Jamie Lynn Spears has been married to she husband Jamie Watson since 2014, yet how go the pair meet?

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Maddie Aldridge, Jamie Watson, and Jamie Lynn Spears - Jamie Watson and Jamie Lynn Spears in ~ an event
Jamie Lynn Spears climbed to fame in her sister"s shadow, yet Britney wasn"t the just one who had actually a dedicated fan following. Jamie Lynn began out in the media acting on the Nickelodeon show "Zoe 101," however when the show concerned end, a surprise came fans" way: Jamie Lynn ended up being a teen mom.

after ~ that, the youngest Spears sibling disappeared native the spotlight because that a time. Despite she had begun a to sing career, her trajectory would certainly be much different than her large sis"s. Because that one thing, Jamie Lynn preserved her little girl under wraps for a couple of years after ~ Maddie was born. But she likewise kept make an income exterior of Nickelodeon, do a life for herself and also her daughter.

Still, headlines popped up every time something new happened through Jamie Lynn. She invested a couple of years in one off-and-on partnership with Maddie"s dad, Casey Aldridge. And also by 2011, a year after calling the quits with Casey, Jamie Lynn had actually met who new.

The 2 Jamies got involved in 2013, married in 2014, and welcomed your daughter Ivey in 2018.

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maybe the most interesting part of Jamie Lynn and also her husband"s story is just how they met. As Jamie Lynn described in a vault interview, the pair met through mutual friends, and Jamie Watson had no idea who Spears was, related Us Magazine.

Jamie, a self-proclaimed "normal male with a regular job," said he"d never ever heard the Britney Spears or their family, and also he didn"t know that his soon-to-be girlfriend had ever before been ~ above a TV show. So once a friend presented them, she to be just another girl.

In relaying the story of exactly how they gained together and also wound increase married, Jamie Lynn admitted "we broke up here and also there," totaling their connection to around four years pre-marriage. The two thrived on each other, though, Jamie Watson says, though Jamie Lynn originally thought he was "kind that awkward and kind of weird."

this days, the household of four is an ext average 보다 Britney-level notoriety. Though the family members gets together, obviously, Jamie Lynn and her husband seem to invest plenty of time hanging the end at home, through their two girls entertaining the household daily.

when Jamie Lynn has plenty much more to perform in she career — she"s to be collaborating with big names choose JoJo Siwa, Dixie D"Amelio, and Chantel Jeffries ~ above "Zoey 101" reboot activity — it"s clear she"ll have actually her husband"s support throughout the journey.

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