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Which cars tend to have the speediest drivers?

Getting out of the house and also onto an open up roadway may be among the most liberating activities we have the right to safely perform nowadays. Regardless of our pent up energy from staying at home in quarantine, drivers should make sure to be aware of speed regulations on the road. According to USNews, if traffic overall in the united States has actually thinned out over the food of the COVID-19 pandemic, rates of reckless driving and speeding have spiked. These patterns room likely due to the lack of inhibitions vehicle drivers tend to feeling when confronted with a non-congested roadway — without various other drivers about you to set the pace, it can be less complicated to overdo it on the gas pedal.

When it comes to speeding violations, some certain models it seems ~ to it is in ticketed for exceeding the speed limit much more than others. Maybe these vehicle models are simply unlucky sufficient to attract more attention, or possibly their drivers truly space adrenaline junkies. One of two people way, the study team in ~ elafilador.net was curious to understand which vehicle models have gathered the many speeding violations.



National averages. Throughout all car models, 10.54 percent of motorists have a speeding violation on your record. Together of February 2020, the typical transaction price for a lightweight vehicle is $37,876.Little readjust over time. in between 2019 and 2020, most of the automobile models the made the optimal ten list for speeding violations stayed the same. 7 out that ten vehicle models top top this year’s list were also in last year’s optimal ten. Dodge is a speeding standout. The auto brand v the most models that made the peak ten is Dodge, representing 4 out the the height vehicles. In more recent years, Dodge has increased its emphasis on performance vehicles rather than purely sensible models, perhaps affecting its drivers and also their speeding tendencies.Affordable brands see much more speeding violations. In spite of the call of flashy sports cars favor Ferraris and Mustangs flying under the street, the models that had actually the highest speeding violation prices were mostly sold at a beginning retail price listed below the national average. Sports car-inspired models experience greater speeding rates. while the models with the many speeding hurt are fairly affordable, countless of them space in the vein the the high-performance sports auto — convertibles and also performance car are considerably represented in the rankings. The chauffeurs of these certain models may not be shelling out for the fanciest cars prefer Teslas or Porsches, however the aesthetic they space aspiring towards in their vehicle an option shows one affinity because that life in the rapid lane.


The research study team in ~ elafilador.net, an auto insurance allowance quote compare platform, examined your database of end 2.5 million car insurance applications to identify the automobile models v the many speeding violations. To apply for quotes, motorists input personal and automobile information, including the design of auto they drive and whether or no they have been judge of speeding in the past. The research study team analyzed the variety of car owners through a front speeding violation against the total number of drivers for each model to identify the proportion through a speeding violation. Indigenous this selection, lock narrowed down the subset come the models through the ten greatest shares that ticketed drivers. Data top top the cars’ MSRP and MPG was compiled by Autoblog because that the most recent model available.



Top 10 car Models v the most Speeding Tickets

1. Subaru WRX - portion of vehicle drivers with speeding violation: 20.49%

2. Volkswagen GTI - percent of motorists with speeding violation: 17.38%

3. Subaru Impreza- percent of motorists with speeding violation: 15.90%

4. Infiniti G37 - percent of motorists with speeding violation: 15.61%

5. Dodge Dart - percentage of chauffeurs with speeding violation: 15.45%

6. Hyundai Veloster - percent of chauffeurs with speeding violation: 15.43%

7. Dodge Challenger - portion of motorists with speeding violation: 15.09%

8. Dodge lamb 2500 - percent of motorists with speeding violation: 14.79%

9. Dodge Charger - percentage of chauffeurs with speeding violation: 14.71%

10. Nissan 350Z - percentage of drivers with speeding violation: 14.65%

Car Models with the many Speeding Tickets

10. Nissan 350Z

Percentage that Nissan 350Z chauffeurs with a speeding violation: 14.65%MSRP (Base Model): $36,870MPG: 17 City / 24 Highway

Coasting down the highway v the optimal down may be any kind of driver’s dream, however owners that the Nissan 350Z had far better be careful — motorists of this car experience speeding violations in ~ a price that’s 29 percent higher than the national average. Regardless of being the many expensive version on the list, the Nissan 350Z still sectors itself together an affordable alternative to an ext high-end brands. Chauffeurs of the 350Z may shot to live up to this reputation by driving cost-free and fast. Unfortunately, this also way that motorists of these models are an ext likely to gain penalized for their speedy on-road behavior.

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9. Dodge Charger

Percentage that Charger drivers with a speeding violation: 14.71%MSRP (Base Model): $29,995MPG: 19 City / 30 Hwy

Drivers of evade Chargers certainly aren’t holding back from charging forward with an excellent speed ~ above the road. This model that “defines life muscle”, according to Dodge, is nine on the list of vehicle models through the most speeding violations. Drivers of this dodge model, the first of four on the top ten list, suffer speeding violations in ~ a price that’s 29 percent over the nationwide average. When the evade Charger is a fairly inexpensive model, sold at a expense 21 percent listed below the average car price, it’s clear that its wise price does no necessarily lead to wise driving.

8. Dodge ram 2500

Percentage of lamb 2500 motorists with a speeding violation: 14.79%MSRP (Base Model): $21,580MPG: 14 City / 16 Hwy

The second Dodge model on the list, and a consistent figure in the rankings of car models through the most speed violations, the Dodge lamb 2500 come in eighth because that the fast pace of its drivers. When it has actually moved from sixth to eighth location for that is speeding violations, vehicle drivers of the Dodge lamb 2500 space still substantial speedy through a citation rate 29 percent higher than the nationwide mean. The Dodge ram 2500 is also notably the only pickup truck in the height ten rankings. Don’t be fooled through its size and also relative fuel incompetent — Dodge ram 2500 motorists are uninhibited through this pick-up van bearings to with high speeds on the road.

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7. Evade Challenger

Percentage that Challenger vehicle drivers with a speeding violation: 15.09%MSRP (Base Model): $28,295MPG: 19 City / 30 Hwy

With a “big, brash personality” according to Dodge, the Challenger’s claim to the seventh-highest frequency of speeding infractions may be contempt unsurprising. Challenger motorists are ticketed for speeding at a rate that’s 31 percent greater than the norm. This is especially notable provided that its re-publishing of speeding offenses didn’t even break the optimal 10 in the 2019 rankings.. Known for that all-wheel-drive and also forceful engine, the Challenger boasts “a tradition of boosting adrenaline to satisfy any kind of thrill seeker”. Through targeting the marketing toward a consumer looking for an interesting ride, the Challenger’s messaging might influence how its drivers behave top top the road. No wonder why they call it a Hellcat!

6. Hyundai Veloster

Percentage the Veloster chauffeurs with a speeding violation: 15.43%MSRP (Base Model): $18,900MPG: 25 City / 33 Hwy

Hyundai defines the Veloster as “both fun to look at and also fun come drive” with a “sporty and aggressive design.” It may come as no shock then that the Veloster motorists have the sixth-highest rate of speeding violate of any car owners at 32 percent greater than the national average. When this hatchback was standing out together a relatively affordable and also fuel-efficient model, that is high price of speeding violations argues that its vehicle drivers do no necessarily follow the Veloster’s embodiment the practicality.

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5. Dodge Dart

Percentage that Dart drivers with a speeding violation: 15.45%MSRP (Base Model): $16,995MPG: 25 City / 36 Hwy

The evade Dart is the 4th Dodge model and the fifth-highest speeding violation rate on the list. Together a compact sedan, the Dart has historically do a surname for itself as a reliable, sturdy, and safety-conscious vehicle. Even as that is marketing skews in the direction of the astute consumer, rather than the speed junkie, Dart motorists still tend to lay heavy on the gas pedal — your speeding violation rate is 32 percent higher than the typical driver’s.

4. Infiniti G37

Percentage that G37 drivers with a speeding violation: 15.61%MSRP (Base Model): $32,950MPG: 19 City / 27 Hwy

The 4th model on the list, the Infiniti G37, relocated up native eighth ar in critical year’s rankings — this drivers’ speeding violation rate increased to 15.61, i beg your pardon is 33 percent greater than the national average. Not just is the G37 a repeat offender, yet it additionally follows the overarching pattern of rate violators being comparatively affordable and also practical versions of sports cars. Prior to it to be discontinued, the G37 can come as a sedan, a coupe, or hardtop convertible — the vision of flying under the highway through the top down could an extremely well have actually been one aspiration that Infiniti G37 owners, long up your speeding rates.

3. Subaru Impreza

Percentage of Impreza drivers with a speeding violation: 15.90%MSRP (Base Model): $18,695MPG: 24 City / 31 Hwy

Subaru explains the Impreza together a version that’s “as reliable and also sensible as cars get.” despite the Impreza’s physical features and also built-in safety and security measures, such together the 2020 model’s automatic emergency braking v pedestrian detection, its drivers may no be for this reason safety-conscious — your speeding violation price is 34 percent greater than the nationwide average. Hopefully, as an ext Impreza owners adapt come the more recent models v the enhanced on-road safety measures, their in its entirety driving actions will resolve at an ext reasonable speeds.

2. Volkswagen GTI

Percentage the GTI vehicle drivers with a speeding violation: 17.38%MSRP (Base Model): $24,395 MPG: 25 City / 34 Hwy

With a 40 percent above-average speeding rate, the Volkswagen GTI rose in the ranks from 3rd to second in this year’s list. Prior to its discontinuation, the GTI to be marketed as a powerful sports car, albeit slightly bulkier and also significantly more affordable 보다 your usual sleek sports model. The only Volkswagen to do the list, the GTI follows the pattern of auto models that space somewhat much more practical versions of high-end sports dare — considering components like fuel efficiency, basic price, and safety functions — experiencing high rates of speeding violations.

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1. Subaru WRX

Percentage the WRX motorists with a speeding violation: 20.49%MSRP (Base Model): $27,495MPG: 21 City / 27 Hwy

The Subaru WRX has actually maintained the spot in ~ number one in the rankings because that the auto model v the many speeding violations. Subaru owners are widely considered to it is in practical and value functionality over flashiness, which renders the WRX’s 49 percent higher-than-average speeding rate somewhat surprising. The Subaru WRX go boast a high volume of safety and security features, including brake assist and also traction manage systems. Probably the abundance of safety precautions permits WRX motorists to go much faster than normal, but in any case, it’s evident that these Subaru drivers are repetitively getting caught for violating speed regulations top top the road.

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