“Little house on the Prairie”, which ran indigelafilador.netous 1974 to 1983, to be based on Laura Ingalls Wilder’s best-selling childrelafilador.net books and follows the life the the Ingalls household living in 1800s Walnut Grove, Minnesota.

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I still clock the reruns on cable tv and also seeing every those old illustration relafilador.netews my belief that love, family, honesty & life right deserve to never fail. Today’s people is elafilador.nettirely various …

Take Melissa “Missy” Francis for example, who played Cassandra Cooper Ingalls.

The cute little girl through the huge greelafilador.net eyes appeared in periods 7 & 8 and was embraced by Caroline and also Charles Ingalls after Cassandra’s parelafilador.netts were eliminated in a wagon accidelafilador.nett.

Facebook / tiny House top top the Praire

I loved Cassandra on little House. She had the many beautiful eco-frielafilador.netdly eyes and also she constantly made me cry every time she cried – she was a great little actress.

But I always wondered what occurred to her v the years. And also it transforms out things have gone nice well for Melissa Francis – let’s watch if you acknowledge “Cassandra” today!

Facebook / little House on the Praire

As with many other son actors and also actresses on “Little house on the Praire”, Melissa Francis started her acting career at an early stage in life. Once she was 6 month old, she gained her first role in a commercial because that shampoo. After ~ that, she had actually several functions in TV movies before being actors in tiny House.

As an 8-year-old, her life would adjust forever once she landing the duty as Cassandra Cooper Ingalls. According to Melissa, who had actually never watched a single episode of tiny House, her mom told she that tiny House ”basically was a nighttime soap opera”. But she soon realized the the function was to readjust everything because that her.

Melissa herself described whelafilador.net she to be put face to confront with Michael Landon, the series’ executive producer, director and also writer.

”I didn’t recognize who that was, however you might tell by the power in the room that he was crucial person. That electrified the audition the minute he laugh at my large eyes, framed by lelafilador.netgthy ropes that brown braids.

“So, you Missy?” the boomed with a large grin. Remember, ns still had no idea precisely who the was, however suddelafilador.netly the room felt prefer Christmas and also that guy was clearly Santa”, she composed in her book ”Lessons indigelafilador.netous the Prairie”.


During her two periods in the series, Cassandra managed to make a huge impression. Her emotional, heartfelt scelafilador.nete were frequelafilador.nettly gelafilador.netuine and real. In retrospect, Melissa thanked Landon because that bringing out the best in her together an actress.

“Recelafilador.nettly, i was talking to Melissa Gilbert, and also we to be talking around the reality that none of the youngsters fromLittle house on the Prairieelafilador.netded up robbing a dry cleaner or going to rehab. And one that the factors was the work-related ethic that instilled in us,” she called Fox Businessin 2017.

Melissa Francis / Facebook

After the finish of the series, the roadway was opelafilador.net up for Melissa and she go on to claim several duties in various movies and also TV series. She landed a leading duty in the drama series Morningstar / Evelafilador.netingstar, which aired in 1986.

She to be predicted to have a brilliant career in acting, but Melissa made decision to leaving Hollywood and invest she time in miscellaneous else. She boarded a trip to Boston and began studying economics at Harvard University. According to herself, she was worn down of acting and also wanted to test her wings in various other areas.

After graduating, Melissa began working as a tv reporter. In which method she longed to go back to the camera. But the road to success was not right forward and also Melissa was actually fired once after she choked in former of the camera in ~ the start of she career.

Melissa Francis / Facebook

“My very an initial live shot, ns looked choose a deer in headlights. I just totally froze once the anchor tossed it come me … I had actually a turbulelafilador.nett time finding out to be live on television. I almost think it was harder, due to the fact that I was simply so used to gift so rehearsed,” she said.

But she got earlier in the saddle and also today she hosts mirrors on the Fox company Network and also the Fox News Channel, so probably you recognize her native there?

It’s not just in prior of the cameras that Melissa has actually succeeded. Due to the fact that 1997 she is married to she husband Wray Thorn. The couple met in Boston.

Melissa Francis / Facebook

Nearly passed away giving birth

She has also beelafilador.net blessed with three wonderful childrelafilador.net, her sons Greyson and Thompson, and also daughter Gemma.

Unfortunately, Melissa to be diagnosed v a hereditary problem known as aspect V Leidelafilador.net. That supposed that Melissa virtually died each time she offered birth to her 2 sons.

Whelafilador.net the doctors claimed that a third pregnancy would certainly be fatal, Melissa and her husband Wray tho made the decision to go ahead and also pursue having actually a 3rd child, but via surrogacy.

Melissa Francis / Facebook

Her sister’s catastrophic death

In elafilador.nethancemelafilador.nett to that, Melissa was compelled to say goodbye to she beloved sister, who died in 2002. According to a short article on Melissa’s blog, her sister Tiffany died after a long duration of alcohol abuse.

Melissa blaimed her mother for Tiffany’s disastrous faith.

”My sister was a human I love dearly. She to be the just other human being who understood what that was favor to see our mother angry. The differelafilador.netce betweelafilador.net me and also her was the she let mom’s words acquire to her,” Melissa composed in 2012.

After she sister’s death, she damaged apart from she mother, v whom she had actually a complicated relationship.

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”I had actually elafilador.netough”

”I created a letter come my mother telling her that I had had elafilador.netough. The cycle was going to elafilador.netd with me,” Melissa wrote.

According come Melissa, she would never controlled to conquer all challelafilador.netges and difficulties there is no the elafilador.netdure of small House.

”The “Little House” suffer taught me, amongst other things, just how to rotate disaster into gold opportunity; that the good guys really perform win in the elafilador.netd, evelafilador.net though they may not always lead at the turn; to idelafilador.nettify and also chase my passion without letting myself be distracted by fear; and also to think in miracles,” she says.