exactly how Star battles 9 brought Leia earlier & Which scenes Were actually Carrie Fisher Star Wars: The rise of Skywalker gives a key role to Leia Organa, in spite of Carrie Fisher"s happen in 2016. Here"s exactly how JJ Abrams accomplished it.

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Star Wars climb of Skywalker force Awakens Leia Carrie Fisher
Warning: significant SPOILERS ahead for Star Wars: The climb of Skywalker.

J.J. Abrams uncovered a method to carry Leia earlier and provide her a key role in Star Wars: The rise of Skywalker, despite Carrie Fisher"s tragic passing back in December 2016. Leia was claimed to be in ~ the facility of Star wars 9, adhering to on native Han Solo gift the main original trilogy character in Star Wars: The force Awakens and then Luke Skywalker acquisition on the central legacy duty in Star Wars: The last Jedi.

However, the Star Wars sequel trilogy had actually to adapt after Carrie Fisher pass away suddenly at the period of sixty. Fisher"s death, which arisen less than 6 months after the major photography on Star Wars: The Last Jedi had wrapped, didn"t affect the plot of Rian Johnson"s film. However, once J. J. Abrams began to create the story for Star Wars: The climb of Skywalker, he had actually to change Leia"s duty in the movie to make use of unused footage from Star Wars: The pressure Awakens. 

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While Leia appears in numerous scenes transparent the course of Star wars 9, her power is largely compiled from recycled footage, frequently modified with CGI. Here"s exactly how Abrams was able to offer Leia critical part come play in Star Wars: The rise of Skywalker, while remaining true come Fisher"s own performance and also legacy.

Leia"s role & death in Star Wars: The climb of Skywalker

Star battles 9 Leia and also Rey
at the beginning of The rise of Skywalker, Leia is revealed to be training Rey in the means of the Jedi, v Rey referring to Leia with the location of "Master." She hands Rey Luke"s lightsaber as Rey go to run a cultivate course, a minute that showed up in few of the trailers because that the film. Rey falls short to complete the course, and returns Luke"s lightsaber to Leia; however, when Rey leaves through Poe and also Finn ~ above a mission for the Resistance, Leia provides Rey the lightsaber once again, assuring her the she should have actually it. Hugging Rey, Leia says, "Rey, never ever be fear of who you are."

When Kylo Ren and also Rey hit on the wreckage that the second Death Star, Leia reaches out to she son. She does no speak, however instead goes to lie down. Maz Kanata expounds to the involved R2-D2 as they clock Leia leaving silently: "Leia knows what she need to do, R2. To reach her son now, she must use all the toughness she has left." Leia"s intervention stops Kylo Ren from killing Rey, and also gives Rey an opportunity to stab Kylo Ren. At this moment, Leia dies, lying under peacefully v R2-D2 at her side. Through her intervention, Leia helps both to redeem her son and also to do Rey regret her aggression. Rey heals Kylo Ren and flees, leaving Kylo to reconsider his actions. Afterwards, Leia is presented with a sheet over her together the Resistance gathers about to mourn her passing.

When Rey flees to Ahch-To, Luke"s pressure spirit urges her to monitor in Leia"s footsteps and finish what Leia started. He speak her about Leia"s training together his first Jedi student, saying that Leia decided to provide up she Jedi training after finding out that it would certainly be she son"s downfall. Throughout Luke"s story, there is a flashback sequence that shows a young Leia defeating Luke in a lightsaber struggle as part of she Jedi training. Luke offers Rey Leia"s lightsaber, saying Leia wanted Rey to have actually her lightsaber to loss Palpatine and finish Leia"s journey as a Jedi. Luke likewise reveals the Leia knew Rey"s parentage all along, yet chose to train her together a Jedi regardless, due to the fact that she can see Rey"s determination and spirit.

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At the end of Star Wars: The climb of Skywalker, Rey visits the humidity farm where Luke prospered up on Tatooine, burying Luke and Leia"s lightsabers together in the sand. Rey ignites her own yellow lightsaber, before an elderly woman approaches, asking her who she is. As soon as Rey says, "Rey," the woman replies, "Rey who?" Rey looks into the distance, seeing force spirits that Luke and also Leia in the distance. She turns to the woman and also responds, "Rey Skywalker."

How The rise of Skywalker Reused force Awakens Footage

In bespeak to carry General Leia back, J. J. Abrams used recycled footage, most of which come from only eight minute of unused movie from The pressure Awakens. Abrams additionally reportedly used some footage from The last Jedi, according to Carrie Fisher"s brother Todd, back the exact amount of film that was available to that is unclear. This intended that if Abrams had quality and original clip of Fisher playing general Leia, he to be greatly minimal in his options. In bespeak to construct Leia"s duty in the story, Abrams had actually to job-related backwards. First, he and also his team analyzed the footage that they had available, and then lock reverse-constructed Leia"s function based top top what was obtainable to them.

While Abrams had actually to plan Leia"s duty around what Fisher said and did in the footage the he had, the special effects team was able to alter the physics appearance roughly Fisher"s face to do a meaningful story. Since the special functions of The force Awakens includes some deleted scenes, several of the footage offered in The increase of Skywalker deserve to be seen in its original format. By comparing The force Awakens with The increase of Skywalker, it is possible to check out just exactly how much Carrie Fisher"s footage has been altered to do her fit right into a new role in a brand-new story. Everything is changed, from the elevator to who Leia is speaking to and also Leia"s clothes and also hair. In her scenes through Rey, she lines indigenous The pressure Awakens are interlaced with brand-new dialogue, delivered by Ridley, that are specific to the events of The climb of Skywalker. As a result, it shows up that general Leia resides on, engaging in conversations v her new Padawan. This technique is normally effective, although sometimes Leia"s responses come Rey seem short or vague.

As Leia lies down, trying to call Kylo Ren, she is shown in silouette; maybe a body double is provided for this shots which are details to the plot of The climb of Skywalker. Maz Kanata provides the exposition for Leia"s actions. Similarly, ~ Kylo Ren and Rey"s lightsaber duel, a storage of Han Solo appears to his son, rather than Leia, either together a estimate or as a force spirit, to dramatize Kylo Ren"s shift back come Ben Solo.

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CGI De-Aged Leia and Force Ghost Leia

Rogue One A Star battles Story - CG Princess Leia
when Luke"s pressure Ghost provides Rey Leia"s lightsaber on Ahch-To, there is a quick flashback that mirrors Leia completing her Jedi training. Both Luke and Leia undertake helmets the cover their confront as Leia fights v a blue lightsaber, if Luke fights through the environment-friendly lightsaber from The Return that the Jedi. After Leia knocks Luke come the ground, they reveal their faces. Both Luke and Leia"s encounters have been de-aged to show up close come the age that they would be straight after The Return the the Jedi. However, no character speaks.

In this brief scene, stunt doubles are provided for both young Luke and Leia. The an innovation used is likely similar to the of Rogue One that recreated the challenge of a young Princess Leia top top a human body double. While the resulting footage help to illustrate Luke"s story to the audience, there is an uncanny high quality to the de-aged Luke and Leia that is somewhat jarring and it is generally less efficient than the interwoven recycle footage.

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Leia"s force ghost, together Luke"s, appears in the closing moments of the film. Leia"s translucent blue type is not de-aged, and she is dressed in a brilliant white robe through a towel draped over she hair. When Leia"s face uses recycled footage from The pressure Awakens, her garments were most likely edited for Star Wars: The rise of Skywalker.