January 22, 2021 - 11:02 GMT Ainhoa Barcelona Casey Affleck has actually admitted that doesn"t recognize if Ben Affleck and also his ex-girlfriend Ana de Armas have actually actually separation for good

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Casey Affleck has talked publicly around his older brother Ben Affleck"s connection with Ana de Armas. The Manchester by the Sea gibbs admitted he couldn"t speak if the pair have actually broken up because that good, telling Entertainment Tonight: "I can"t even really to speak if they have totally broken up for an excellent or whatever. I would leave the to them come speak to."

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Casey, 45, also spoke as a single man, adding: "My advice come them would be, "Yes, think long and also hard about it, because quarantine is not funny if you"re single.""

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The gibbs went on to prayer 32-year-old Ana, who dated Ben, 48, for virtually one year until their split in January. "I think that Ana is simply the sweetest, funniest, smartest, most charming person. Ns think she won"t have any type of problems meeting somebody else. She"s a record in every way. And I"ll be there to lug Ben v it, however I don"t think he"ll have any type of problems ."

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Casey do headlines this week as soon as he was assumed to have actually been pictured throwing the end a cardboard cutout the Ana indigenous Ben"s residence in Los Angeles, adhering to the couple"s announced split. Twitter customers circulated the picture online, claiming the guy wearing the challenge mask hold the poster was Casey himself.


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