Sean Murray is finest known for depicting Special agent Timothy McGee in CBS" "NCIS." Prior come that, he appeared in the Halloween standard "Hocus Pocus," which to be released in 1993. Every IMDb, he has been ~ above "NCIS" due to the fact that its inception in 2003 — an initial as a guest star and also then joining as a permanent actors member in Season 2. The show does no only focus on his character"s ability to solve instances with his geeky wisdom, but likewise chronicles his love journey v Delilah Fielding, play by Margo Harshman. Per CBS, "McLilah" has come to be one the the most well-known television couples in television.

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In reality, though, Murray additionally has an enviable connection with his wife, Carrie James, whom he married in November 2005. If Murray has end up being a family name many thanks to the popularity of "NCIS," his wife is also an impressive individual. Discover out more about her and also their partnership below.

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Sean Murray and Carrie James have actually been married because 2005 and also share two kids together — daughter Caitlyn and son River. Per People, James used to be a teacher, yet transitioned out of teaching to it is in an entrepreneur after their child was born. She started BRA — service Relationship Alliance — in 2015 after see how plenty of women battle with networking and building your companies. Follow to BRA"s main website, the company is "a network of an effective women dedicated to proceeding female-owned companies by offering the community, collaboration, mentorship, empowerment and support essential to flourish as one entrepreneur."

While James has actually been busy growing BRA because 2015, she had actually previous experience founding organizations, as she founded Prestique Academy that Innovation and also Technology, a school for college student with impressive needs, in 2011. In doing so, she additionally became the first person in her family to open up up a business, as trip LA noted. The factor she made decision to acquire into entrepreneurship was due to the fact that she want to aid other ladies succeed.

"I"m a natural connector. I deserve to listen to who tell me about what they space struggling with and also I can attach them v the right people seamlessly and with pure joy," she told trip LA. "I love seeing various other women succeed and also support every other." Not only does James support other women, but she has additionally found assistance from Murray, who typically boasts about her on Instagram.

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Sean Murray may be too busy fighting crime on television, however he always makes time come express his appreciation to his mam of 16 years on society media. In might 2020, Murray posted a Mother"s day tribute come James, posting a photo of him and her sight-seeing in one undisclosed place on Instagram, with the caption, "Happy Mother"s Day to my significant wife and also all the moms the end there!"

Besides reflecting his love for she publicly, Murray is likewise grateful because that James" input on their residence renovations throughout the years. In march 2021, Murray exclusively showed off his house to People, which he spent 10 years renovating through James and views it together a forever home. "There is certainly something around putting roots down, due to the fact that I didn"t have that together a kid, in a lot of ways. We relocated every two, 3 years," Murray said, to express nomadic life as a child. "So over there is a component of me that"s like, "You gained your place, her space, your house with your family. Make it yours.""

Judging by exactly how well the couple"s an individual and expert lives room going, it seems like they have discovered the mystery to a successful and long-lasting marriage.