Nashville superstarCarrie Underwood returns for her ninth consecutive season together the performer the the Sunday Night Football template song. A brand-new intro video for"Waiting every Day because that Sunday Night" debuted throughout the Sept. 12 broadcast of the Los Angeles Rams" 34-14 win over the Chicago Bears.

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SNFonNBC) September 13, 2021

"Shooting the new show open up forSunday Night Footballis one of the highlights of my year," Underwood revealed in a press release. "I simply love the fact that we gain to reinvent it every year. The team behind these shoots is incredible and also it"s constantly a really funny day, particularly this year getting to work-related with such exceptional state-of-the-art technology."

We can’t WAIT for #SNF. Exactly how ‘bout you,
SNFonNBC) respectable 30, 2021

"We are excited around this year"s brand-new collaboration v Carrie, which makes use of virtual production an innovation to create real-time settings for Carrie"s performance, including a "tailgate" to salute this game"s great fans, who have been "waiting all day for Sunday night" and will be integrated with their very own user-generated tailgate videos," addedTripp Dixon, an imaginative director the theSNFshow open.

The display opener looks a bit various this year. The video clip features both cameos from NFL stars and self-recorded videos of fans at tailgates. For the an initial time, NBC"s Sunday Night Football will open up up with a online tailgate backdrop to Underwood"s performance.

Sunday Night Footballhas to be primetime television"s No. 1 regime for ten consecutive years.

Two year ago, the superstar to be joined by a Rock and Roll room of Famer. Guitarist and also singerJoan Jettteamed through Underwood for the template song, a nod come Jett"s sound-alike typical "I hate Myself because that Loving You." critical year, it was earlier to just the country music queen belting out the memorable text for NBC sports.

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"I will certainly use any type of excuse i can gain to work with Joan Jett," Underwood claimed in the 2019 video. "I just hope I can keep up."

The brand-new arrangement of one of Jett"s signature songs debuted in 2006 withPinkas its singer. Native 2007 to 2011,Faith Hillsang the slowly-evolving anthem that prime-time football.

During Underwood"s stint through Sunday Night Football, the song choice has changed twice. Native 2016 to 2017, Underwood sang a revision of herMiranda Lambertduet "Somethin" Bad" title "Oh, Sunday Night." then the short-lived "Game On" became the layout song. A2019 lawsuitfrom the writers of an previously song titled "Game On" may have cut its run in the big time short.

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This post was originally published ~ above Sept. 20, 2020. It was updated on Aug. 30, 2021 after SNF released a teaser that Carrie Underwood singing and on Sept. 13, 2021 adhering to the kickoff that the 2021 season.