Please examine out c.a.s.e’s 2020 Re-Vision Statement!Building Community. Elevating Awareness.Creating Solutions. Nurturing Empowerment.

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Who We are We space a cooperative roots-based consultancy produced in 2012 through Dr. Simona L. Perry. C.a.s.e. Stands for “Community Awareness and also Solutions for Empowerment.” We seek to change communities and individuals with engaging communities in dialogue and also problem-solving, offering facilitation, planning, and also evaluation services, and also working together towards long-term and sustainable remedies to the many pressing problems of the 21st Century.

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We are right now working with Sapelo Island nationwide Estuarine research Reserve ~ above Georgia’s coastline to better communicate the amazing occupational they execute to recognize the long-term dynamics of coastal and estuarine ecosystems and how humans interact with those systems. Have actually you ever visited Sapelo Island or the Reserve’s visitor Center? If so, we would love come hear from you around your suffer here.

In march 2019 we released Heirloom stories to provide client-focused, professional, and also confidential solutions for preserving your life story and family backgrounds for future generations in ~ a reasonable cost.

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What ours Mission Is The mission of c.a.s.e. Is to provide local, regional, and also national consulting services and also resources to rural and urban communities and also people directly affected by rapid social and also environmental adjust or conflict. Illustration on specialization in community-based ethnographic practice, eco-friendly policy and also regulatory research, geographical Information Systems, oral history, and also asset-based neighborhood dialogue and also deliberation approaches we room committed to giving communities and individuals through the awareness and skill to recognize their very own capacities because that resiliency and also adaptation. V our work, people find their own solutions to few of the most pressing difficulties of the 21st Century.

What We execute At the love of our work-related at c.a.s.e. Are the permanent collaborations and also partnerships we develop with community-based groups, practitioners, artists, academic scientists, and public organization agencies. We space constantly seeking new relationships with like-minded citizens and experts who share our enthusiasm for producing innovative and effective ar awareness and empowerment processes and also tools, and also for developing culturally relevant, in your ar governed, and also just options to complex local and local economic advancement projects, and environmental adjust scenarios and also conflicts. Call us come see just how we have the right to work together!