So much of Carrie Fisher’s heritage is tied to her function as Leia Organa in the Star Wars saga. But Fisher — who died in 2016 — carried far much more to Hollywood 보다 playing half of the Skywalker twins. In fact, yes a lot around the actor and also writer plenty of Star Wars fans could not know. For instance, Fisher to be once involved to a member the Saturday Night Live’s original cast.

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Carrie Fisher live a complex, fascinating life

An undeniable facet of Fisher’s real-life charm was she candor. The daughter of Hollywood icon Debbie Reynolds (Singin’ in the Rain) and singer Eddie Fisher, she was currently born into the entertain industry. And also after making she film debut in 1975’s Shampoo, Fisher landed her breakout duty just 2 years later on when George Lucas cast her in Star Wars.

Over the food of she life, Fisher combated both psychological illness and substance abuse. And rather than maintaining her personal struggles quiet, she eventually made herself an advocate for awareness instead. Likewise, she love life became another topic Fisher regularly mused publicly about, including the 2016 revelation she and Harrison Ford had actually an to work on the Star Wars set.

“If mine life wasn't funny the would simply be true, and also that is unacceptable.”#CarrieOnForever ❤️

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The ‘Star Wars’ icon was involved to this ‘Saturday Night Live’ actor

But Ford wasn’t the just co-star through which Fisher mutual a romantic history. In fact, she was once engaged to Saturday Night Live star Dan Aykroyd. He and also co-star john Belushi at some point reprised your titular SNL characters for 1980’s The Blues Brothers. Fisher wound up playing a sustaining role, and also as Fisher said the Chicago Tribune in 2008, sparks flew on the set.

“On Blues Brothers, suggest in the trailer ~ above set. He to be forcing me to eat due to the fact that I was very thin in those job — no longer — and I inhaled a Brussels sprout, and also I started choking. He thought I was laughing, and then he experienced that i was dying. And also he walk the Heimlich maneuver, and then prefer 10 minutes later he asked me to marry him. Ns thought, ‘I far better marry him. What if the happens again?’ We had actually rings, we acquired blood tests, the totality shot. However then i got earlier together through Paul Simon.”

As Fisher revealed in she 2008 book Wishful Drinking, her relationship with Aykroyd ended when she reconciled through singer Paul Simon. The on-again/off-again couple began dating approximately the time that Star Wars. Eventually, Fisher and also Simon married in 1983, only to divorce less than a year later. Also after your divorce, the pair summary reconciled together well.

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Carrie Fisher went on to have actually a boy with talent agent Bryan Lourd

Although the general public knows her mainly for Star Wars, Fisher also left behind a far different legacy. Native 1991 come 1994, she dated talent certified dealer Bryan Lourd. And also midway v that relationship, the couple welcomed a daughter: billy Lourd. And much favor her mother, Lourd has committed to an acting career, making her film debut in Star Wars: The pressure Awakens.

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Lourd ongoing as sublieutenant Connix in all three entries in the Star Wars sequel trilogy. And also she delivered standout performances in the short-lived Fox TV collection Scream Queens and also 2019’s hit film Booksmart. And also in September 2020, Lourd provided birth to her very own child with fiancé Austen Rydell, child Kingston Fisher Lourd Rydell.