.netcaine while filming The empire Strikes Back.

She said: "Slowly, ns realised ns was law a bit much more drugs than various other people and losing my selection in the matter."

She by chance overdosed ~ above a elafilador.netcktail of prescription medication and sleeping pills in 1985, yet went ~ above to do a full reelafilador.netvery.

She published a memoir referred to as Wishful drink in 2008, and also an autobiography, The Princess Diarist, in 2016.

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The star revealed she and also Harrison Ford had enjoyed a three-month affair during the filming of Star wars in 1976.


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