Carrie Ann Inaba exclusively shares the details of she "Grease Night" glam for "DWTS" with web page Six.The content Collective

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Carrie Ann Inaba is specifically giving page Six layout a look within her “Grease Night” glam for “Dancing v the Stars.”

During Monday’s show – which paid tribute to the standard 1978 movie “Grease” – the judge looked quite in pink in an ensemble influenced by the Pink Ladies.

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“It to be so special celebrating among my favorite films of all time. ‘Grease’ come out ns was 10 year old,” Inaba, 53, recalled.

“I psychic wanting to fall in love prefer Sandy Olsson, v a guy like Danny Zuko. It was so fantastic seeing every our stars celebrate the film and the music in their own means In the ballroom.”

While the celebrities and their agree partners were every dressed in costumes influenced by personalities from the film, Inaba opted for “classic elegance” this week.

Inaba opted for “classic elegance” to judge Monday’s “Grease Night” ~ above “DWTS.”The content Collective

“We want to bring to life what it may have been favor on the red carpet that the ‘Grease’ premiere, v super glammed-up hair and a pink dress to respect the Pink Ladies,” she explained. “Pink is additionally special as October is chest Cancer Awareness Month, a cause very near and also dear come my love ,and I wanted to honor every the warrior in pink this month.”

She added, “Pink likewise happens to be my favourite color and also when i wear pink it provides me happy. Because ‘Grease Night’ to be such a happy night in the ballroom, it was the perfect chance to stay a pink dress.”

See the complete malfunction of Inaba’s “Grease Night” look at below.

STYLING: Rhonda Spies,

“Carrie Ann to be stunning in a shining pink Brooklyn and also Bowery gown v rosettes on the shoulder the was perfectly complemented v Dena Kemp jewels. The hair and also makeup yes, really accentuated the glamour that the overall look.”

Inaba wore pink as a means to pay tribute to the Pink Ladies.The content Collective


“This week’s look for Carrie Ann evokes standard Hollywood glamour. Once I want to add pink to Carrie Ann’s eyes, i love utilizing the Lime Crime Venus XL palette. I offered her cheeks a beautiful pink bright using thrive Cosmopower Multi-Dimensional Strobing Blush in both Angelina and also Rosie, and also highlighted v Pixi Glow-y powder in rose Dew.

Though she makeup remained in cool tones to go v her fuchsia gown, I provided her lips a strong pop v Smith & Cult lipstick in supreme Red.”

The judge receives constant touch-ups while filming to appear snapshot perfect on live TV.The contents Collective

HAIR:Glenn Nutley,

“For Monday night’s show, Carrie Ann went because that a look that was side-swept curls! For the base, I supplied Oribe Maximista Thickening Spray on dried hair and also blow dried volume into the roots.

Then i backcombed the roots and sprayed them through Oribe Thick dried Finishing Spray before curling every the hair v a two-inch iron and pinning through pin-curl clips to set under a hair net, lightly brushed the end the hair with my fingers and swept it to the side.

Lastly, i completed the look at by setting with duck shaft Superfine strong Hairspray.”

No “Beauty college Dropout” here! Inaba rocked gorgeous waves during the Grease-themed episode. The contents Collective

While fans raved over the “Grease Night” watch online, they weren’t as happy v the results of Monday night’s show.

Melanie C and Gleb Savchenko were removed from the competition ~ landing in the bottom two v Olivia Jade Giannulli and also Val Chmerkovskiy.

“Tonight’s elimination was shocking. Having actually Melanie C and Gleb, and also Oliva Jade and Val, in the bottom two was almost unfathomable,” Inaba specifically told us.

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“It was yes, really heartbreaking to have to pick one the the couples to walk home. Both were worthy of remaining – and also the judges’ scoring reflected the – yet ‘Dancing v the Stars’ has constantly been a mix of the audience vote and also the judges’ scores, and also that’s the way it’s constantly worked.”

She continued, “While ns am greatly sad that Melanie had actually to leave, ns think she need to be an extremely proud of what she has accomplished, and also sharing it s her so honestly and also openly. I think she need to be proud of she journey and also I wish she well.”

“Dancing with the Stars” airs Mondays at 8 p.m. ET/PT ~ above ABC.