"Cash Me Outside" girl, danielle Bregoli is rumored to be dating Kodak black color whom she recently operated with in one MTV critical February. The 13-year-old girl though denied the speak saying over there is no opportunity that she will day the Florida rapper. She also reminded people about a seemingly forgotten fact around her young age.

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"Cash Me Outside" girl, danielle Bregoli, was captured off guard when a TMZ reporter doubted her around the rumors on she love life. The 13-year-old troubled girl was spotted with her mother Barbara Ann Peskowitz external a restaurant in Los Angles wherein she was asked around hanging out through so countless rappers. Danielle then action innocent and also said that she has actually not been seeing any rapper.

The bigger inquiry then popped out asking her about the longstanding rumor that she is date Kodak Black. Danielle collection the document straight telling TMZ: "I"ve never ever hung out with Kodak black color - ever." She additionally pointed out at their period gap stressing the end that Kodak black is already 19 years old.

Sometime ~ the unsolicited interview, daniel Bregoli, 13, said in another interviewthat she has "no bae" but then admitted that she has actually a to like on Kodak Black and also that she is a fan of his works. Rumors about her and also the 19-year-old musician started once Danielle starred in Kodak"s MTV because that "Everything 1K."

Shortly after their work together, "Cash Me Outside" girl posted on Instagram a brief clip wherein she seemed to have a kiss note on her neck. Human being on the web then gone crazy end the clip and also started to connect Danielle with Kodak Black.

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Danielle Bregolirose come fame as soon as she showed up on one of the "Dr. Phil" show"s episode. Her mother obtained her on the display who complained around her outlandish behavior. Her mommy then accused she of stealing cars and frames her for false medicine charges. After getting a an excellent counseling session through Dr. Phil, Danielle came out on height with her infamous catchphrase, "Cash Me Ousside how Bah Dah," i m sorry was later on shared on Instagram making she an instant celebrity.

Danielle climate easily ended up being a star earning almost $5,000 thousands dollars every gig. She reportedly earned $40,000 from her 3-minute appearance on Kodak Black"s MTV i beg your pardon was perceived 10 million time on its very first 48 hrs of release.

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