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Carrie Ann Inaba is excited come get earlier to job-related after taking part time off to emphasis on her health and well-being.

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On Thursday, Inaba opened up up around her return to the upcoming season the Dancing through the Starson her Instagram Stories. The update came just hours after alphabet announced that season 30 that the dance competition display will premiere Sept. 20. Inaba will be ago as a judge alongside Len Goodman, Bruno Tonioli and also Derek Hough.

"Hey guys, I"m walking mine dog, Lola. Anyway, simply wanted come say, did you hear the news? Dancing v the Stars, Sept.20, it"s official. We"re back!" Inaba, 53, said. "Get your glitter on, pull her disco balls out, warm up her back."

"I can"t wait," she continued."Let"s bring on the dancing!"

Inaba, that tooka leave of absencefrom The Talk in April, additionally teased even if it is she"ll be ago on the panel forthe CBS speak show.Jerry O"Connell to be announced together the show"s permanent new co-host top top Wednesday, authorized Sheryl Underwood, Amanda Kloots andElaine Welteroth.

"I noticeda most you areasking about The Talk, ifI"m coming back and what"s continue there," Inabasaid in another series of videos post to Instagram Stories. "I should have actually some news soon around what"s going on with my future at The Talk."

"I want to say congratulations come JerryO"Connell," she continued. "As quickly as I recognize what"s walk on with The Talk I will let girlfriend know, ns promise. I"m an extremely excited about Dancing through the Stars starting... Everything"s good, and also I look front to sharing with you men the news about The Talk. Have a beautiful day."

Back in April, Inabatook to social media to give thanks to her friends, family and also fans for their assistance after she announced her leave of absence.

"I desire to give thanks to you every so lot for the supportive message I"ve received. Ns was profoundly touch by her love and also understanding," she claimed at the time, including that it "was not basic decision" for her to make."I to be scared ... However your messages reminded me that every little thing will it is in alright. Love you all so much and also I give thanks to you native the bottom of my heart."

Inaba also detailed her recurring struggle v chronic illness earlier this year in a post publishedon she website.

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"I"ve been diagnosed with number of autoimmune conditions: lupus, Sjogrën’s, rheumatoid arthritis, fibromyalgia, and, most recently, vasculitis," she wrote. "For many years now, my life has actually been complete of ups and also downs, and also lots of tough work to assist me to feel my best, come land in ~ a new normal that’s comfortable and also sustainable."

As we patiently await more details around The Talk and also DWTS, hear an ext from the pros of the dance competition collection in the video below.


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