A top 10 perform of cartoon characters will always be subjective. The people I have mentioned in this post are the ones that i fondly psychic from my childhood. Sad but true, the list does not include any female characters. The just female TV cartoon character ns recall from mine childhood was tiny Lulu, and she was based on a comic strip. In mine opinion, television cartoons were so much better in the 60s. There were no class of morality, no politically correct characters; they were simply entertainment pure and also simple.Coincidentally, most of mine favorite personalities are native Hanna Barbera cartoons.

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So, right here is my perform of the height 10 TV cartoon personalities of the 1950s and 1960s, in no details order:


Top Cat

Top Cat ran native 1961 till 1962 ~ above ABC; only 30 episodes to be made. Peak Cat to be voiced by Arnold Stang and sounded very much choose Phil Silvers Sgt. Bilko. In fact, many of the actors from The Phil Silvers show were featured in this cartoon.

Top Cat to be a yellow cat who wore a violet hat and vest and was the leader that a corridor of street cats. The character was a con man much in the vein of Sgt. Bilko. His main protagonists were a regional police constable and also the members that his gang. Due to the fact that the gang live on the streets, many episodes were about them make the efforts to acquire food from various people and also establishments.

Even together a kid, I can appreciate the feeling of this series. I really don't know what attracted me to it as a child. Possibly the great theme song and also the voices and also the fact they were cats.



Snagglepuss first appeared top top The Quick attract McGraw Show and was a consistent segment of The Yogi be affected by each other Show. That was produced in 1959 and also was voiced by Daws Butler.

Snagglepuss was a pink lion who stayed in a cave. He was always trying to enhance his lot of in life but always failed miserably. His signature line was "exit, stage right." he was also known come exclaim "Heaven's to Murgatroyd." he pronounced countless words as a shakespearean actor would and was absolutely a theatrical lion.

Here is yet another animal cartoon character that i loved together a child. If found him funny and as one adult I have the right to appreciate the way he talked also more.


Deputy Dawg

Deputy Dawgdebuted in 1960 and also was produced by Terrytoons. He to be voiced by Dayton Allen. The character was a southerly deputysheriff who encountered stereotypical southern events. His sidekicks to be TyCoon, Muskie the Muskrat and also Vincent van Gopher.   The show came to be so renowned that some of thecartoons were presented in movie theatres.

I think as a kid I was attracted to the accents and also the factit featured talk animals. I guess most children are attracted by those sortsof characters.  and also adults would beattracted based upon the satire of consistent life.


Huckleberry Hound

Huckleberry Houndfirst confirmed up in 1957 and also in 1958, The Huckleberry Hound present was syndicated.In 1961, it winner the very first Emmy award given to an animated show.  Huckleberry Hound to be a blue dog v aSouthern drawl and he to be voiced by Daws Butler. His signature was to sing abad version of “Oh mine Darling, Clementine.”

Huckleberry Hound has constantly been one of my favorite cartooncharacters. His personality always attracted me and also the adventures he had werealways entertaining. And, who might not love a blue dog with a southern drawl ala Andy Taylor?


Fred Flintstone

Fred Flintstonewas based on Jackie Gleason’s personality on The Honeymooners, Ralph Cramden.Actually, the whole Flintstones display is stated to be based on TheHoneymooners.  Fred’s full name isFrederick Joseph Flintstone. TheFlintstones ran on alphabet TV indigenous 1960 come 1966. The was basically aimed atadults and was the very first to do so. The course, the youngsters all love it too. FredFlintstone was voiced by Alan Reed.  Fredlived with his mam Wilma, and also later your daughter Peblbles. The Rubbles livednext door; Barney to be Fred’s ideal friend. The premise the the present was Fredalways trying to improve the life that his family and also trying to acquire away through asmuch as he could.

The Flintstones is mine all-time favourite cartoon show fromthe 1960s. I still remember illustration so this day; The Wayouts, The good Gazoo,etc. It is one display that stands as much as repeat viewing. The show is stillsyndicated today.

Tom & Jerry

While Tom & Jerryare two characters, they are finest known as a duo. The Tom and also Jerry cartoons goback come the 1940s once they were produced as animated shorts.  They lastly showed increase on tv in 1960.Several series’ were developed until 1967. Tom & Jerry barely spoke and also thecartoons associated Tom and also Jerry lived together in the very same house; Tom (the cat)wasalways do the efforts to catch Jerry (the mouse) and was continuous outsmarted.

These cartoons were an extremely enjoyable to me together a child. Yetanother animated pet duo that had humorous adventures.

Yogi Bear

Yogi Bear firstappeared on The Huckleberry Hound display in 1958, by 1961 he had actually his own show. Hebecame among the most popular cartoon characters ever created by HannaBarbera. That was initially voiced by Daws Butler who based the voice on EdNorton of the Honeymooners. Yogi and also his sidekick Boo Boo bear resided in a cavein Jellystone Park. Yogi was always on the lookout for picnic baskets however wasusually thwarted through the park ranger.

I psychic Yogi Bear an extremely fondly; that was absolutely right upthere with Fred Flintstone in mine opinion. The present never failure to make melaugh.

George Jetson

George Jetson wasthe father from The Jetsons tv program. The present debuted in Septemberof 1962 on ABC. Surprisingly, due to the fact that it appears to have such a foothold in thepublic imagination, it just ran till March of 1963 and produced 24 episodes.However, a 2nd series was developed in the 1980s. George to be voiced by GeorgeO'Hanlon. The present was usually a space-aged Flintstones. George resided in ahigh-rise apartment v his wife Jane, his two kids Elroy and Judy, robotmaid Rosie and dog Astro. The display wasabout George and his family and their lives in the 21st century.

This was among the an initial sci-fi reflects I became interestedin. Many youngsters in the early 60s were really interested in astronauts and spaceand this to be a cartoon display that aided you come imagine several of the possibilitiesthe future might hold.

Mr. Magoo

Mr. Magoo wascreated in 1949 and was originally displayed as animated shorts in the movietheatre.  In 1960, The Mr. Magoo showdebuted ~ above television. The key character was a an extremely near-sighted man who wouldnot admit that the couldn’t check out well. This result in many amusing stories. Healso had a dog named McBarker. Magoo to be voiced by Jim Backus.

I remember see this present on television and also enjoying thecharacter. Mr. Magoo to be at when a nice old man and also a cantankerous one.  His adventures do children, and also adults,laugh. An example of changing times is that when the live-action movie Mr. Magoowas release, blind groups gained upset the it was making fun of those with visionproblems.


Bullwinkle J. Moosefirst appeared on the Rocky and Friends cartoon collection in 1959; the display waslater changed to The Bullwinkle Show because of the popular of thecharacter. Bullwinkle to be voiced by bill Scott, head writer that the show.  Bullwinkle and also Rocky (the flying squirrel)lived together in frostbite Falls and also Bullwinkle graduated from Wossamotta U.

Bullwinkle was a great character. The was watched as simple and ratherdumb, yet he usually ended up acquiring ahead of the game. The display is almostmore entertaining together an adult than it was together a child. The humour is so complete ofpuns and satire that you can’t aid but laugh at it. Bullwinkle’s key rivalswere Boris Badenov and also Natasha Fatale; characters based on Russian spies.

Questions & Answers

Question: What is the flying dog superhero cartoon called?

Answer: That would certainly be "Underdog."


technoid top top November 28, 2018:

Does anyone recognize the surname of the old 1950's cartoon v the 2 dog that go into a completely automated home and also get chased around by a robot broom through a dust pan? and who developed this cartoon? I use to watch it on Saturday mornings once I was young.

Treathyl FOX indigenous Austin, Texas top top April 25, 2017:

LOL. The location of your HUB ordered my attention yet as soon as I witnessed "Top Cat", ns was sucked right in come childhood storage land. Many thanks for the memories. :)

LARBAR3610 on march 29, 2017:

I view the cartoons top top TV and also wander, what taken place to the classic personalities I flourished up with.

Some of my favorites were Heckle Jeckle, Jinx the cat, Casper the trusted ghost.

The cartoon the I delighted in the many was the super Friends and the hall of righteousness vs the Legion of doom.

When mine childhood came to be chaotic, I can get lost for a small while. I don't think that i would have actually made it had actually I not been maybe to clear my mind and also dwell in the civilization of cartoons.

Thanks for a opportunity to remember.

MacroAlan ~ above October 02, 2016:

Does everyone remember some characters called, Snoop & Snazel? ns seem come think castle were through Quickdraw McGraw.

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mr427327 on February 13, 2015:

hi chris and also marla that frog you are in search of was top top a saturday morning kid display called andys gang andy magnificent who to be the male on the present who would certainly sit doown and also open up his huge book and also start storys.but when a guy would come the end he looked favor a waiter with a slim mostache,andy would say something choose plag your magic wand froggy,then the frog would certainly pop up from a grand clock in a puff that smoke and also start dance around and say hello yi children hi yi.and v the man talking come andy,the frog would goof top top the guy.wow i had actually to destruction deep for the one.saturday morning cartoons in the 50 and also 60,s the best

PaigSr native State of man on October 21, 2014:

Half the fun is learning everyone of these cartoons. The other fifty percent is watching them. Thanks for the perform it to be fun reading through it. And also in this instance thanks for having actually both components in one place.