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first opened ~ above . They closed your doors permanently top top . A new casino, has actually opened in the place.

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Big M Casino Cruise i - little River


12 Table Games


178 Slots

Big M Casino Cruise II - little River


14 Table Games


248 Slots

South Carolina has 4 casinos in which you"ll find more than 775 slots and also gaming machines.There room a total of 58 table games. Click a casino on the left for an ext information top top a details property.

If you wish to stay at some nice casino many hotels in southern Carolina, visit the south Carolina casino many hotels page. We actually have actually 0 south Carolina many hotels you can publication directly from human being Casino Directory. Click below to view a list of all southern Carolina hotels available.

South Carolina Casinos and the best Casino City in southern Carolina

South Carolina has actually a total of 4 casinos and also pari-mutuel facilities at your disposal which room spread out throughout 2 cities throughout the state. The city through the many is little River through 2 casinos.


Biggest Casino / Gaming basic in south Carolina

Out of every casinos in southern Carolina you"ll find huge M Casino Cruise II - tiny River to it is in the biggest.It has actually 248 gaming machines and 14 table games.You deserve to reach South allude Casino by phone in ~ (843) 249-9811 or by clicking this link: huge M Casino Cruise II - tiny River to watch its info page.

2nd biggest Casino / Gaming facility in south Carolina

Coming in second place for largest casino in southern Carolina is Carnival Sunshine Casino with 214 gaming machines and 17 table games.This casino have the right to be reached by phone call 800-438-6744 or by click this link: Carnival Sunshine Casino to watch its information page.

Largest Casino Floor in southern Carolina

The casino v the largest gaming room in square clip is Carnival Ecstasy Casino v 2,000 square feet the gaming space.Contact Carnival Ecstasy Casino by calling 800 438-6744 or by clicking here: Carnival Ecstasy Casino Information.

Gambling legislation

South Carolina code of Laws

Title 32 - Contracts and also AgentsGAMBLING CONTRACTS

Any human being who candlestick at any type of time or sitting, by play at cards, dice table or any kind of other video game whatsoever or by betting top top the sides or hands of together as carry out play at any kind of of the games aforesaid, lose to any type of person or persons so playing or betting, in the whole, the amount or value of fifty dollars and shall salary or supply such amount or value or any component thereof shall be in ~ liberty, within 3 months then next ensuing, to sue for and recover the money or goods so lost and also paid or delivered or any component thereof from the corresponding winner or winners thereof, with prices of suit, by action to it is in prosecuted in any type of court of skilled jurisdiction.

In case any type of person that shall shed such money or other thing as aforesaid chandelier not, within the time aforesaid, really and bona fide and also without covin or collusion sue and also with effect prosecute for the money or various other things so by that or them lost and paid and delivered as aforesaid, the shall be lawful for any kind of other person, by any such activity or suit as aforesaid, to sue for and recover the same and also treble the worth thereof, with costs of suit, against such winner or winners as aforesaid, the one moiety thereof to the use of the human that will sue because that the same and also the various other moiety come the usage of the county in i m sorry the violation shall have been committed.

Any person who, by virtue of the provisions herein contained, shall or may be responsible to be sued for together moneys or various other things so won shall it is in obliged and compellable to answer, upon oath, such order as shall be made versus him for discovering the amount of money or other things so winner at play together aforesaid.

All notes, bills, bonds, judgments, mortgages or various other securities or conveyances whatsoever given, granted, gotten in into or executed by any type of person whatsoever once the entirety or any component of the factor to consider of together conveyances or securities shall be (a) for any kind of money or an useful thing whatsoever won by cockfighting, horse racing or by gaming or playing at cards, dice tables, tennis, bowls, or other video game whatsoever or through betting on the political parties or hands of such as do game at any type of of the gamings aforesaid or any type of other video game or games or (b) because that the reimbursing or repaying any kind of money knowingly lent or advanced at the time and also place of together cockfighting, horse racing or pat to any type of person (i) so gaming or betting as aforesaid or (ii) the shall, throughout such cockfighting, horse racing or play, so gambling shall be completely void, frustrate and of none result to all intents and purposes whatsoever.

When such mortgages, securities or various other conveyances shall be of lands, tenements or hereditaments or shall be such regarding encumber or influence the same, together mortgages, securities or various other conveyances candlestick enure and be to and for the single use and benefit of, and shall devolve upon, such human being or persons together shall have actually been or may be licensed has been granted to together lands, tenements or hereditaments in situation the grantor thereof or the human being or persons for this reason encumbering the same had actually been dead and as if together mortgages, securities or other conveyances had been made come such person or persons by the person so encumbering the same. And also all grants and also conveyances to be produced the preventing of such lands, tenements or hereditaments from comes to, or degenerating upon, such human or persons hereby to plan to enjoy them as aforesaid chandelier be understood fraudulent and also void and of none effect, to all intents and also purposes whatsoever.

Anti-Gambling Laws

Whoever shall publicly or privately erect, collection up, or reveal to be played or attracted at or shall reason or procure to it is in erected, set up, or exposed to be played, drawn, or thrown at any type of lottery under the denomination of sales that houses, lands, plate, jewels, goods, wares, merchandise, or other things whatsoever or for money or by any type of undertaking whatsoever, in the nature the a lottery, by way of chances, one of two people by dice, lots, cards, balls, numbers, figures, or ticket or who shall make, write, publish or publish, or cause to it is in made, written, or published any kind of scheme or proposal for any of the functions aforesaid is guilty of a misdemeanor and, upon conviction, need to be fined one thousand dollars and imprisoned because that one year. One-third the the fine implemented shall be payment to the person, if any, who educated law enforcement officials or other ideal authorities around the violation which brought about the conviction. Each violation constitutes a different offense.

Whoever shall be probe in or chandelier pay any kind of moneys or other consideration or shall in any means contribute depend or top top account of any type of sales or lotteries shall forfeit because that every such violation the sum of one hundreds dollars to it is in recovered with expenses of suit, by activity or indictment in any kind of court of skilled jurisdiction in this State, one moiety thereof to and for the usage of the State and also the various other moiety thereof come the person who shall inform and also sue because that the same.

It shall be unlawful to offer for sale any kind of lottery ticket or to open up or keep any kind of office for the sale of lottery tickets, and if any kind of person chandelier offend against any the the provisions that this section he shall, on conviction thereof, forfeit and pay to the State a amount not exceeding ten thousands dollars. The ar treasurer that the ar in which such violation occurs shall prosecute the offender.

Whoever shall save or suffer to it is in kept any type of gaming table or permit any kind of game or gamings to be played in his house on the Sabbath day, on conviction thereof before any type of court having actually jurisdiction, shall be fined in the amount of fifty dollars, come be sue for on behalf of, and to it is in recovered for the usage of, the State.

All and every amount or sums of money staked, betted or pending top top the occasion of any kind of such game or gamings as aforesaid room hereby claimed to be forfeited.

Any person who chandelier make any kind of bet or wager the money or wager of any other point of worth or chandelier have any type of share or component in any kind of bet or wager the money or wager of any kind of other thing of worth upon any kind of election in this State shall it is in guilty of a misdemeanor and, top top conviction, shall it is in fined in a sum not exceeding five hundred dollars and also be imprisoned no exceeding one month.

Any human who could be topic or liable to the fines and also penalties imposed herein, either for gaming in ~ or maintaining a gaming table or tables, shall, upon being permitted by the circuit solicitor to become evidence in behalf of the State, it is in freed and exonerated indigenous the same.

All police officers of the legislation in who care, possession or maintaining may be placed any gambling or gaming maker or maker of any kind of kind whatsoever or any gambling or gaming punchboard of any kind or summary whatsoever which has been confiscated for violation of any type of criminal law or legislations of this State shall immediately after conviction the the violator that the law destroy the same.

Any human within this State who:

(1) Engages in betting at any type of race track, pool selling or bookmaking, v or without writing, at any time or place;

(2) Keeps or occupies any type of room, shed, tenement, booth, building, to rise or vessel, or any part thereof, or occupies any type of place or stand of any kind of kind upon any kind of public or personal grounds in ~ this State v books, papers, apparatus or paraphernalia for the function of recording or registering bets or wagers or of offering pools;

(3) records or registers bets or wagers or selling pools or makes books, v or there is no writing, ~ above the an outcome of any (a) psychological or contest of skill, speed or strength of endurance of guy or beast, (b) political nomination, appointment or election or (c) lot, chance, casualty, unknown or contingent occasion whatsoever;

(4) Receives, registers, records or forwards or purports or pretends to receive, register, record or forward, in any type of manner whatsoever, any money, point or consideration of worth bet or wagered or readily available for the function of gift bet or wagered by or for any other person or selling pools upon any kind of such result;

(5) gift the owner, lessee or occupant of any type of room, shed, tenement, tent, booth, building, to rise or vessel, or part thereof, or of any grounds in ~ this State knowingly patent the same to be offered or occupied for any kind of of these purposes or therein keeps, exhibits or employs any device or apparatus for the function of recording or registering such bets or wagers or the selling of together pools or becomes the custodian or depository because that gain, rental or reward of any kind of money, building or thing of value staked, wagered or pledged or to it is in wagered or pledged upon any such result; or

(6) Aids, assists or abets in any manner in any type of of the aforesaid acts, which space hereby forbidden;

Shall be guilty the a misdemeanor and, top top conviction, shall it is in punished by a fine not exceeding one thousands dollars or imprisonment not exceeding six months, or both fine and also imprisonment, in the discretion that the court.

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It shall be unlawful for any person to usage or sell for use any kind of punchboards or various other kinds that boards v numbers concealed thereon for the objective of gaming or chance in this State. Any person violating this ar shall it is in guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be fined not much less than ten dollars nor an ext than twenty-five dollars or imprisoned not much less than 5 days nor much more than thirty days, or both, at the discretion the the court; provided, the for the 2nd or third offense hereunder the well shall not be much less than twenty-five dollars nor more than one hundreds dollars or imprisonment on the public works of the county for a duration not exceeding three months.