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When call the Heart Season 8 finished with one emotional episode that observed Elizabeth Thornton (played through Erin Krakow) embarking on a romantic relationship with Lucas Bouchard (Chris McNally). When two personalities got closer, one got additional away together Dr. Carson Shepherd (Paul Greene) claimed goodbye to expect Valley and also headed come Baltimore.

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In the previous episode of the Hallmark Channel hit, which has actually now to be renewed because that Season 9, Carson had been debating even if it is to accept the fellowship in ~ Johns Hopkins and also follow his dream of becoming a surgeon, or to suggest to confidence (Andrea Brooks). Belief has been left without the man she loves, and also When call the Heart fans have been left wondering whether they will also say goodbye come Paul Greene.

Has Paul Greene left When calls the Heart for good?

Though there has been no main confirmation from Hallmark the Dr. Carson will be back, Greene has been dropping some ideas that his personality is only temporarily gone and also will be ago in time because that Season 9.

For one, the actor has not posted any goodbye post to the present on his society media account or released a statement about exiting the series. This has end up being a nice standard event for civilization leaving reflects (see recent examples from Anna Faris and Jesse Williams), so the fact that he has actually not excellent so is a great sign because that Carson fans.


The "When phone call the Heart" Season 8 finale observed Paul Greene leave as Dr. Carson—but the actor has been dropping hints he will certainly be earlier next season.Hallmark ChannelHe has likewise been hinting ~ above Twitter that his character is set to return. In reply to a fan tweeting, "PAUL GREENE. Friend GET ago HERE ideal NOW!!!!!," he merely replied, "Ok."

On the Bubbly Sesh podcast, the gibbs hinted in ~ his return. "It"s hard to to speak ," the said. "A lot of can occur in the off-season. There"s a big-time jump in between seasons. Faith"s character became a medical professional in the off-season. There"s so much that have the right to happen."

Deadline"s notice of When call the Heart Season 9 may also confirm that Dr. Carson will be back. Talking around the renewal, meeting notes: " Krakow, Jack Wagner, Pascale Hutton, Kavan Smith, Paul Greene, Andrea Brooks, kris McNally, and also Kevin McGarry star in the series." The cite that Paul Greene stars on the show is in the current tense and suggests he has not left the series.

The factor that Hallmark has actually not announced the character"s future may be that it is plan a spinoff that would certainly follow Carson come Baltimore. Previously, the display birthed the spinoff When hope Calls, which ran in 2019 on streaming service Hallmark movies Now. This might likewise give the display a chance to bring ago Lori Loughlin come the franchise after ~ she was created off When call The Heart before her jail sentence.

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Filming top top Season 8 the When phone call The Heart ran native July to November 2020. If Season 9 continues the trend, the actors will soon be earlier on set, definition fans will soon know whether Greene is back, or even if it is he is set for his very own spinoff exploring surgery at the begin of the 20th century,

When call the Heart Season 9 is comes in 2022 to the Hallmark Channel. The present season is streaming ~ above Hallmark movies Now.