WHOLLY entrenched as an all-time classic, the initial Gone in 60 Seconds set the cinematic civilization on that is ear as soon as released in 1974. Written, directed and also produced through HB Halicki, who additionally stars, the film to be the culmination of one man’s dream to make the best car-chase movie of every time.

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Maindrian pace (HB Halicki) is a cool cat and lead insurance money investigator at follow Research, a forensic elafilador.netpany inherited by his hornbag fiancée Pumpkin (Marion Busia) and also her clueless brothers Eugene (Jerry Daugirda) and also Stanley (James McIntyre). Through trusted sidekick Attlee Jackson (George Cole), pace supplements the daily business with a chop shop, rebirthing cars and also using their insurance contact to remain one action ahead the the fuzz. As soon as a cashed-up medicine lord provides Pace $400K to steal 48 vehicles in seven days, tensions build between Pace and also Eugene as the enormity that the an obstacle unfolds.

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And that no ordinary list. The booty has everything native Parnelli Jones’s Baja Bronco and also a Super stock ’Cuda, to a Freightliner element mover and also Stutz Blackhawk. Each auto is tagged v a female name in bespeak to store the setup under wraps, yet a number of false start in the bid elafilador.nete bag the elusive ‘Eleanor’, a yellow 1973 Mustang, leads to a desperate attempt elafilador.nete seal the deal. A cranky Eugene flips ~ above the chase crew, tipping the police off to the Mustang theft and leaving Pace and Eleanor to battle the police in one action-packed chase with LA County, all the while trying to satisfy the deadline.

Sure, the acting, dubbing and also dialogue are all a tiny hazy by modern standards, however Gone in 60 seconds is tho a an excellent watch from begin to finish. As soon as the car action slows, there’s still plenty to reap as a slice-of-life doco the 1970s USA: large hair, gaudy outfits, cool disguises and also some of the finest background car-spotting you’re ever before likely to see – yes sir classic and also muscle car aplenty and even the strange truck, hot rod and also custom valve thrown into the mix. It’s good viewing and you’ll uncover it tough not to smile.



WITH many movies of this era, it’s the cars and characters the make the memorable, and also Gone in 60 secs is no exception. Even if it is it be the sunglasses-loaded Cadillac Brougham the the opened scenes wallowing along at 100mph, or Billy and his stoner mates jive-talking in the lowrider, you’ll elafilador.nete out from this flick happy to clock it time and again. The cool finale car chase is renowned for that 40-minute duration and also record-breaking devastation of 93 cars.

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1973 Ford Mustang1973 dodge Challenger1965 Plymouth Belvedere1973 Ford F3501965 Cadillac1974 Manta Mirage



The 1973 Ford Mustang, ‘Eleanor’, is believed to it is in the only auto to have been directly attributed with a role in a film.