Carrie Underwood is performing at the Concert for Valor on Tuesday (Nov. 11), and in honor of Veterans Day, she has shared an emotional story around how one special military family readjusted how she sings among her very own songs.

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In she career, Underwood has worked generally with the military, performing because that troops approximately the world.

"I’ve done every little thing from touring v the USO in Iraq and also Kuwait, to playing reflects at armed forces bases in the U.S., to composing songs for distinct projects used to advantage our armed forces members and their families," she write in a special item for Time. "I’ve met countless brave souls that sacrifice your time and also effort to save us safe right here at home. And also I’ve met numerous spouses and children of those that don’t make it back home. Those room the stories that I could never and would never ever want to forget."

One of those stories entails her hit track 'See you Again,' i m sorry she co-wrote with Hillary Lindsey and also David Hodges. The track showed up on Underwood's 2012 album 'Blown Away' and was a peak 10 single. The lyrics have a an effective message.

"To countless it’s a song about moving on ~ the fatality of a love one -- about wanting to watch that human being again, and knowing that eventually they will," Underwood writes. "But I never ever dreamed that so numerous would relate to it in such a powerful way."

The superstar says fans had actually an overwhelming reaction come the song, approaching her at shows or also on the street to tell her just how long their spouses had actually been deployed and how the song lugged comfort in their absence.

"Some the the stories, however, wouldn’t have actually such a happy ending. I remember talk to one brave girl and also her mother," the singer continues. "They had actually bought ticket the second they went on sale for the entirety family to involved my show. The girl’s father was supposed to be home from deployment by the time the display rolled around. Tragically, he never ever made it."

Underwood got word the the mother and daughter still want to to visit the show, and also she i ordered it to satisfy them.

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"The mom told me the story that I already knew, and told me just how much 'See friend Again' expected to them. I could tell the they both had amazing confidence that the most essential man in their stays was looking down on them and also waiting for them. I guess hearing it in a song solidified that id a small more," the star shares.

"I to be still amazed in ~ how strong they both were. They can have discovered a little comfort in among my songs," she adds, "but because of your story and also the plenty of others choose it the I have actually heard since, I’ll never sing that track the same way again."