Feeling lucky? good thing Minneapolis and also St. Paul have actually a surprising variety of casinos close to the twin Cities!

Sometimes though, in between the flashing lights and excitement the riches, it have the right to be hard to store all those casinos straight.

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Confusing things also further, the state that Minnesota has some strange casino regulations, where most casinos room split in between “mostly slot machines” and “mostly map games” however for whatever reason, the two are rarely combined.

Thankfully, I’ve thought ago on every my trips come the regional casinos, reached out to part much more experienced gambling girlfriend of mine, and finally, put together a critical list the the closest and also best casinos close to Minneapolis and St. Paul.


The 5 main “Twin Cities” Casinos6 Casinos within a brief Day trip from Minneapolis & St. Paul

Twin cities Map the Casinos near Minneapolis & St. Paul

The 5 key “Twin Cities” Casinos

Around Minneapolis & St. Paul, there’s a pair casinos that space so close come the metro area that us locals have embraced them as our own.

These casinos are essentially located in Twin cities suburbs, and many function a drive the rivals the morning commute of countless Minnesotans.

1. Mystic Lake

Distance from Minneapolis: 35 minutes

It’s no surprised that Mystic Lake is probably the most famous casino near Minneapolis. V a substantial 125,000 square foot gaming floor and also an enclosed 600 room hotel, Mystic Lake is the largest casino in every one of Minnesota.

Gambling here functions a staggering 4,000 slot machines and hundreds of blackjack tables, which range from $1 minimum come $1,000 max, to add bingo and pull tabs.

There’s additionally multiple restaurants, bars, showrooms, and even an attached golf course.

Location wise, the casino couldn’t be an ext convenient for Minneapolis locals and visitors. The casino sit a brief 35 minute journey southwest that the cities. And also for those who can’t be bothered to drive, Mystic Lake also runs a free bus business from the Twin cities to the casino each day, through the most famous pickup spot gift the mall of America.

Address: 2400 Mystic Lake Blvd NW, former Lake, MN 55372

2. Little Six Casino

Distance indigenous Minneapolis: 30 minutes

Little six Casino is Mystic Lake’s sister property, located just a mile down the street native Mystic Lake. (There’s a complimentary shuttle that runs between the two properties.)

In countless ways, tiny Six offers an opposite endure to its large brother. This smaller casino functions just a grasp of blackjack tables and also far under slots, but some visitors like the an ext laid ago vibe.

Address: 2450 Sioux trace NW, former Lake, MN 55372

3. Canterbury Park

Distance from Minneapolis: 30 Minutes

Canterbury Park is a equine racing track and also casino located just 30 minutes south of Minneapolis in the cool small town the Shakopee, MN.

The main draw here is arguably the live equine racing and also gambling, but Canterbury likewise features an impressive casino. While friend won’t find any kind of slot equipments here, girlfriend will find one the Minnesota’s most impressive collections of table games, including tons of Blackjack, Texas Hold’em, Baccarat, and other poker tables.

Canterbury is additionally notable in being one of the just smoke-free casinos in Minnesota. And for what it’s worth, many of my more serious gambling friends say Canterbury is your favorite casino near the twin Cities.

Address: 1100 Canterbury Rd, Shakopee, MN 55379

4. To run Aces

Distance from Minneapolis: 30 Minutes

Running Aces is another live equine racing track and casino, located just 30 minutes north of Minneapolis.

Like Canterbury, friend won’t find any slot machines, but you could not miss out on them. As the name implies, to run Aces contains plenty of live horse racing and also card games. Those card games include tons the blackjack choices and miscellaneous poker games, however you have the right to even uncover bingo and comedy shows here.

Running Aces is one more one that the rarely smoke-free casinos in Minnesota, i m sorry I consider to be a positive.

Address: 15201 running Aces Blvd, Columbus, MN 55025

5. Treasure Island Resort

Distance from Minneapolis: 50 Minutes

Treasure Island is around an hour south of the Cities, just exterior the scenic little town that Red Wing, MN.

Treasure Island industries itself approximately the Twin urban as a “Resort & Casino” and that resort part is quite accurate. In ~ Treasure Island, you’ll discover plenty to save you busy even if you’re not gambling.

There’s an at home water park, a family-friendly arcade, a 24-lane bowling alley, ripe bars and also lounges, and even a mini-cruise line that will certainly take girlfriend on scenic rides up and also down the Mississippi River. Oh, and don’t forget the live entertainment, both in the 3,000 seat indoor venue and the 16,000 chair outdoor space.

As far as the casino, you’ll discover slots-galore, with over 2,000 various slot machines. There’s additionally a modest arsenal of table games, consisting of blackjack and poker, as well as bingo and also pull tabs.

Address: 5734 Sturgeon Lake Rd, Welch, MN 55089

6 Casinos within a quick Day pilgrimage from Minneapolis & St. Paul

If you’re willing to journey a little further, there’s a bunch of other casinos located approximately northern Minnesota and also Wisconsin.

At simply an hour or 2 away, these do for a funny day trip. The said, nice much all of these alternatives have enclosed hotels, for this reason crashing overnight is an easy convenience, too.

1. St. Croix Casino turtle Lake

Distance native Minneapolis: 1 hour 30 minutes

Anybody from the Twin cities who’s ever driven come Northwest Wisconsin has actually probably passed St. Croix Casino in turtle Lake. That big bright logo, complete with its cheery environment-friendly turtle, always does its ideal to tide passerby into the casino floor.

If you ever do prevent in, you’ll find a somewhat divey casino packed with a variety of games. Of course, there’s slots, blackjack, and also poker. Yet one notable part about turtle Lake’s casino? It’s one of the only places to play Roulette in the area. No that silly digital version, either. Yet the live, actual deal!

Oh, and also Craps, too!

Address: 777 US-8, tortoise Lake, WI 54889

2. Cool Casino Hinckley

Distance from Minneapolis: 1 hour 20 minutes

Part that the grand Casino family, this Hinckley ar is just over one hour phibìc of Minneapolis. Gaining there couldn’t be easier – just hop top top 35 North and keep driving until you with Hinckley. The casino, and its 300-room fastened hotel, is ideal off the exit.

The focus at this casino is slots, v over 2,000 various machines. Grand Casino Hinckley likewise includes a small handful the blackjack tables, bingo, and also pull tabs.

You’ll likewise find an attached arcade, golf course, and also concert/show arena.

Address: 777 Lady luck Dr, Hinckley, MN 55037

3. Cool Casino Mille Lacs

Distance indigenous Minneapolis: 1 hour 40 minutes

Mille Lacs Lake is one of the largest and most well-known lakes close to the twin Cities, and as the surname implies, grand Casino Mille Lacs sit right close to that lake.

While the casino is no technically ~ above the water, and instead sits throughout the street, it’s absolutely close enough that a trip might be linked into some sort of lake get-away.

In any case, cool Casino Mille Lacs attributes thousands the slot machines and also a little collection the blackjack tables. There’s also bingo, pull tabs, and also on-site entertainment, consisting of an arcade and also concert venue.

Address: 777 cool Ave, Onamia, MN 56359

4. Black Bear Casino

Distance native Minneapolis: 2 hours

Black Bear’s 12-story hotel casino opened in 2008. The sits simply two hrs North of the twin Cities and 20 minutes south of Duluth.

Here, you’ll find thousands the slot machines, a tiny collection of blackjack and poker tables, and also bingo. The hotel also includes a 30,000 square foot event center and also a nightclub/cabaret space.

Address: 1785 MN-210, Carlton, MN 55718

5. Fond-du-Luth Casino

Distance from Minneapolis: 2 hours 20 minutes

Sure, this place is type of tiny. Sure, you can see pan-handlers in front of the weird downtown Duluth location. Yet regardless, the truth that the blue-collar shipping city of Duluth features its very own casino is quite darn cool.

This way you can enjoy all the points to perform along the phibìc Shore throughout the day, rewind at one of the many up and coming Duluth breweries or distilleries in the evening, and also then gamble the rest of your night away, ideal in town.

Gambling below is virtually entirely slots, with approximately 700 machines.

Address: 129 E premium St, Duluth, MN 55802

6. Sevenwinds Casino, Lodge & Conference Center

Distance indigenous Minneapolis: 2 hrs 45 minutes

The last and also farthest casino on our list sits in the renowned lake-vacation city of Hayward, Wisconsin. Located just under 3 hrs from Minneapolis, the city of Hayward functions a huge collection the lakes which has actually served as a well-known Twin cities summer-refuge for decades.

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Of course, the vacation location wouldn’t be finish without a casino. So, the Sevenwinds Casino includes around 600 slot machines and also several table games, including Blackjack, Poker, and also live Craps and also Roulette.