What does a Carrie Underwood and Sam hunting Grammys performance sound like? Ridiculously an excellent and well-coordinated, that"s what. Underwood sang "Heartbeat," she current single off her 2015 Storyteller album, which to be mashed-up with Hunt"s "Take your Time," native his 2014 Montevallo album. The two songs operated surprisingly fine together. Slow, sultry, country — Taylor Swift may have actually moved on to pop music, however that"s OK, because Underwood and also Hunt have actually the genre locked down.

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The two singers suitable in black and also white and sang when staring right into one another"s eyes. If the two of them announced their partnership after the song ended, I would not have been at all surprised, but I think their enthusiasm had an ext to do with your singing.

Montevallo was Hunt"s debut album, however that hasn"t quit him indigenous blowing increase the music step — in fact, he"s nominated for Best brand-new Artist and Best country Album at the 58th annual Grammy Awards. "I’m simply super honored come be through Sam representing nation music in ~ the Grammys," Underwood called The Tennesseean after rehearsals ~ above Sunday. On her side, she"s been nominated for best Country Solo power for "Little Toy Guns."

The pair started collaborating thanks to an arrival from Zach Crowell, who produced a couple of songs top top both Montevallo and Storyteller and said Underwood and also Hunt carry out "Heartbeat" with each other at an awards show. It climate morphed into a production that observed "Take your Time" integrated into the song, luckily for Hunt fans.

"I hope the I stay out of her way," hunt told ET. "She"s so talented and also experienced with the Grammys, and also she"s just such a phenomenal performer the I"m simply going to shot and just fit into her thing rather of vice-versa."

Totally unnecessary, since Hunt killed it at the Grammys — yet his entirely grounded personality is awesome and also 100 percent adds to his charm.

Underwood is notoriously selective as soon as it involves whom she coordinates with, according to Entertainment Weekly. "I try not to pressure anything ever and that’s type of wherein you can get into part tricky territory," she said. However Hunt — a finish newcomer to the scene — regulated to not just collaborate on phase for the Grammys, yet to find a permanent location on her album as well.

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Needless to say, pan of both singers were loving your joint performance on Monday night. Some of the reactions?

Well, that may have been the many romantic country duet I"ve ever before heard in between platonic colleagues. I"m not complaining.