Casey Anthony‘s neighbors in West Palm Beach, Florida, “want she out” of your community, a local solely tells In Touch.

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“It’s a nice, tight-knit area, and most of the people that live below are successful professionals with families and also young children. Ns terrified that Casey. Anyone I understand in my ar is,” the insider to add of Anthony, who was famously acquitted of killing in the 2008 death of she 2-year-old daughter, Caylee.

Not only has actually the source “seen Casey control around,” however they also “saw her in human … at my gym, for this reason I automatically canceled my membership because I don’t want to be roughly her.”

“She to be wearing a baseball and vest top and also was v a 6-foot muscly guy lifting weights,” the insider says. “She’s yes, really scary looking and also bulky, as in muscly. I don’t desire to offer my last name due to the fact that I don’t desire her comes after me!”

Another resource told In Touch for our respectable 2021 cover story the Anthony, 35, has actually been “gambling in ~ underground poker games and partying nonstop.”

“Casey go to these poker next after dark,” a different insider that played cards v Anthony called In Touch Weekly in one update. “She meets increase with 6 or eight of her friends, and they every sit roughly a table spanned in a green towel with cards in your hands and also drinking beer.” 

Anthony appears to be a “real risk-taker and thrill-seeker,” the source claimed. “Poker makes her feel alive, and also that’s why she likes come gamble! I have no idea wherein she it s okay the money from due to the fact that as much as ns know, she doesn’t have actually a suitable job.”


Following her conviction for 4 misdemeanor counts of lying to police, Anthony finished up offer 10 days in jail at the time of she sentencing.

However, Anthony has typically found herself back in court. In December 2018, she to be pulled end one month ~ she ran a stop sign in Florida, follow to documents acquired by In Touch. Anthony pled guilty and paid a fine of $264.

Later, in may 2021, Anthony was allegedly connected in a bar fight in West Palm Beach through a woman called Thelma Moya. A linguistic argument in between Anthony and Moya started over “an ex-boyfriend lock were dating at the exact same time,” In Touch confirmed.

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Anthony said police that it had actually been “an recurring issue” v Moya “for years,” in the police report. Eventually, Anthony decreased to press charges versus Moya.