Launched top top the large screen in 1977, Smokey and the Bandit revolves around two bootleggers together they effort to illegally deliver 400 cases of Coors beer native Texarkana come Atlanta. The film to be a sleeper hit, and also following a poor initial performance, it went on come gross $126.7 million in phibìc America, matches a budget plan of only $4.3 million. It was the second-highest-grossing movie of 1977 ~ Star Wars. On height of Burt Reynold’s top-notch acting, Smokey and also the Bandit is likewise famous for the Pontiac infectious diseases worldwide Am the the gibbs drove transparent the film. Here’s everything you need to know around one that the most iconic movie cars ever.

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Director Hal Needham persuaded Pontiac to attribute the Pontiac Trans am in the movie. The trans Am was a high-performance package because that the Firebird, Pontiac’s take it on the Chevrolet Camaro. However while the cars displayed in the movie look favor 1977-model-year infectious diseases worldwide Ams, they were actually 1976 models. The 1977 model wasn’t the end yet once filming began, so general Motors noted 1976 cars with front clips indigenous the soon-to-be-released 1977 update. The differences between the two space major. The 1977 functions rectangular quad headlamps instead of just two ring lights, a distinct slanted and also V-shaped nose, and a center-mounted hood scoop.



As a publicity stunt, the infectious diseases world fashion Ams offered in the movie had various decals ~ above the hood scoop. The sticker review "T/A 6.6," which to be a reminder of the engine’s 6.6-liter displacement. This little modification to be made to remind viewers the Trans to be models native 1969, which had actually in overfill of 300 horsepower. Return 1977 models additionally featured 6.6-liter engines, they to be rated at only 200 horses. The readjust was rather strange as many automakers were utilizing cubic-inch number to advertisement engines. Of course, it’s complicated to asses even if it is these small decals walk something to readjust buyer perception about the trans Am, however it’s one interesting part of the Smokey and the Bandit infectious diseases world fashion Am’s history.

HOW plenty of TRANS AMs WERE provided IN SMOKEY and THE BANDIT?


Pontiac offered Needham a complete of 4 cars, 3 to usage in the movie, and one together a promotional vehicle to drive around and also advertise Smokey and the Bandit following its release. The 3 movie car were damaged during assorted stunts, for this reason the promo car is the only surviving infectious diseases worldwide Am linked to this film. In addition to the 4 Trans Ams, Needham likewise received two Pontiac LeMans models to serve as patrol dare in the movie.



Producer Hal Needham plan Smokey and also the Bandit to be one of the ideal product placement movies of every time. And also he flourished as far as the Pontiac Trans am is concerned. Sales of the coupe exploded after the movie hit the silver screen and set unprecedented records for both Pontiac and the Firebird nameplate. The Trans am was currently pretty renowned in the mid-1970s, with sales hitting 68,745 systems in 1977. However 1978 went back sales the 93,351 examples, a jump of roughly 25,000 cars. Sales jumped even greater in 1979 once Pontiac moved 117,108 infectious diseases worldwide Ams. Sales virtually doubled in two years, which is a very big deal given that the infectious diseases worldwide Ams 1978 facelift was fairly minor conserve for the former fascia. During this time, the Firebird also surpassed sales numbers of the Chevrolet Camaro.

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The movie had an also bigger impact on the infectious diseases worldwide Am. Due to the fact that sales were so high, Pontiac decided to hold-up the third-generation model. The redesign was originally planned because that 1980, however 1978 and also 1979 ended up being record years because that GM’s division, for this reason the new model was driven back. In 1978, Pontiac ceded 93,351 infectious diseases world fashion Ams and also 93,944 continual Firebirds because that a grand complete of 187,295 cars. 1979 to be equally successful for the brand, involvement 1978 to produce Pontiac’s best sales years ever. The third-generation Firebird was presented in 1982, a complete two years later on than planned. And it was worth it because that the brand, together the nameplate sales determined following the redesign.