From Florida Georgia line to Dolly Parton, these superstars have actually been shaping the country music scene for years — and their incredible talent and also hard work have earned lock equally significant fortunes.

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Last updated: Apr. 7, 2021

Willie Nelson’s storied job has included authoring books and also poetry, acting, activism, and also of course, songwriting and also performing. The 87-year-old Texas native has recorded 95 studio albums, won 10 Grammys and has been nominated because that 52 more.

The IRS seized Nelson’s legacy in 1990, claiming $32 million in back taxes. 2 years later, Nelson taped a double album, “The IRS Tapes: Who’ll Buy mine Memories,” the proceeds the which helped pay off his tax bill.

Nelson still proactively tours and performs and is currently promoting his latest album, “That’s Life,” a tribute to Frank Sinatra.

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Vince Gill brand-new Worth: $30 Million

A self-described “reluctant superstar,” Vince Gill prides himself simply as much on his approachability and also casual Monday night Nashville bar gig as he does his 22 Grammys, 18 CMA awards and membership in the country Music hall of Fame. He plans come kick off a rescheduled tour through the Eagles in fall 2021, followed by a collection of Christmas performances in Nashville through his wife and also fellow country music singer Amy Grant.

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Zac Brown net Worth: $40 Million

Country superstar Zac Brown’s self-titled band earned $40 million in 2019, according to Forbes — sufficient to match the bandleader’s network worth. The band raked in your haul on the live performance tour of their many recent album, 2019’s “The Owl,” i m sorry peaked at No. 2 on the Billboard 200.

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Martina McBride net Worth: $45 Million

Martina McBride’s crossover very nice has brought her success with a string of Billboard struggle singles, as well as sales that 20 million albums worldwide. Early on in her career, she joined she husband, sound engineer john McBride, top top tour through Garth Brooks.

McBride walk from marketing Brooks’ merch to opened for the on stage, landing her own recording contract in 1991. In addition to her 15 albums, McBride has published a cookbook, “Martina’s Kitchen Mix.”

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Hank Williams Jr. Network Worth: $45 Million

The kid of country legend Hank Williams, Hank Williams Jr. Has sculpted out a successful music career in his own right. He has actually won one Grammy award, and also released dozens that albums, through all 21 the his releases in between 1979 and 1992 earning at the very least gold status. He was inducted right into the country Music room of call in 2020.

Dwight Yoakam net Worth: $45 Million

Dwight Yoakam’s storied career spans 3 decades. Three of his albums got to No. 1 on the country charts. The multi-talented Yoakam additionally has appreciated a effective career as an actor, appearing in films such together “Panic Room,” “Sling Blade” and also “Wedding Crashers,” and in TV shows such together the 2015 miniseries, “To Appomattox.”

Florida Georgia Line net Worth: $50 Million

Tyler Hubbard and Brian Kelley make up the team Florida Georgia heat — Hubbard and also Kelley each have a network worth of $25 million. Their track “Meant to Be” special Bebe Rehxha topped the Hot country Songs chart v a document 50 mainly in the No.1 spot adhering to its December 2017 debut.

The group earned $27 million in the year finishing in June 2018, follow to Forbes. Back the pair makes many of your money through concert tours, they also enjoy profitable endorsement encounters Nitto Tires and advancement Auto Parts, and also in 2017, they opened their own bar, FGL House, in Nashville.

Tanya Tucker network Worth: $60 Million

Tanya Tucker saw huge success in the country music world early in life, having actually notched her very first Top Ten hit at the period of 13, and earning a Grammy nomination in ~ 15 years old. She starred in her own reality TV show, “Tuckerville,” from 2005 come 2008. Her album “While ns Livin"”, i m sorry she exit in 2019 after ~ a 15-year dry spell, winner broad an important praise. It was called one the the 50 ideal Albums the 2019 by Rolling stone and was one of NPR’s finest Albums of 2019.

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Miranda Lambert net Worth: $60 Million

Miranda Lambert is just one of the biggest nation stars in the world, with 21 full Grammy nominations and also three wins. In 2016, Lambert opened up a store called Pink Pistol in her hometown of Lindale, Texas, i beg your pardon sells she Red 55 Winery alcohol collection as well as merchandise from she fitness line.

When Lambert and also fellow country star Blake Shelton divorce in 2015, she preserved ownership of your Nashville mansion, which sold for $2.425 million in 2017. Lambert recently came to be the first female country star to open up a bar top top Nashville’s Broadway strip, joining a organize of various other male counterparts v a visibility there.

Loretta Lynn net Worth: $65 Million

In 2013, then-President Barack Obama awarded Loretta Lynn the Presidential Medal of Freedom. The compensation was just one much more milestone in the star’s epic rags-to-riches story.

Raised in poverty in addition to seven other kids in a tiny cabin in rural Kentucky in the 1930s, Lynn got married as a young teen. Lynn, who chronicled her life in the song, “Coal Miner’s Daughter,” had 4 children before she turn 20. In 1960, she performed in ~ the cool Ole Opry, which led to a contract through Decca Records. She parlayed her at an early stage success right into one that the most celebrated careers in nation music history.

Lady A network Worth: $75 Million

With numerous downloads, the trio of nation stars who make up the tape Lady A are amongst the best-selling digital artists of all time. Band members Hillary Scott, Charles Kelley, and also Dave Haywood each have a net worth of $25 million. Due to the fact that 2008, the band has won five Grammys and also been nominated for 5 more. Previously well-known as Lady Antebellum, the band readjusted their surname in 2020 end the Antebellum south’s associations with slavery.

Keith city Net Worth: $75 Million

Born in brand-new Zealand and also raised in Australia, Keith urban is one of country music’s highest-paid performers, earning $35 million in 2019, follow to Forbes. The previous American Idol referee pulls in added cash native his personal guitar line. He and also his wife, famous actress Nicole Kidman, married in 2006.

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Jason Aldean net Worth: $80 Million

Jason Aldean was named Artist that the decade by CMT in 2019. He to be on stage in las Vegas in ~ a nation music festival in 2017 as soon as a gunman opened up fire indigenous a hotel room, murdering 58 people and also injuring an ext than 500 rather in the deadliest mass shoot in American history. Come raise money because that the victims, Aldean exit a recording of a sheathe of Tom Petty’s “I Won’t ago Down.”

Aldean opened up his very first restaurant and bar in Nashville in 2017.

Brad Paisley net Worth: $95 Million

Brad Paisley is a family name, both because that his music and his hilarious commercial with retired quarterback Peyton Manning. According to Forbes, his many financially effective year to day was 2012, once he carried in $40 million for a well-known tour and also relationships v Chevrolet, Sea ray boats and also more. Paisley has won three Grammy Awards and earned 18 nominations.

Alan Jackson network Worth: $95 Million

More than 50 of Alan Jackson’s singles have end up being top 10 Billboard Hot nation songs, and he memorialized his even an ext impressive chart-topping successes v the appropriately named album “34 Number Ones” in 2010. Jackson’s 23 albums run the gamut the genres, including gospel, Christmas and bluegrass albums. He’s won two Grammys and earned a star on the Hollywood walk of call in 2010.

Reba McEntire net Worth: $95 Million

Groundbreaking country icon Reba McEntire has racked up 3 Grammy awards and 16 nominations over the course of her 40-year career. She has actually sold much more than 56 million albums worldwide and is just one of only 4 entertainers to receive the nationwide Artistic accomplishment Award indigenous the U.S. Congress. In 2018, she organized the ACM awards.

At the start of 2018, she became the an initial woman come play KFC’s Colonel Sanders.

Blake Shelton network Worth: $100 Million

Blake Shelton — that was married to country superstar Miranda Lambert — is currently dating pop icon Gwen Stefani, through whom he operated on NBC’s “The Voice.” Shelton has served together a celebrity judge on the show for 20 seasons. The show is a large part the the factor he earned $31.5 million in a single year, follow to Forbes.

In 2016, Shelton’s album “If i’m Honest” organized the No. 1 spot on the Billboard Hot nation Albums graph at the same time its first single struggle No. 1 — arguably the best week in the artist’s practically two decades in the business.

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Carrie Underwood network Worth: $140 Million

Carrie Underwood is officially the many awarded woman in CMT history. She’s won 20 of the awards in the years due to the fact that she take it the height spot top top “American Idol” in season four. She’s additionally racked up an outstanding seven Grammy awards and 14 nominations.

Luke Bryan network Worth: $160 Million

Luke Bryan is just one of the biggest concert paint, etc in the country, and he’s likewise a businessman v multiple revenue streams. He has had endorsement faces Miller Lite and Chevrolet, and also appears as a referee on “American Idol.” he co-owns a hunting firm with Willie Robertson of “Duck Dynasty” fame. He traction in $42 million in 2019, making that the top-paid nation music artist that year, according to Forbes.

Faith Hill net Worth: $165 Million

Faith Hill and also her husband — fellow nation megastar Tim McGraw — generally record and also tour together, and also have a an unified net precious of 165 million. Their tourism they began in 2006 to win the Red warm Chili Peppers, the roll Stones and also Madonna to become that year most-attended tour.

Through the food of her remarkable career, Hill has won five Grammys and been nominated for 17 more. She likewise served together the voice that NBC’s “Sunday Night Football” weekly opening number.

Tim McGraw network Worth: $165 Million

In 2014, Tim McGraw released “Sundown sky Town,” his 13th studio album, which debuted in ~ No. 1 and also came through a 48-show tour, i m sorry Forbes said “added double-digit millions to his bottom line.” another album, “Damn nation Music,” followed in 2015.

He and also his wife, fellow country superstar belief Hill, have actually a an unified net worth of $165 million. McGraw is additionally one the the few country stars to properly cross over into acting, showing up in “Four Christmases,” “The blind Side,” “Friday Night Lights” and “Tomorrowland.”

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Rascal Flatts network Worth: $180 Million

Rascal Flatts is a trio the musicians through a linked net precious of $180 million. They’ve earned their money v their undeniable success, which consists of 12 No. 1 Hot country hits and also millions of records sold. They earn their save not simply in the studio, but on the road. Over the years, Rascal Flatts has sold over 10 million concert tickets.

Kenny Chesney net Worth: $180 Million

Kenny Chesney is much more than just a heartthrob country superstar and also entrepreneur. He’s also one of the highest possible earning country stars, pulling in $31 million in 2019, follow to Forbes. His album “Cosmic Hallelujah” debuted in ~ No. 2 ~ above the country charts in 2016. In 2020, Chesney prolonged his record for the many No.1 songs on the country Airplay chart, with a chuck 31 songs topping the list.

He makes large bucks together a pitchman because that Corona and also Apple, and in 2013, he launched his very own line the rum referred to as Blue Chair Bay.

George Strait network Worth: $300 Million

George Strait has the distinction of publication a chuck 60 No. 1 singles — an ext than any type of singer throughout all genres, follow to his biography. In his much more than three-decade career, he’s sold practically 70 million albums, 33 the which were platinum or multi-platinum-selling. Just Elvis Presley and also the Beatles have topped the record.

Strait additionally has many soundtrack credits, consisting of “Gilmore Girls,” “Mystery, Alaska,” “Showgirls” and also “Halt and Catch Fire.” He has been nominated because that 16 Grammys and also won one.

Toby Keith net Worth: $365 Million

One of the biggest names in country music, Toby Keith earn $34.5 million in the year finishing in June 2017, according to Forbes. Part of that haul come from organization ventures such as his Wild shooting mezcal and an endorsement address Ford. Many of his income, however, deserve to be attributed to his touring schedule, which consisted of the inauguration of chairman Donald Trump and a men-only present in Saudi Arabia.

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Trisha Yearwood net Worth: $400 Million

Trisha Yearwood counts among her successes three Grammy Awards. She has regularly toured v her husband, fellow nation superstar Garth Brooks. Together the couple boast a an unified $400 million fortune.

Music aside, Yearwood has reinvented herself together a lifestyle maven. She master an Emmy-winning display on the Food Network called “Trisha’s southerly Kitchen,” which has actually been on the air because that 14 seasons. Her third cookbook, “Trisha’s Table,” debuted in ~ No. 7 top top The brand-new York times Bestsellers list.

Taylor Swift network Worth: $400 Million

One that the world highest-paid musician in any type of genre, Taylor Swift became a successful nation artist prior to breaking large into mainstream pop. She occupies multiple rankings ~ above Forbes’ lists, including #25 ~ above the Celebrity 100 and #62 the America’s Self-Made Women.

In 2021, Swift ended up being the an initial female artist to win three Album of The Year awards at the Grammys for her surprise album “Folklore,” an indie-rock cooperation recorded during the coronavirus pandemic.

Shania Twain network Worth: $400 Million

Shania Twain has actually been a worldwide phenomenon due to the fact that the mid-1990s, winning a Grammy in 1995 — her an initial of five in 18 nominations. 4 years later, she was named Entertainer that the Year through two various associations.

One that the original crossover artists, Twain’s star proceeds to bright bright. The $27.5 million she earned, thanks mostly to a rewarding Vegas residency, in 2016 made she the highest-paid mrs in nation music, according to Forbes.

Garth Brooks net Worth: $400 Million

Garth Brooks wrapped up a world tour in 2017 the lasted over three years, and plans to hit the road again in 2021 because that sold-out shows on his Stadium tour that have actually been repeatedly postponed as result of COVID-19.

Brooks headlined Stagecoach in 2018, adding to the report $60 million he earned in the year finishing in June 2017 alone. This marked the third year in a row Brooks deserve the title of the highest-paid singer in country music.

Over his quarter-century career, Brooks has actually sold an ext than 148 million albums, placing him just under The Beatles and above Elvis Presley in many albums sold. In 1990, “Friends in short Places” was No. 1 ~ above the charts for 4 weeks. Brooks holds the document for the most RIAA-certified Diamond albums with seven — and this time, he’s acquired one an ext than the Beatles.

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Dolly Parton net Worth: $600 Million

Arguably the biggest star in the background of nation music, Dolly Parton earned $37 million in between June 2016 and also June 2017 alone, in large part due to the fact that she perform 63 shows, landing the now the 75-year-old entrepreneur on Forbes’ Celebrity 100 income list because that the very first time ever.

She has been inducted into 12-plus halls of fame and nominated because that 50 Grammy Awards — win 10 — yet Parton also runs a company empire that consists of the Dollywood layout park, which, v 3 million yearly visitors, has been the greatest attraction in her native Tennessee for years. In 2014, the star’s 42nd full-length album, “Blue Smoke,” assisted her reach 100 million worldwide record sales.

Oh, and also she helped fund the Moderna vaccine, too.

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