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"Cash Me Ousside / exactly how Bow Dah" is a memorable quote and catchphrase uttered by 13-year-old daniel Bregoli top top an illustration of The Dr. Phil Show, throughout which she challenges the show"s audience come a fight v the phrase "Catch me outside, how around that?" in a thick accent. Online, the clip has actually been widely mocked in a series of photo macros captioned with various frustrating experiences.

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On September 15th, 2016, The Dr. Phil Show YouTube channel uploaded a clip in i beg your pardon a 13-year-old girl called Danielle appears on the display with her mother, who has actually turned to Dr. Phil since Danielle is stealing cars. Exhausted of the audience laughing in ~ her, she cries "Catch me outside, how about that?" The moment, displayed in the video below, shows up at about the 3:20 mark.


The clip, and specifically Danielle"s "Catch me outside, how around that?", started spreading through the net in the coming weeks. ~ above October 2nd, 2016, an image of Danielle with "Cash me ousside, howbow dah?" created on it to be posted to Memecrunch.<1>


Jokes making use of the picture macro started spreading ~ above Instagram in so late 2016 and also early 2017,<2> however did no spike in popularity till Facebook meme web page Digital Memes<3> started posting the jokes making use of the photo macro and other screenshots from the Dr. Phil clip. Your most well-known post, released on January 5th, obtained over 75,000 shares and 14,000 likes and reactions (shown below).


I"m about to begin Swinging

As the "Cash Me Ousside" video clip spread, another screenshot of the video which finds danielle saying she"s on the verge of fighting someone through the expression "I"m about to start swinging" began spreading together a reaction image.


It quickly came to be a well-known image come recontextualize. For example, among the most popular short articles of the picture was tweeted through
ziamalso,<4> that captioned the "when ns go to the park n they have swings." The tweet, shown below, got over 38,000 retweets and also 65,600 likes.


Mandela Effect

On January 25th, 2017, redditor EL_DIABLOW post a thread come /r/MandelaEffect<5> declare he plainly recalls seeing danielle on a Dr. Phil episode in the late 2000s. The thread received 93 comments, many of which were agreeing that they too had actually remembered seeing the clip much earlier than the aired. Some suggested that the person world were remembering was the Gonna have a baby girl indigenous the present Maury. Top top January 26th, YouTuber AwakeAliveAware post a video discussing the Cash Me Ousside meme and also the Mandela Effect, declare she as well remembered the clip airing long earlier (shown below).

However, in a clip post to the Dr. Phil Facebook page on February 2nd, 2017, a voiceover evidenced that Danielle showed up on the show in September and that she would certainly be appearing on Dr. Phil again the following week.

Airplane Incident

On February 6th, 2017, TMZ <6> reported that Danielle and also her mother had actually been involved in a violent altercation v a third passenger on a spirit Airlines trip out the the Los Angeles global Airport. The write-up contained video footage of the incident, showing the 3 women engaged in a physical fight adhering to a verbal conflict (shown below, left). Heart Airlines consequently banned every of lock from flying the airline for life. The following day, the teenager Drama inc YouTube channel uploaded an alternative view that the event (shown below, right).

Meanwhile, daniel posted a video clip describing the struggle on Instagram (shown below). The video was up because that six hrs prior to gift removed, however was consequently mirrored ~ above YouTube.

Also ~ above February 7th, The everyday Dot<7> published a explain from heart Airlines about the violent altercation:

"Police gotten rid of three passenger from Spirit trip 310 throughout the boarding procedure at LAX Monday night following an altercation. The customers to be refunded and refused service."

Social Media Hack

On the evening of march 7th, 2017, Bregoli"s Instagram and also Twitter accounts showed up to have actually been hacked by a team calling itself challenge Security.<8> The group has readjusted her bio to cryptic Russian text that references The Washington Post"s brand-new slogan, Democracy dies in Darkness. It likewise promised to "leak" info at noon on in march 8th, 2017.


As of 10:15 AM, march 8th, 2017, the 5 most recent write-ups on her Instagram are images and also videos decrying her as "the modern-day day celebrity" that got famous for being disrespectful to her mother (YouTube embed the the videos displayed below).

Complex<9> speculated the digital media artist josh Goldenberg, aka Glassface, was behind the hack and that "FACE Security" to be referencing his persona. Meanwhile, the hack was covered by The day-to-day Beast,<10> Refinery29,<11> upstream Daily,<12> and more. Part were hesitant of the hack"s validity. YouTube personality Whang! uploaded a video in which he asserted that that was optimistic the hack is an effort at viral marketing.

The hack remained in fact an effort at famous marketing, specifically for the video clip for the track "Juvy" through Mook young which stars daniel Bregoli.

Glassface admitted to creating the hoax and video clip and released the complying with statement to Complex:

The will of the task was to experiment through a lot of the pressures we"re seeing in present events now – news cycles conquered by speculation, hacking, politics, culture, and also to make it feel choose all those things were imploding on every other. The project is one amalgam of memes, social and news talk points, finishing in a release on WorldStarHipHop. It"s intended to it is in an all-encompassing endure for the viewer. A many of civilization have opinions about Danielle, and also this played through that idea – voice what the general consensus of some civilization may be. That was exciting to see exactly how polarized peoples" opinions to be – some people stood up for her, when others wanted to watch something an adverse happen. At some point – this whole project was accomplished with 4 piece of visual media so i think it to be a success. Also we shed a little bit of final quality once it was uploaded to WSHH – wish everyone can see the hi-res.

Fight video clip Leak

On march 21st, 2017, WorldStarHipHop user Ghost uploaded a video of a physics altercation in between Bregoli"s mother, Barbara Ann, and her daughter. In the video, Barbara Ann can be viewed pinning danielle down, calling she a "bitch," and also grabbing she by the hair.<13> follow to TMZ, the video "captured an occurrence that developed 1 come 2 years ago, i beg your pardon would average Danielle would have been 11 or 12."<14> Danielle cases the video was leaked by a previous friend and that it was "nothing but friendly beat fighting."<15>

Reality TV Show

On march 27th, 2017, TMZ reported that Bregoli signed a deal with a major production firm to shoot a reality TV series. While the present has yet to it is in filmed, Danielle"s managers have shown interest from plenty of production companies concerning a reality show with Danielle and her mother.<16>

Rap Career

On respectable 30, 2017, daniel released a rap music video clip on she YouTube channel for a track title "These Heaux".(shown below) together of September 17, 2017 it has actually over 24 million views.

On September 15, 2017 it to be reported that daniel signed a record address Atlantic Records.<17><18>

"Hi Bich"

On September 21st, 2017, Bhad Bhabie exit the music video for "Hi Bich / Whachu Know." The article (shown below) received an ext than 84 million views in around six months.

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Within 6 months, on march 27th, 2018, the song had actually sold an ext than 500,000 copies, certifying the album together a gold record. Additionally, the album"s success makes Bregoli the youngest woman rapper in history to graph on the Billboard"s hot 100.<19>

That day, Bregoli post a video clip on her an individual Instagram<20> of herself eat cake off her gold record. She captioned the video, "HI BICH just went yellow n my birthday cake taste fire turn off da plaque