Pictured: (l-r) Carrie Underwood (on screen), Kelly Clarkson — (Photo by: Weiss Eubanks/NBCUniversal)

American Idol emperors Unite! Season 4 winner, Carrie Underwood make a far visit to OG winner Kelly Clarkson’s afternoon talk present to encourage the country star’s brand-new Christmas album and HBO Max special. Carrie likewise performed “Mary Did girlfriend Know,” a reduced from the album, My Gift.

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“She’s beautiful, talented, smart, funny and she winner American Idol,” Kelly claimed as she presented Carrie. “No, it’s not me! I know that’s what she thinking!”

Kelly knows fans mean American Idol discussion!

The 2 touched ~ above American Idol briefly, with Kelly noting, “I nothing think that people would it is in happy with us. If us don’t in ~ least point out American Idol.” Kelly asked around press reports that stated Carrie virtually didn’t go through with she American Idol suffer “Once things began taking off and then the assumed of me going to Hollywood by myself and also I’ve never ever been top top a aircraft before, it was very unlike me, to just go for it. It was scary. I absolutely had a minute of what am ns doing!"” Carrie added, “It’s easier to remain home. But I wouldn’t be doing anything ns doing currently .”

“Exactly” Kelly replied.

Carrie was honored to duet through Kelly’s The Voice pal, john Legend

Additionally, Carrie chatted around making her very first ever Christmas record, consisting of recording a duet through Kelly’s The Voice chum, John Legend. ” i was very honored to gain to song that through someone simply as talented as man Legend,” she said. Carrie stated recording lover Christmas song solo in the studio gave her a brand-new perspective on the lyrics. “When you think of “Silent Night” and also “Away in a Manger”–we’ve been singing them because birth–but have actually you ever before really listened to the lyrics? It to be a beautiful thing to get in the studio, particularly this year.”Especially v the pandemic putting live music ~ above hold, Kelly feeling that producing the music special for HBO Max to be “an awesome point to execute for her fans together well.”

Bittersweet: Kelly and also Carrie chat about her 10 year marriage to Mike Fisher

Kelly congratulated Carrie on she 10 year wedding anniversary v ex-hockey player Mike Fisher, which must have actually been a small bittersweet. Kelly is in the middle of a contentious divorce from she husband, Brandon Blackstock. Kelly flashed a throwback photograph of Carrie and also Mike as teenagers. Carrie wasn’t certain if the 2 would have been friend in high school, yet she loves the they room both “super awkward.”Carrie common the story of exactly how the pair met. Band members set them up, and in bespeak to avoid scrutiny indigenous people roughly her, stuck him in a fan meet and also greet! Mike defines the experience as “being surrounded by a bunch of little girls, and also it’s just me at the finish of the line!” Talk about awkward! As far as exactly how the couple lasted 10 years, Carrie said, “I feel favor we have actually a an excellent partnership and also that’s really important, come understand and also be able to ask ‘I’m walking to need you to organize it down and also be mine support and vice versa.”“You just look prefer such a cute family” Kelly claimed (maybe wistfully?), “That’s a fun family.”

Watch Kelly Clarkson interview Carrie Underwood below.

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Watch Carrie perform “Mary Did you Know,” from the album.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y-gdurbl7BMKelly love Carrie’s album cover, and also her “big red dress.”


BONUS VIDEO! Carrie shows up on late Night through Seth Meyers

Carrie has really been making the rounds. It must be NBC week, as she likewise performed on late Night previously in the week. Here she is singing “Have yourself a Merry small Christmas.”


Carrie’s husband Mike provided her COWS because that Christmas!


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