"The opened is collection in various football towns, and we have actually all these various stars in their element," Underwood states of the brand-new clip.

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The 2017 NFL season is officially underway, and NBC kicked off its Sunday Night football coverage with a rockin’ opening number through the one and only Carrie Underwood.

For the 4th consecutive year, Underwood welcomes sports fans come the weekly football game with one uptempo performance of the opening theme. Clad in a sparkling red mini dress, Underwood, attach by miscellaneous NFL players, struts her way through a number of football communities such as brand-new York City, Atlanta and also Pittsburgh, pumping up the fans prior to the big game starts.

The end of the intro consists of a massive performance with Underwood and the NFL players onstage under flashing lights, setting the precedent for a high-energy football game.

“It’s really cool to it is in a component of Sunday Night Football,” Underwood says. “The opened is set in various football towns, and also we have actually all these different stars in their element. I go with these scenarios and also everybody complies with me and also we all finish up together.”

Underwood stuck with the “Waiting all Day because that Sunday Night” theme track until last year as soon as she turned she “Somethin’ Bad” teamwork with Miranda Lambert into the football anthem “Oh, Sunday Night.” Songwriters Chris DeStefano, Brett James and Priscilla Renea re-worked the hit country tune to fit the soccer theme.

“Oh, Sunday Night” continues to be as this season’s opening number, but Underwood notes that they do tweaks come the song and film a brand-new video to make certain that fans gain something new every year.

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The NFL’s Sunday Night soccer on NBC will air the opened number weekly through the video and song fine-tuned to cite the teams that will be walk head-to-head every Sunday night.