American Idol Winners: Carrie Underwood's Season 4 Highlights American Idol winner Carrie Underwood is a superstar today, but before she made that big, she was an Idol contestant. Here are her finest moments.

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Carrie Underwood started out together a contestant ~ above American Idol, ago when contestants had actually a genuine shot at a flourishing musical career. Since then, the present has bring away a dip once it comes to producing artists all set to take on the music industry. She walk on to record hit records such as "Jesus take The Wheel," "Before the Cheats," and also "Cry Pretty." Underwood is a legend among the American Idol neighborhood as contestants cite her together an inspiration, time and time again. Right here are the most iconic moments from her time ~ above season 4 of American Idol.

"I Can’t make You Love Me" – Audition Week

This to be the an initial song the Carrie Underwood sang to get through the throat St. Louis auditions, and also she go out the judges away. In ~ the time, Underwood was just 21, however she had actually a big, beautiful voice. She had just i graduated from Northeastern State University and wanted to go after her dream of gift a singer. This was simply the development to who Underwood might be. It to be the first glimpse that her enormous star power.

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"Alone" – height 11

In the top 11, Underwood"s performance the this song permitted people to truly watch the potential the Underwood had. While her audition made human being look at her together a major competitor, the judges took an alert of her and finally began to check out the billboard-smashing artist she would certainly be. Underwood really started coming the end of her shell, and it was one of the an initial performances wherein she began to present charisma and energy. American Idol referee Simon Cowell told Underwood, "I"m going come go the end on a limb and make this prediction. I predict that you are going to walk on to victory this whole thing and also sell an ext records than any type of other American Idol."

If viewers were still unsure before regarding who to be going to victory season four of American Idol, the confusion ended here. ~ this emotional and heart-wrenching power of "Angels brought Me Here," referee Simon to be so swollen away by Underwood that he said, “You have done sufficient to success this competition.” Randy Jackson to be so amazed the he provided her a standing ovation. Paula Abdul praised her highly for her impressive performance. Underwood offered a memorable performance, favor Mariah Carey, who had actually memorable moment of her very own as a judge.

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"Inside her Heaven" – Finale

This to be a very emotional and also heartfelt performance as Underwood performed her last song on American Idol to for sure that document deal she to be destined come have. She offered the tune her all, and also the emotion can be felt with every note that she sang. Underwood confirmed to it is in way much better than the runner-up Bo Bice, and it was obvious that she was the clean leader in the finale. Bice offered it his all, yet Underwood was just better.

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