Carrie Underwood collaborated with fellow country superstar Sam hunt to execute a duet of his “Take her Time” in ~ the 58th annual Grammy Awards on Monday evening.

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The best brand-new artist nominee and Underwood, that was increase for finest country solo power for “Little Toy Guns,” both took the stage, through Hunt donning a white T-shirt sit atop a barstool and the starlet strutting approximately the stage in a whimsical white-and-black dress.


After serenading audiences through Hunt’s solitary on the lit-up, multicolored stage, the pair transitioned to a duet of Underwood’s “Heartbeat,” which attributes Hunt, from her Storyteller album.

The pair went earlier and forth in between the 2 songs, interchanging Hunt’s “Take her Time” and also “Heartbeat” before they finished singing confront to face at the finale the the nation collaboration and also shared an embrace.

Hunt’s Montevallo album additionally competed for ideal country album together Little huge Town, Ashley Monroe, Kacey Musgraves and winner kris Stapleton.

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LL Cool J held the 58th annual Grammy Awards top top Monday evening live top top CBS native L.A.’s Staples Center.



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