After suffering significant facial injuries from falling in 2018, Carrie Underwood warned fans the she i will not ~ look “quite the same.” However, the singer watch absolutely flawless this days. Life & Style specifically spoke through a plastic surgery expert about how she could possibly accomplish such a beautiful an outcome after scarring.

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“There are countless ways to improve scars to assist smooth the contour, blend the color and reduce shadowing,” new York-based plastic operated doctor Dr. David Shafer, who has actually not cure Carrie, 36, explained. “At mine office, we treat scars with laser, microneedling, topical treatments, injecting medications and also using dermal filler to smooth the contour.”


Fans to be shocked once it was revealed the the blonde beauty had taken a “hard fall” down the stairs exterior her Nashville home in November 2018. The accident left her through a damaged wrist, and also her face injury brought about 40 come 50 stitches.

“Even though I’ve had actually the finest people helping me, ns still healing and also not looking quite the same,” the seven-time Grammy winner wrote on Instagram. “When ns am all set to get in front of a camera, I want you every to know why I can look a little different.”

Thanks so lot for all the fine wishes everybody…I’ll be alright…might simply take part time…glad I’ve obtained the finest hubby in the world to take treatment of me.

— Carrie Underwood (
carrieunderwood) November 12, 2017

After the incident, she tweeted come let fans know she to be OK and also had Mike Fisher, whom she dubbed the “best hubby in the world,” by she side.

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We think you look beautiful, Carrie!



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