Slot equipments are some of the most lucrative games ~ above the floor because that both the players and also the residence – and also cheaters.

With such large payouts available, it’s no wonder that slot equipments have constantly been a game of cat and mouse in between cheaters and the residence ever because they were invented.

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Let’s examine out several of the naughty tricks used by slots cheaters over the years. Us don’t recommend ever trying castle yourself, though!

1. Cheat Code

Gambling authorities are there come ensure the the gaming sector is operation correctly and also fairly.

Engineers design gaming machines so the they can be monitored and also audited whilst additionally delivering top quality gameplay. However what happens as soon as an engineer decides to rig the codes because that their own advantage?

The infamous slots cheat Ronald Dale Harris – aka an technician from The Nevada Gaming board of directors – did specifically that. He certain knew just how to manipulate a slot machine!

For years, he cheated devices by learning the source codes. The wasn’t until his partner had a big win in the – $100,000 top top a keno video game in 1995 – the the scam to be discovered.

2. Shave Coins

This scam making use of shaved coins doesn’t really exist today, but it’s still amazing to know about.

As an innovation advanced, slot machines started to use a irradiate sensor to register payment. In a big number of machines, the optic sensor functioned separately from the physical comparator.

Basically, that meant that if a shaved coin was sent down in ~ the same time as an item that matched the shape and also size the the required stake coin, the shaved coin would certainly be reverted whilst the various other object would certainly land in the device and start play.

3. Fake Coins


Another method of slot cheating supplied throughout history were fake coins.

Fake coins were supplied by con artist luigi “The Coin” Colavecchio to cheat elafilador.nets for years until his arrest in 1998.

He to be released in 2006 and quickly re-started his cheating. It to be a matter of months before he to be unsurprisingly sussed again.

4. Magnet


We often get asked just how to cheat a slot machine with a magnet.

Let’s acquire one point clear: it’s no actually possible to cheat modern day slot machines with a magnet, due to the fact that they’re every programmed by computer system software and aren’t magnetic.

However, civilization used to be able to cheat through a magnet top top the enlarge machines, once they to be made of metal.

To cheat at slots using a magnet, you can spin the reels and then use a strong magnet ~ above the outside of the maker to protect against them spinning when you experienced your winning combination.

Cheaters would certainly then remove the magnet and also claim the payout.

This wasn’t the many subtle cheat but, if done well, civilization could easily win numerous cash!

5. Yo-Yo

This slot cheat was all around the technique.

A wire is attached to the coin, the coin is sent into the an equipment until that triggers the start of the game, and then the player brings the coin back up using the string.

Nowadays, this method is all yet redundant thanks to the march of technology.

It’s a real classic though and, if that worked, girlfriend would have actually seen a big win.

6. Light Wand


Tommy glen Carmichael is one of the most notorious slot cheat in gambling history. He is responsible for the light wand.

Magicians such together David Copperfield, Dynamo and also David Blaine could have the capability to create the illusion of miscellaneous happening however Carmichael would usage his irradiate wand to make jackpot wins magically show up out of thin air.

The light wand would efficiently blind the optical sensor on slot makers so it couldn’t job-related out how numerous coins had actually been deposited right into the machine, meaning it wouldn’t recognize when come pay the end or exactly how much.

This meant Carmichael might manipulate a slot machine to his advantage, by turning little wins into substantial payouts.

7. Piano Wire

This is one oldie yet a goody in the human being of slots cheats.

A group of men functioned together in ~ the caesars Boardwalk Regency in Atlantic City back in 1982. One male opened the targeted slot device and attached 20-inch long piano wires to the whirring guts of the game.

The wires might then be offered to jam the clock the measured the wheel rotations, permitting the group to manipulate the spins.

They struggle the $50,000 jackpot but, unfortunately, their entirety scam had been filmed and also the win player to be arrested before he left the premises.

8. Top-Bottom Joint


This is one of the most shrewd methods that cheating at slots and also was well-known with scammers in the 1970s and 1980s.

They used a special device that was split into two parts. A height (a metal rod v its finish bent in the shape of a “q”) and a bottom (a long wire).

By placing the bottom in v the coin chute and the height through the coin slot, the cheats to be able come jam the an equipment and pressure the video game to release all the coins it had actually stored.

Big wins galore!

9. Monkey Paw

It’s that man Carmichael again. He was a complete genius, in cheating terms.

He to be the creator that the “monkey paw”. After experimentation out new methods top top a video clip poker machine, he eventually developed the exactly contraption. It was amazingly simple.

He acquired a guitar string and also attached it come a bent metal rod. He would certainly thrust it right into the machine’s waiting vent and also wriggle it roughly until that clicked the trigger switch because that the coin hopper.

Cue the avalanche the coins.

10. Bill Validator Device

A an easy yet an extremely effective slot cheat.

This is a little machine that is wrapped around a invoice to stupid the slot maker into reasoning it is accepting a $100 bill as soon as in reality it is simply accepting a humble $1 bill.

11. Computer Chip Replacement

Dennis Nikrasch adjusted the slot cheating game with this idea.

He bought a slot an equipment and messed about with the in his garage to number out that is flaws.

He settled the computer chips within the machines might be re-programmed to be manipulated to pay the end jackpots on tap.

Nikrasch bespeak a pack of this chips, rental a team the scammers, got hold of a bunch of slot machine keys and started a regime of scamming that would bleed elafilador.nets dry for years.

And the did the all simply by convert the live independence chips because that his manipulated chips.

12. Software Glitch


Software glitches have actually been manipulated by cheats for decades.

By playing a details pattern the stakes and games, players might confuse the device and create a glitch that pays the end the jackpot.

Many slots cheats benefited from this end the years but now plenty of jackpot winners are likewise being denied their winnings since of it.

The most well known incident occurred in 2015 once 90-year-old grandm Pauline McKee, from Illinois, winner $41 million top top a miss Kitty slot maker at the Isle Hotel Waterloo.

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She tried to sue the at first in 2012 however her last appeal was rejected three years later. Unfortunately, historic instances room the reason for the winning this case.