Keith metropolitan scored the ACM entertainment artist of the Year award in 2019. Before that, it was Jason Aldean. Before Aldean it to be Luke Bryan. In fact, since 2012, when Taylor Swift won the honor, no woman has won the honor (via The Boot). Till today. In 2020, Carrie Underwood did it again (sort of), explain the prize because that the an initial time because her 2009 and also 2010 wins. 

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Underwood made headlines earlier this summer as soon as Luke Bryan lugged attention to the truth that Underwood, despite her lot of nominations for a different top honor, CMA entertainer of the Year, had hitherto to be slighted. "My assumed is, if we go for some long period of time and Carrie Underwood never wins a CMA entertainer of the Year, that"s rather disturbing for me, because she"s certainly ... She"s done everything you deserve to do come win, in my opinion," Bryan called the push (via Taste of Country). We"ll have to wait one more 55 job to view whether Underwood beats out Miranda Lamber, Keith Urban, Luke Combs and also Eric Church come clinch the CMA"s top award (via CMA Awards). But today, Underwood, at least, have the right to feel a little vindication because that clinching the ACMs" variation of the honor. 

Or perhaps not. Since Thomas Rhett is share in her spotlight. "How lucky space we!" tweeted the ACM Awards, "This year we have not one, yet TWO winners because that Entertainer the the Year." The Academy of country Music could feel lucky. The nation music Twitterverse, however, unequivocally go not. 

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If Underwood was distressed at the tie, she didn"t permit on. She embraced the award, beaming and also beautiful, in a sophisticated, sequined black dress. She fans, ~ above the various other hand, were no so thrilled. There were a few tweets lamenting the Eric Church was "robbed again" (via Twitter). However the bulk of social media outrage has actually been directed to the fact that Carrie Underwood did not clinch the title solo.

"Y"all simply can"t permit a female victory EOTY deserve to you?! What a slap in the confront to the ladies of country and especially come Carrie Underwood," composed one disappointed fan (via Twitter). Another tweeted "God forbid a mrs wins entertainer of the year, right? girlfriend didn"t dare to take the award from her because you know that she is the one that deserves it the many this year, yet you had to create something to provide the award to a male too." A third seemed ready to provide up on nation music entirely, tweeting, "this is why the nation genre sucks. Y"all cant let females succeed themselves." Harsh words, to it is in sure. Will certainly the backlash proceed until the CMAs?