The 2015 action movie Mad Max: fury Road featured several of the many spectacular vehicle stunts ever filmed, and also now you can buy several of the cars that were put through your paces in the desert to acquire those shots.

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Bidders will have just 2 days, September 25 and also 26, to make their mystery bids, and also they won"t know what other human being are giving in this tender. If that appears a little cutthroat, mental what movie the is we"re talking about here.

Get prepared for some of the many absurd tiktok videos ever. Later on this month, 13 that the greatly modified vehicles from the 2015 post-apocalyptic road expedition movie Mad Max: Fury road will be put up for auction. Us can already imagine some bitcoin millionaire buying one simply to dress up a friend together the Doof Warrior and go because that a joy ride.

The vehicles run the gamut from the enormous War Rig tanker van to the modified 1973 XB Ford Falcon coupe referred to as the Razor Cola. There"s likewise a hot-rodded version of a 1932 Chevrolet coupe and a Ford F-250 outfitted with a huge claw ~ above the ago that was dubbed the Sabre Tooth, and more, including the Doof Wagon (top), maybe the many iconic of all the vehicles many thanks to many speakers and the Doof himself.The firm running the auction, Lloyds Auctioneers and Valuers, completely understands what it"s selling here, getting into character for the items descriptions. For example, in explaining what the war Rig tanker is every about, the auction home writes: "Mutant lovechild the semi-trailer and also hot rod, twin V8s finish to end, six-wheel-drive, eighteen-wheeled leviathan charged v the barter the fluids and also firearms that binding the three city-states that the Wasteland in tenuous alliance." for the Jag Flamer convoy car, the auction listing description reads: "The sandblasted and shiny chassis speaks of building once ~ above a time in GasTown, but it has now discovered fame as part of Furiosa"s convoy: such is recycling in the moving sands that the Wasteland."


At this point, no one of the actions have actually a minimum bid listed, and also we might never recognize what they finish up offering for, either. This isn"t your usual auction where world bid one one more up. Instead, the vehicles space being offered as a tender, which means prospective buyers send sealed bids and also the seller will certainly simply pick the winning lot from amongst the submissions. Bidders will likewise only have actually two days come submit your bids—September 25 and 26—and they will never ever see what other people offer. The an ext we think around it, this type of fierce bidding is full-on proper to buy among the cars from Mad Max: rage Road.It"s a great time to be auctioning turn off these vehicles, too, because there"s news buzzing around around the prequel the director George müller is functioning on. The brand-new film will focus on the earlier story for Imperator Furiosa, the function played through Charlize Theron in Fury Road. The film"s release date was freshly pushed earlier to 2024 rather of summer 2023.

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