"I followed that preacher male down come the river," Carrie Underwood sang on she deeply spirituality 2014 chart-topper, "Something in the Water."

"And currently I"m changed/ and also now I"m stronger/ there must"ve to be something in the water." 

According to songwriter kris DeStefano — that co-wrote the track with Underwood and also Brett James — the second the country star heard the "track" he"d put together, she knew precisely what she want to say. The song"s powerful incorporation that "Amazing Grace" was likewise Underwood"s idea.

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DeStefano told the story behind the tune to Bart Herbison of Nashville Songwriters association International.


Bart Herbison: I can imagine the step the job (the song was written). … Brett comes up top top his Harley, I"m guessing, through wind flowing. And Carrie Underwood comes to the front door in some flowing gown prefer Marlene Dietrich and also goes, "Gentlemen, let"s write."

Chris DeStefano: Yeah, that would certainly be probably the Hallmark version. I don"t know. … ns was up probably approximately 5 or 5:30 in the morning and also got to mine studio around 6. I started working ~ above ideas and also prep … a lot that what they speak to “tracks,” the music bed without the song. And also yeah, ns drove out to Carrie"s cabin and I pulled up in my dad"s 2010 Ford Taurus that ns bought indigenous him.

BH: fine take united state to the song, how did it happen in the room the day?

CD: ns remember apologizing — you know, it"s great to always apologize because that ideas prior to you put them out there, therefore if your co-writers don"t prefer it, you"re kind of automatically forgiven. I played this piece of music for them. I had a couple of things prepared, yet I was really hoping the they were going to prefer this one in particular. …

They both immediately reacted come this, and also Carrie, v the very first listen even, she started singing few of those melodies that are the last (song). She was just instantly in it.

BH: i was gonna say, Carrie had the lyrical vision.

CD: She did. She had been wanting to write that song and also with the twist, of making ‘Something in the Water’ around the baptismal water, and also then make it very, an extremely spiritual. God remained in the room. God certainly had a huge hand in it that day.

BH: Carrie is one actress that plays the end the feel of every tune … yet Carrie Underwood, the songwriter. Ns mean, she has grown into a legitimate, amazing, good songwriter.

CD: Carrie has acquired so many, so many talents in such severe level. She"s virtually like a chameleon wherein she can bring in different styles but yet it"s every her, it every fits within whatever nation genre she"s doing, it just sounds prefer her.

BH: The stop of "Amazing Grace" in ~ the end of (the song), comment on that.

CD: the was ideal at the end and we were listening ago (to the recording). And every one of a sudden, I simply hear Carrie singing that in the background. It was a unique moment. Ns think us all cried that day.

Yeah, it just was so much bigger 보다 us. ... I think Carrie and Brett would certainly agree that that was just, there were absolute forces at occupational that day that just, you know, ns felt very, really blessed to be in the room the day.

BH: I"ve heard that track so numerous times. I’ve most likely heard friend play it 50, however every, every single time, no matter. Perhaps it"s the great Lord summoning it, maybe I need it, but man, I"m simply washed through that song. You speak you tho cry, right?

CD: Yeah. I"m no lying once I speak it took me three months of play it pretty regularly to have the ability to get through it without breaking increase or losing it at part point. … I"ve been v a many ups and also downs. (I"ve) been through various parts of mine life wherein if God was not a part of my life, I would not have obtained through things.

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