October 05, 2021 - 19:55 BST Hannah Hargrave country star Carrie Underwood looked radiant as she delivered some sweet news come fans and admitted she can"t wait

Carrie Underwood delighted fans through news she couldn"t wait to share v them on Tuesday. The nation music superstar took to Instagram to make a big announcement and her social media pendant were so excited.

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The mother-of-two revealed she"ll be performing in ~ the cool Ole Opry in Nashville, Tennessee, whereby she lives with she family.

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Carrie post a photograph of it s her on stage at the iconic nation music venue and wrote: "Can"t wait come be back home in ~ the

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The Opry additionally announced the news and also said they were "thrilled" to have Carrie perform. Fans flipped the end over the news and commented: "2021 is gonna it is in a an excellent year," and also another added: "Never been so excited to see you."

There were hoards of love emojis and Carrie was even branded "the queen," by part fans.

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Carrie has actually a lot of on she plate, what with gearing up for her first Las las vegas residency in December too.

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A post shared by cool Ole Opry (

Carrie is going to be performing in Nashville in ~ the Opry

The REFLECTION: The las Vegas Residency present will open at the Theatre in ~ Resorts civilization Las Vegas.

When she isn"t performing, Carrie loves nothing much more than safety time v her family. The Grammy-winning artist is married come Mike Fisher, and the pair share boy Isaiah, six, and also two-year-old Jacob.

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The star raises her kids in Tennessee on your $3million estate. Carrie and also Mike built your dream home ~ above the 400-acre plot which they bought in 2011.

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A article shared by Carrie Underwood (

Carrie has two sons with husband Mike Fisher

She loves she live, yet it hasn"t been without hardship together she experienced a collection of heartbreaking miscarriages too.

It was a an overwhelming two years before they had their second son however she"s never ever been more joy to be a mother to her two an extremely special little boys.

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