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Carrie Underwood was the 4th winner that Fox’s “American Idol,” and she has since become among the biggest stars in nation music.

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Underwood to be nominated for two nation Music television awards in 2021: video of the Year and Collaborative video clip of the Year. She winner both awards, share the 2nd with man Legend for your duet “Hallelujah.” Underwood has now winner the video clip of the Year category at the CMT awards ripe times, follow to us Weekly.

Now the most-awarded artist in CMT history, Underwood obtained her begin by taking a chance and also auditioning because that the fourth season the “American Idol.”

Winners of “American Idol” coming before Underwood were Kelly Clarkson (season one), Ruben Studdard (season two), and Fantasia Barrino (season three).

Watch Carrie Underwood’s ‘American Idol’ Audition

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Underwood proved up to she “American Idol” audition with her mother in tow, attract a pink top and wearing she curly hair down. She nervously paced the hallway prior to going in to perform for judges Simon Cowell and also Randy Jackson. Paula Abdul was lacking that day.

After walking right into the room whereby she would perform, Jackson asked Underwood if she to be nervous and she stated she was due to the fact that Cowell to be “scary.” She additionally told the judges that she offered to beat quarterback because that the youth football team in she hometown.

Cowell then asked she if she “had other she shouldn’t have” previously, and she looked bring away aback prior to saying the they said her the wouldn’t come up.

Then, Underwood proceeded to tell the judges that she to be born v a 3rd nipple.

“It simply looked prefer a mole!” she exclaimed.

Underwood likewise shared during her audition the Martina McBride was her favorite singer and also she could cluck choose a chicken.

After she received her golden Ticket, she turned to the cameras come tell viewers exactly how happy she was.

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“I’m therefore excited,” she shared. “You guys much better be watching out for me… they told me ns was yes, really good! ns threw the end my fishin’ line and also they liked it, they chosen the bait, i guess.”

She additionally said she hadn’t flown before and that “being on a plane will be absolutely terrifying.”

“I’ve never been on a plane before, and this country girl is going to Hollywood!” she told anyone in the room.