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Chrissy Metz made her musical debut at this year"s ACM Awards on Sunday, as soon as the This Is Us star took the stage to provide a stunning power alongside some of today"s most celebrated female nation artists.

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Metz started her emotional number alone ~ above stage, reflecting off her variety and talent v a performance of "I’m Standing v You," a solitary from the soundtrack of her upcoming faith-based drama, Breakthrough.

Rocking a gorgeous sapphire gown, Metz looked every little bit as regal and elegant together her voice sounded, and was quickly joined through Lauren Alaina and Mickey Guyton and Madison Marlow and also Taylor Dye the Maddie & Tae, that all rocked comparable royal-blue ensembles together a symbol of support and unity.

While Metz showed she could hold her own as a singer, the collaboration elevated the beautiful power to a whole new level the was only heightened as soon as Carrie Underwood stepped out on phase for the song"s heartwarming conclusion.

As the number pertained to an end, Metz had actually tears in below eyes when basking in the applause and cheers of the impressed crowd.

The insanity talented team of singers stopped to talk through ET"s Nancy O"Dell backstage after ~ the performance, and Metz marveled at gaining the possibility to do her singing debut alongside the artist she idolizes.

"It’s super exciting to be through these tremendous artists that I am a true fan of," Metz shared, excitedly.

The actress additionally opened up around how she ready to take it the stage, and also admitted the she didn"t feel nervous, however instead concentrated on getting ready mentally and also emotionally.

"It’s not about being nervous, it’s just around being centered and also being present and grounding yourself," Metz explained.

Earlier in the day,ETspoke with Maddie & Tae former tothe huge show, and also the pair opened up up about what the was like to occupational with the "incredible" actress and how that felt to be a part of such a significant performance.

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Check the end the video below to hear more.

ACM Awards 2019: Maddie & Tae dish on Performing through 'Incredible' Chrissy Metz (Exclusive)

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