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Could girlfriend imagine being trapped on one uncharted island v six other eclectic people that you just met? Gilligan’s Island became an above American television show exploring what the hilarity the what that would certainly look choose if it happened. A staple in the 60s, the standard sitcom drew its viewers to enjoy its cast, making the a timeless display to watch also after it ended in 1967. But since the 60s to be well over half a century ago, there room actually only two surviving actors members. Therefore what happened to the remainder of the actors of Gilligan’s Island?

Bob Denver:

The guy who play Gilligan himself died earlier in 2005 in ~ 70-years-old native cancer. After ~ Gilligan’s Island, he had actually starred in another film comedy Who’s Minding the Mint. He likewise did an ext tv shows including The great Guys, Love, American Style, and Dusty’s Trail. He additionally voiced Gilligan in the animated series New Adventures the Gilligan and Gilligan’s Planet, along with many indigenous the original actors as well. He continued out his days functioning as a radio personality through his wife.

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Alan Hale, Jr.:

The Skipper died back in 1990 at 68-years-old that thymus cancer. After the sitcom ended, Hale opened up up a restaurant dubbed Alan Hale’s Lobster Barrel. How suitable after filming a show about getting trapped on one island, right? His on display screen days were not over, as he and also Denver continued to job-related together in The an excellent Guys, and he starred a couple of more movies in the year to come.

Jim Backus:

?Backus played Thurston Howell III and died in 1989 at 76-years-old that pneumonia. The had currently had rather the acting resume prior to Gilligan’s Island, however was really famous for his voice acting of the cartoon Mr. Magoo.

Natalie Schafer:

Schafer was the beloved Eunice Lovelle Wentworth Howell (Lovey Howell) and also died ago in 1991 in ~ 90-years-old native cancer. She was a guest star on numerous tv shows adhering to Gilligan’s Island, including Mayberry RFD, The Brady Bunch, and also Phyllis. She was also a constant on the CBS present Search for Tomorrow.


Russell Johnson:

The guy who play Professor Roy Hinkley passed away in 2014 at 89-years-old indigenous kidney failure. His career was identified by more movie and also tv roles including Vanished and ABC’s Dynasty,but he was also remembered highly as a battle hero. The professor had battled in the unified States military Air pressures during human being War II and also had actually received a violet Heart.

The last two surviving cast members of Gilligan’s Island: Tina Louise and Dawn Wells

Tina Louise:

Louise is now 86-years-old, and she had actually played Ginger approve on Gilligan’s Island. Uneven the remainder of her other co-stars, she took on an ext serious roles in film. She in reality mentioned prior to that gift on Gilligan’s Island hurt her exhilaration career, however continued to take it on roles in Hollywood movies including The Wrecking Crew and The Stepford Wives.

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Dawn Wells:

Wells is right now 82-years-old and was well-known for her duty as mar Ann Summers. She was in reality crowned miss out on Nevada before Gilligan’s Island and pursued a career in theater and broadway after the show. She to be a component of countless musical theater productions, but additionally appeared in the spin-offs and three reunion movies: Rescue indigenous Gilligan’s Island, The Castaways top top Gilligan’s Island, and the Harlem Globetrotters on Gilligan’s Island.