From her favourite movie genre to her organization habits, we’ve compiled a perform of 15 crucial facts every Carrie Underwood fan should know.

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Although Carrie Underwood has end up being a family members name within the music world, there’s constantly been a little bit of secret about what lies in ~ the surface of the Oklahoma native.

While the country singer seems to it is in pretty open to chatting around anything, from household to format to workouts, there room still some things also longtime pan of the superstar may not know around her.

Sounds like Nashville is here to give the rapid rundown on a few fun facts around the nation star. From her favorite movie genre to her company habits, we’ve compiled a list of 15 essential facts every Carrie Underwood fan must know.

She to be a resides brace-face 

Her pearly whites didn’t come easy. “I had bad teeth, too,” she said People Magazine. “I had to obtain braces . I actually had them ~ above the bottom for prefer three month while i was law red carpets, but no one knew – so ns felt choose I had actually a secret.” 

Scary movies are her go-to

The gorier, the better when it pertains to Underwood’s film choices. Surprisingly enough though, she keeps the thriller stuff to the display as she admits to not being lot of a daredevil. 

She’s secretly been tatted up

Hidden on her hips, Underwood keeps it quite hush-hush when it comes to her tattoos. 

Before ‘American Idol,’ she wasn’t close to gift a regular flyer

As a small town girl, the country singer never ever went on a plane until she made it to Hollywood on American Idol. 

Her flawless hair came after numerous flubs and faux pas

worst hair moment ever would most likely be me in the sixth grade when I decided that mine bangs should have actually crazy quantities of gel … I had actually a perm at part point, once I was favor 14. That was a poor idea,” admitted Underwood to People. 

She was once a sorority girl 

Back in she college days, Underwood stood for the Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority and also still sees some of her sister to this day. 

Her an initial job was in ~ a gas station

Telling Refinery 29 that she very first was employed at a gas station near her small town in Oklahoma, she admitted that she’s never been back.

She’s gained a knack because that school

Not only did Underwood graduate from Northeastern State University v a degree, she received magna cum laude honors for she smarts in the Mass interaction department. 

Underwood keeps her beverage perform small

“I drink three things. Ns drink water, ns drink coffee and also I drink red wine,” she once shared.

Becoming a mommy was she biggest—and happiest—life change

“I’m happier,” Underwood revealed come People. “I’m in a better mood a lot of the time. He’ll be the town hall cartoons and also I’ll it is in watching him. I’m fully in love. I love it when he’s sleepy and I acquire to organize him and smell him. He doesn’t know I’m staring in ~ him and also being all googly-eyed!” 

Her legs didn’t just look choose that overnight

Underwood relies on squats and also lunges with weights to accomplish those gorgeously toned legs.

Before marrying Mike Fisher, she shared a romance with Chace Crawford

Many years ago, Underwood might have been seen on the arm of Crawford, that played teenager heartthrob Upper eastern Sider Nate Archibald in the hit television drama, Gossip Girl. The two eventually split and Underwood discovered the man of her desires in Mike Fisher.

She’s a self-proclaimed succinct freak

“I can’t function during the job if I know my bed is not made. It will certainly be all ns think about throughout the day till it’s actually made, ” Underwood said a if back. “My frozen fridge is incredibly organized. Whatever is showing the labels and also is i ordered it in perfect rows.” 

As a fashionista herself, Underwood looks approximately her other Southern gal from Tennessee for impetus on what come wear. “Nothing’s ever before too edgy or whatever. The all an extremely pretty and also feminine and ladylike,” she says of Witherspoon.

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She’s obsessed through ‘The walking Dead’

The singer loves the AMC horror/drama so lot that she semi-fangirled when she met Norman Reedus, that stars together Daryl Dixon in the series.