Days of our Lives has always had a rotating actors of characters. However this week, several cast members have announced they’ll it is in making their exit from the show. This announcement comes warm on the heels that the return of a legend actress come daytime television.


Marla Gibbs (L) and also Melissa Reeves of ‘Days of ours Lives’ | Getty Images

Marla Gibbs finally arrives on ‘Days of ours Lives’

Fans of Days of Our resides were thrilled once it to be announced the Marla Gibbs would be involvement the cast. Gibbs will certainly be depicting Olivia Price, Paulina’s take-no-guff mother. The duty reunites Gibbs v her onetime 227 co-star, Jackée Harry.

This is the week that Gibbs lastly makes she debut, and fans couldn’t be much more excited. Ron Carlivati previously said the Gibbs’ character will certainly shake up the show.

Paulina is in for a surprise reunion as soon as her mother arrives in Salem – with a an enig to keep. Watch #DAYS day of the week on
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— job of our resides (
nbcdays) respectable 13, 2021

“This is the mom that takes no guff from she daughter,” that said. “Olivia has actually basically concerned town like, ‘What room you law here? You never should have come here. Us made an covenant years ago and you broke it.’ She concerns school her. It’s great to check out Paulina top top the other finish of it because that once.”

Melissa Reeves is ago on the canvas

Melissa Reeves is just one of the more controversial Days the Our stays characters. According to Soaps
SheKnows, Reeves came under fire ago in September 2020 once she was captured “liking” a bunch of anti-Black Lives matter posts. Then, when production shut down as result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Reeves chose to quarantine through her household in Tennessee fairly than return to brand-new York for filming.

But now, according to SoapHub, it’s been shown that Melissa Reeves will be return to Salem as Jennifer Horton Deveraux. The outlet reports that Reeves’ return will certainly be throughout the vacation season.

Cady McClain has actually been playing Jennifer since Reeves has remained in Tennessee.

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Other ‘DOOL’ comings and goings

Sadly, however, there room several actors members who space leaving Days of our Lives.

Isabel Durant and Cameron Johnson space leaving the show, which way that Claire Brady and Theo Carver’s storylines will be wrapped up because that now. Durant had been playing Claire since 2020.

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In the recent DAYS, Allie and Claire are hosted overnight in ~ Salem PD. Clock #DAYS weekday on
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— job of our lives (
nbcdays) respectable 14, 2021

And when Aaron and also Griffin Kunitz will certainly no much longer be playing Johnny DiMera, Carson Boatman will certainly be presume the role of one all-grown-up Johnny later on this season.

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