The country superstar and former skilled ice hockey player an initial met in 2008 in ~ a meet-and-greet after among Underwood’s concerts.

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Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher attend the 54th Academy of country Music Awards on April 7, 2019 in las Vegas, Nevada. Axelle/Bauer-Griffin / FilmMagic
Country singer Carrie Underwood and husband Mike Fisher commemorated 11 year of marital relationship on Saturday, July 10. The pair commemorated the job by share gushing Instagram posts.

Underwood common a casual photo of the couple at home, creating in the caption, "Happy anniversary, babe! 11 year sure have flown"s come many, many more. Love you!"

Fisher posted a picture from the couple’s June 9, 2010 wedding job to note the occasion, writing, “Happy anniversary
carrieunderwood tough to think this was 11 years back! here’s to many much more with the finest partner I could imagine!! #happyanniversary”

The country superstar, 38, and also former skilled ice hockey player, 41, an initial met in 2008 in ~ a meet-and-greet after one of Underwood’s concerts. The pair share 2 boys: Isaiah Michael, 6, and Jacob Bryan, 2.

The seven-time Grammy winner told this day Parents in October last year, the pandemic motivated her and also her household to spend more time out on their farm yard in Nashville.

“Isaiah has been helping me in the garden,” she said. “That’s a brand-new kind the hobby i have picked up and he’s to be doing a an excellent job helping me.’’

“We have chickens and they’ll go down and aid us feed the chickens and also collect the eggs,” she said. “We’ll go down and feed ours horses and go fishing.”

Earlier this year, the “American Idol” alum released her eighth studio and very first gospel album, “My Savior.” in ~ the time, she told this particular day she hopes people will find the album uplifting during these hard times.

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“I acquired to enter the studio to song these song that room so hopeful and so peaceful,” she said. “I hope human being find part peace and also comfort in these songs.”

Underwood"s mom, Carole Underwood, newly sat down through Sheinelle Jones as well, opened up about what it was prefer raising she talented daughter and also watching her go from talent shows to superstardom.

"You don"t realize the celebrities important are just people," the elder Underwood said. "They to wash their clothes. They fold their clothes. Girlfriend know? I just don"t desire her to readjust how she is, and also I think she doesn"t."