together a gearhead, the moment a brand-new movie based on cars is announced is tremendous. Us remember when we were teenagers and the announcement that a remake because that the original Gone in 60 secs was confirmed. Us were waiting impatiently to watch what Nicholas Cage was going to carry out with the mesmerizing grey Shelby GT500 and its iconic black stripes. The movie ultimately came out and also it allow everyone reap 2 hours and also 7 minute of pure fun and entertainment. The movie had the spotlight ~ above Nicholas Cage as Memphis Raines and also Angelina Jolie together Sara "Sway" Wayland, but also had a substantial star studded cast. Amongst those names were Robert Duval as rose oil Halliwell and also Vinnie Jones together The Sphinx. Anyway you part it, this movie was bound to be a success.

rapid forward 18 year later, and also we are still great by the lineup of cars the was presented in the movie. Several of these cars are still on the Barrett Jackson auction block today and also hammer for over half a million dollars, if not for a million and up. What was specifically interesting around the movie is that it didn"t discriminate as soon as it came to the cars. It had actually domestic, foreign and also imports. It had sports cars, sedans, SUVS and anything in between. The car were carefully curated to have a particular impact ~ above the viewers that would mark them for years to come. We have taken the moment to filter v the "50 Car an increase List", and provide you with 25 the the cars the stood the end the most.


25 1957 Chevrolet Bel waiting Convertible (Codename: Stefanie)

The 1957 Chevrolet Bel Air, which was in the Tri-Five generation that the Bel Air that ran from 1955-1957 was an automotive symbol on its own. Also if world don"t care much around cars, opportunities are that they will have the ability to recognize this beauty.

The Bel air came with a small-block 265 cubic inch V8 qualified of producing 265 horsepower.

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This to be the an initial time that a fuel injected engine had the ability to advertise 1 horsepower because that every cubic engine. Codenamed Stefanie in the movie, the instance they had pictured had a environment-friendly on white configuration. Together nice as it is, we choose the black on red combination. video OF THE DAY

24 1998 evade Viper GTS (Codename: Denise)

even though the soon recognizable vehicle never officially made it right into the movie, it was on the list. The 1998 evade Viper GTS was a car that was recognized to be ridiculously fast, possibly a little bit too fast. Rumours still float approximately stating that if friend aren"t a really experienced driver, climate you will certainly have an occurrence with this car. In a way, this is the exact reason why we love the so much. It reminds united state of days when we used to very own a miniature variation of it in either blue or red through the double white stripes going from one bumper to the other. Dead it never ever made the movie, as it would have probably created great scenes.


23 1967 Chevrolet Corvette Stingray huge Block (Codename: Stacey)

A recurring indigenous in this short article would be the word iconic because over there is no other method to define such one amazing item of automotive history. This Corvette fits right into the C2 generation.

Codenamed Stacey, the Corvette in the movie had actually its headlights popped open and sounded fantastic.

1967 to be a great year because that the C2 as it had actually the 427 cubic inch Tri-Power V8 pumping an astonishing 400 horsepower. This was the critical year for the C2s, and also were eventually replaced by the C3 in 1968.

Opulence in the 90"s came in the type of one of two people a Bentley or a Rolls-Royce. Celebrities had actually them, and they to be featured in plenty of movies and video clip clips. That had features that nobody else had at the time, and the marksmanship is that proportions that are currently extinct. The one that was in the movie to be a gorgeous white through a black color convertible top, a combination we are certainly fans of. Although, the shouldn"t be forgotten that even if this luxury convertible looks really docile, that still packed a turbocharged 6.75L V8 engine that made 360 horsepower. The powerplant propelled the 2.6-ton behemoth to 60 in 6.3 seconds.


21 1999 Humvee 2-Door Pickup (Codename: Tracy)

The Humvee is intimidating in stock form. Include a flat black paint job into the mix and you have actually an unstoppable beast. In the movie, Sphinx hot-wires the Humvee in a multi-story auto park. He then proceeds to spiral down all the floors of the parking, and also on one of the turns, he finds firm in the kind of a police car.

A tiny known fact around the movie is that while the truck and also the Oldsmobile are playing tug of war, the Olds flies over the guardrail and also falls ~ above the grass below.

This was unscripted and was the an outcome of Vinnie"s driving. Thankfully, nobody was hurt.

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As an additional car that didn"t do the cut, this one really should"ve. We have the right to imagine it is as result of the truth that it is incredibly rare to find or the they didn"t desire to damages one in pristine condition. The 300SL holds many accomplishments other than just an excellent looks. It was as soon as the first-ever production fuel injected vehicle and also had the world"s fastest height speed. The 300 in the nomenclature stood because that a 3.0L engine. Certainly a auto that was ahead of its time.


19 1971 De Tomaso Pantera (Codename: Kate)

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car collectors world broad rejoice end a good example the this car. The De Tomaso Pantera is nearly in a course of its own. In the movie, the Pantera makes it debut in a great yellow color. Let"s be honest, yellow might not be the color of choice for countless people, however this auto looks amazing in any kind of color.

It was an Italian sports automobile with just around 7,000 units built.

A quite shocking piece of details is instead of having a thunderous Italian handbuilt engine under the hood, it actually had a 351 cubic customs Ford V8. This provided it enough power, standing in ~ 330 horsepower. With its collectibility rating and great looks, the is certainly a vehicle that"s in ours books.

Arguably among the coolest cars in the movie, ~ Eleanor of course, is the 1950 Mercury Custom. The slammed street rod was in a scene wherein it to be spitting the end flames indigenous the exhausts. It"s a shame the Mercury go bust after see what type of beautiful machines they have created in your prime.The Custom continues to be until this day an enthusiast favorite. That is regularly chopped, which means that the roofline of the vehicle is chopped off, shortened, and also welded again in place with a shorter height.


17 1999 Ferrari 550 Maranello (Codename: Angelina)

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As among the Ferraris that were genuinely underrated and also subtle because that once, the Ferrari 550 will forever be an icon. The featured a naturally aspirated, 478 horsepower V12 engine. The manufacturing ran native 1996-2001 and also only 3,083 systems were ever produced. In the movie, the grey 550 Maranello is presented under a irradiate in a dark room reflecting off few of the beautiful curves of the masterpiece. It"s a shame that Ferrari decided to avoid production as we would love to check out a new version the this staggering machine.

as we speak a couple of times of icons in this article, we"re not certain that it i do not care any better than this. The Shelby Cobra has such a specific shape and also flow to its lines, that nothing else yes, really rivals it.

The note III which debuted in 1966 was referred to as the Cobra 427.

It had a Ford 427 cubic customs engine, good enough because that 425 horsepower. Every this in a car that weighs 2,300 pounds. To give an idea of just just how rare these cars have actually become, the one pictured here has sold in ~ auction for a mind-numbing 2,9 million dollars.


15 1965 Pontiac GTO (Codename: Sharon)

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another car the made the list, however never make the movie to be the 1965 Pontiac GTO. For 1965, the GTO obtained the dual stack quad headlights together a former fascia makeover. The Tri-Power engine do a kind 360 horsepower. A fully equipped GTO native this year came with a price tags of $3,643. If we transform the amount in today"s money, the would cost someone just a shade over $29,000. It"s a shame the there is no real modern-day equivalent come the life horsepower the the GTO and also cars in its group offered earlier in the day.

The Supra to be a car that was made to dominate. It"s a an excellent thing the they made decision the turbo model, together it was absolutely the one to get.

It featured a Turbocharged 3.0L V6 capable of pumping 276 horsepower, and also had a 0-60 times of 4.6 seconds.

The 2JZ engine is so famous that even today, it"s not uncommon to check out it together the result of swaps in other brands such together BMWs and also even part muscle cars. It"s simply a shame the the Supra never acquired a debut in the movie.


13 1987 Ferrari Testarossa (Codename: Rose)

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Although that was renowned to see this car in Red, the Testarossa liked by the movie remained in black. It"s type of exciting that Ferrari walk the auto in any color however red as the surname literally converts to "red head" in Italian. It featured a flat-12 4.9L engine capable of 385 horsepower and also was good to propel this beauty to 60 in 5.3 seconds. This auto was featured in numerous movies, and also was seen as the star every single time in appeared on the huge screen.

whereby to begin with the well known Eleanor. It"s difficult to be the main star of a movie, however this auto did it there is no a hunch. Twelve Eleanor mustangs were constructed by Cinema car Services because that the unable to do In 60 secs movie. Ripe of them were shells, and also 3 of castle were sensible cars with a Ford 427 engine. A specifically awesome step is once Nicholas Cage"s character presses top top the "Go infant Go" switch that shooting NOS and also launches the Mustang to overclock the speedometer. As a tiny known fact, the actual auto that was in the movie sold at auction freshly for a well deserved 1 million dollars.


11 1969 Plymouth Roadrunner Superbird (Codename: Jessica)

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As part of a NASCAR heritage, the Roadrunner Superbird is truly a amazing car. The story begins when NASCAR released a ascendancy that every carmaker had to make a street variation of their gyeongju vehicles the the masses deserve to buy. This intended that Plymouth had to develop 1,920 Roadrunner Superbirds in order to abide by the rule. The Superbird decals were very big and took the whole rear quarter panel.

Although, the main attraction to the auto was the giant spoiler at the back.

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because that years civilization tried to number out just how the spoiler to be engineered and Chrysler kept tight lips ~ above the situation. Lastly the mystery leaked out. The spoiler was just made come ensure the it had enough clearance because that the trunk to open up all the way.

In a time wherein the Ferrari F40 and the Porsche 959 were duking it out on the racetrack, Jaguar wanted in ~ above the action. They decided to construct a 3.5L V6 pair turbocharged engine and also stuff it in a 3,200 lb marvel dubbed the XJ220. This vehicle shattered records on the Nurburgring, it had the ability to reach a staggering 217 miles every hour. It to be glorious top top the big screen when Angelina Jolie"s character drove it into the garage, but a small known reality is that the producers wanted a McLaren F1 rather of this car, although lock couldn"t discover anyone who would loan lock the vehicle.


9 1958 Cadillac El Dorado Brougham (Codename: Patricia)

an additional carmaker the marked background is Cadillac. In the 50"s and 60"s, a Cadillac to be a staple of success and also fortune. With long tail fins and also a gratuitous lot of chrome all about the car, the El Dorado was the one to get. Although it never ever made the movie, but the truth that they provided the Brougham together the version to get meant the they were aiming for a peak of the heat El Dorado. Again, something around the red on black color combination on this era the cars make them irresistible.

the is an great decision from the producer"s part for going v the Panther Pink colour for the Hemi Barracuda as it is among the rarest colours because that this model. As a brother to the evade Charger, the Cuda pack a tremendous amount the power.

Five engine choices were obtainable for the this model year varying from 275 come 425 horsepower.

An interesting fact to keep in mind is the 1971 to be the only model year whereby the Cuda obtained 4 headlights whereas the dodge Charger got the 4 headlights because that all version years the the identical generation.


7 1998 Mercedes-Benz SL600 (Codename: Ellen)

there are just a few cars that age really well. Many cars look obsolete by the time they are about 10 year old. Because that the R129 SL600, this is absolutely not the case. That still looks sleek and turns top up until today, 20 years later. The movie denote an SL600, which meant that it had actually the V12 engine fairly than a V8 engine in the SL500 that the same year. The V12 was capable of do 389 horsepower, yet this car was never really recognized for that is performance rather than that is staggering good looks.

Corvettes space usually recognized to be rapid with a short profile and aggressive styling. Because that 1953, this couldn"t be further away native the truth. Each 1953 Corvette to be handbuilt and had the same white exterior colour on red animal leather interior. This supposed that a most time and also effort entered each one, yet it additionally meant the each one made was different. This year Corvette is the lowest production number year with just 300 units produced. Only around 200 1953 Corvettes are stated to have actually survived till today.