Carrie Underwood revealed that she will certainly release her first Christmas album in September. The singer, 37, common the news on Instagram together with a preview of the album cover.

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“I establish we’re in the center of a summer heatwave, however I couldn’t wait come tell you….at long last, mine very an initial Christmas album #MyGift is coming September 25!” she composed in the caption. “So lot love has gone into this and also I cannot wait come share it through you!”

Underwood has actually recorded numerous Christmas songs in the past, consisting of “What kid Is This” and “The an initial Noel,” however this will certainly be her an initial full-length Christmas album.

The nation star opened up about her impetus to work on a holiday record in a video clip trailer because that “My Gift.”

“This year, it was simply kind of on my love to execute this Christmas album,” she said. “I just felt prefer this to be such a installation time. I kind of feel choose it’s a an ext perfect time than ever to document an album like this. I’ve constantly wanted to make a Christmas album, and also it’s something that really has to be well believed out. So best after the Cry Pretty tour 360 was over, this was the next step ns knew I wanted to take.”

“My Gift” will encompass a mix of holiday classics and also original material. Underwood hasn’t released the track perform yet, however she walk hint in ~ one tune that might be included.

“I began thinking around individual songs, and one of mine favorites is "Little Drummer Boy,"” she said. “It’s one of my favorites since the sentiment behind that is simply so honest. Yes a little boy, and also of course, ns think of mine 5-year-old, Isaiah.”


“I love music, i love singing," she said. "That is my personal gift the I have that I acquire to do, that I’m so blessed to do, and I desire to usage that gift, and also I desire to provide it earlier to Jesus,” she said. “That’s sort of why I arrived at ‘My Gift’ as an album title.”

While Christmas may seem much away ideal now, Underwood stated the stormy times we are living in make this the perfect time to release a Christmas album and also to reflect on the holiday’s messages of thankfulness and also togetherness.

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“Now an ext than ever, we all require to emphasis on what Christmas is about, rely an ext on ours family,” she said. “Even despite it has actually been a tough year, periodically I feel prefer the biggest realizations can come in the worst times, or in the many stressful times, and also it renders you much more thankful for the things you execute have.”

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