Sedans such together the Toyota Camry and the Honda Accord are legendary for your reliability, however are there other vehicles that are even far better bets for sticking with you for 15-plus years? automobile search engine iSeeCars learned used-car sales data for virtually 12 million vehicles sold in 2020 to discover out which were most most likely to with 200,000 miles. Overall, vehicles show a 1% possibility of making that to the milestone — however some fare lot better. I beg your pardon ones came out on top? The answers may surprise you.

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Starting price: $24,525Percentage that cars tho going end 200,000 miles: 2.6

One of 2 Toyota hybrids on this list, the mid-size Prius has long to be prized for its fuel efficiency, but it"s making a name for itself together an ultra-reliable option, too. When U.S. News says it can have a more powerful engine, its plenty of standard features, roomy cabin, and also spacious cargo area aid balance the out.

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Starting price: $76,185Percentage of cars tho going over 200,000 miles: 2.6

The pricey Navigator is in great company as among many big SUVs ~ above this list. “These vehicles are constructed on truck platforms, so they have actually the to trust of a pickup truck while also being a family auto with ample passenger and cargo space,” states Julie Blackley, communications manager for iSeeCars. It additionally sticks the end on this perform in one crucial way: the the only luxury vehicle to do the cut. 

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Starting price: $26,400Percentage of cars still going over 200,000 miles: 2.8

If the price that the Toyota soil Cruiser, the optimal pickup top top this list, is a tiny too rich for your blood, the Tacoma is one more capable compact pickup that deserve to go the distance. While the cabin isn’t together nice, that earns kudos indigenous U.S. News for the off-roading abilities and also payload capacity. 

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Starting price: $32,090Percentage of cars tho going over 200,000 miles: 2.9

Here’s some vindication for family members who ditched your sedans or small SUVs reluctantly: The perennially popular Honda Odyssey is the just minivan to crack this list of longest-lasting cars. Yet it has a lot much more than reliability going because that it. U.S. News ranking it an initial in its class, praising the spacious interior, family-friendly features, and also driving dynamics.

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Starting price: $51,000Percentage that cars still going end 200,000 miles: 3.3

This “affordable” huge SUV tho clocks in at much more than $50,000 to start, however it could be precious it, especially after a recent redesign. Car and Driver claims the cabin is "roomier and far better equipped" 보다 previous models, however notes the this isn"t the auto you desire for fuel efficiency. 

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Starting price: $36,490Percentage the cars still going end 200,000 miles: 3.4

require a compact pickup you deserve to count on for well over a decade? The Honda Ridgeline may just be your workhorse. It additionally earns raves native critics: U.S. News says it provides up for a reduced towing capacity with a smooth ride, upscale interior, lot of of safety features, and a versatile bed. 

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Starting price: $53,700Percentage of cars quiet going end 200,000 miles: 3.6

it’s no surprised to watch the Yukon XL top top this list — after all, the a stretched-out variation of the Yukon, similar except for a longer wheelbase and much more cargo room. 

Starting price:
$34,025Percentage that cars quiet going end 200,000 miles: 3.7

Toyota’s 2nd entry ~ above this perform is a full-size pickup that is many capable and also reliable but is overshadowed by the competition as soon as it involves other metrics. U.S. News areas it nearby to last in that is class, complimenting the truck’s powerful engine while knocking its poor fuel economy and lower-than-average towing and hauling capabilities. 

Starting price:
$38,735Percentage that cars still going over 200,000 miles: 3.8

The Highlander Hybrid, a midsize SUV, is certainly one the the many fuel-efficient picks on this list, and also one that the many beloved by auto critics. It it s okay an estimated 35 mpg in city control — not too shabby for an SUV. U.S. News praises it for its unique finished cabin and also safety features.

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Starting price: $49,600Percentage the cars still going over 200,000 miles: 3.9

This full-size SUV share a platform through the Yukon. However it’s the cheaper that the two, and it may simply be the finest value if you element in praise from U.S. News because that its an effective engine, spacious interior, and easy-to-use infotainment system. 

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Starting price: $36,125Percentage that cars still going over 200,000 miles: 3.9

The only large sedan to crack this list is the Toyota Avalon. It could not have the name acknowledgment of the less-expensive sibling, the Camry, but it absolutely has the trademark reliability. Despite U.S. News says it has actually a high sticker price for its class, the upscale interior, security record, and comfortable ride assist justify it.

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Starting price: $36,765Percentage of cars tho going over 200,000 miles: 4.1

The Toyota 4Runner is a midsize SUV it is a solid an option for smaller family members who desire a car they can depend on because that the long haul. However critics to speak the reliability may be one of the only major upsides, assuming you don’t need its off-roading capabilities. U.S. News editors report the it has actually a stiff ride and an aging interior, if Car and also Driver says it’s “not what you"d call state-of-the-art.” 

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Starting price: $49,995Percentage the cars quiet going over 200,000 miles: 4.9

This full-size SUV has actually been a staple of Ford’s lineup due to the fact that its arrival in 1997, and also though it’s a small pricier 보다 other big SUVs ~ above this list, the U.S. News’ pick for the best large, non-luxury SUV. Editors worship the nicely finished cabin, roomy cargo hold, and, unsurprisingly, reliability.

Starting price:
$52,300Percentage of cars tho going over 200,000 miles: 5.1

The amount of Chevrolet Suburbans quiet going after ~ 200,000 miles is fitting for a car that’s remained in production due to the fact that 1935 and has actually the oldest surviving vehicle nameplate in the U.S. The Suburban additionally shares a rugged truck platform with the Yukon, Yukon XL, and Tahoe.

Starting price:
$50,400Percentage that cars tho going end 200,000 miles: 11.2

Toyota’s full-size SUV has remained in production because 2000, fusing Toyota’s legendary integrity with the benefit of gift a big SUV that owners just expect come last. Though the cabin isn’t fairly as nice as those that some more recent competitors, the roomy and has a powerful engine, U.S. News says. 

Starting price:
$85,565Percentage that cars tho going over 200,000 miles: 16.3

It has the greatest percentage of vehicles lasting previous the 200,000-mile mark by far, however the soil Cruiser also deserves a look for its "brawny" engine and off-road abilities, as well as a lengthy list of attributes from four-zone climate manage to a moonroof. It"s pricey, and also handling isn"t great, but this might be the automobile to take it you a couple hundred thousand mile — so lengthy as no one has to sit in the cramped third row of seats the entirety way.

As a segment, pickups room the most most likely to store on trucking after the 200,000-mile mark, through an typical of 1.9% tho on the road. “Pickup van are generally used as work vehicles, so operator are more likely to experience preventative maintenance and make important repairs,” Blackley explains. Besides the pickups ~ above the overall longest-lasting vehicle list, iSeeCars also found the the Nissan Titan, Chevy Silverado 1500, and Ford F-150 room at or slightly above the average for pickups (2.3%, 2.1%, and 2%, respectively).

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Pickup trucks space your ideal bet for getting a vehicle that will certainly take a licking and also keep ~ above ticking, and at first blush, deluxe cars it seems to be ~ to it is in the opposite. But that could not tell the full story, Blackley cautions. “It’s no that these vehicles room unreliable, it’s that these type of vehicles aren’t as likely to accrue high mileage,” she says. “Luxury vehicles are leased more often than non-luxury vehicles, and owners store the mileage under as a result.” The exact same goes because that pricey sports cars — since they aren’t typically driven daily, they’re unlikely to reach the 200,000-mile mark. 

Seven vehicle brands were an ext likely to with 200,000 miles, besting the 1% typical for every models:

Toyota (2% the cars quiet going end 200,000 miles)Honda (1.6%)Chevrolet (1.5%)Cadillac (1.5%)GMC (1.4%)Ford (1.4%)Ram (1.1%)

As for the glut of American brands — what gives? “While American cars have historically been plagued by reliability issues, that perception has actually started to transition in current years," Blackley says. "American full-size SUVs and also trucks have proven to be reliable and … these SUVs boost the brands’ as whole averages.”

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