The cassette tape began a cultural boom in the 1970s and 1980s. Ours audio technicians view A the majority of “mix tapes” from that era, because who are we kidding, most civilization have made some type of a mix tape at some suggest in their life! Our audio cassette come CD organization records both political parties of her tapes come digital. Us can even split the monitor on your tape, allowing you to skip song in your iPod or car. If her audio tape has labeling, we can break-up tracks AND save the titles because that each one prior to we return her audio recordings top top a CD. When we transform audio come digital, us also provide downloadable mp3 files via her private, password safeguarded website so you have the right to share individual tracks, or import them into your iTunes library.

In its heyday, the audio cassette was extremely popular prior to portable CD and mp3 players take it over. Mass manufacturing started in the mid-1960s (the Beatles had five Top 40 singles out around the time the the Vietnam War) and also they were not simply for record mix tapes. The tapes were so small, portable and also easy to use in a Walkman that they walk head-to-head through vinyl end music sales. If audio cassettes weren’t so straightforward to steal, the actual sales numbers can have completely dominated vinyl until the CD player come along. In case you didn’t realize, all audio cassette tapes space the exact same size and shape, however there room a range of different kinds of audio cassettes based on the way they were made. There aren’t plenty of places that transfer cassettes come CD anymore. Girlfriend can, the course, carry out research top top a cassette come CD burner. However our audio come digital service does the all!

If you have vinyl you’re interested in converting to CD, you need to visit this page.

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If you have audio captured on REELS, you must visit this page.


Everything you must know about Audio Cassettes come CD

Common audio to digital switch questions

How long is my audio tape?

Most of the moment it will certainly say on the tape.

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If there’s no information on your audio cassette, the average audio cassette deserve to record 30 – 60 minute on every side.

Can song from a 90 minute cassette be shed to a Cd?

If the complete length does not exceed 80 minutes we have the right to fit the on one CD. If the tape has actually 60 minute of audio on every side we will placed each side on its own disc and label your CDs next A and Side B.

What have the right to I perform with my audio after ~ digitizing?

You have the right to do so countless things as soon as we transform your audio cassettes come CD! right here are simply a pair things we’ve seen: usage the sound from your tapes in a custom slideshow or combine the audio into a video editing project. Create CDs that old tapes come share with household (especially funny if you’ve tape-recorded someone speaking). Income your brand-new mp3 documents into her iTunes library and also create a playlist. If you develop playlists in iTunes, you can use those in Spotify also!


“Whichever one of you gained the thrilling task of sitting with my grandfather singing and playing church hymns on the harmonica for what must have actually been painful hours in order to locate and also separate the tracks did a superb job. Ns am sure it isn’t as fun to hear to as soon as it no your very own grandfather, however I hope you had actually a great laugh anyway! ns am therefore grateful. Now my totality family have the right to enjoy this endowment forever.” – Carrie G.

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